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Need help

I've started taking mega doses of calcium ascorbate. Realized I should be taking sodium ascorbate and not calcium ascorbate. This is day 3. I felt great day 1. Days 2 and 3...I have a terrible headache. Have not reached bowel tolerance. I'm thinking I should stop taking this because of how my body is reacting. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I feel really ill.
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Ugh, that doesn't sound fun!

Just guessing here... but what about magnesium? It's great for headaches. And maybe it would do something to the free calcium in your system? Might be worth a shot.
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Thanks JaneS. I think I was also pretty dehydrated. I reached bowel tolerance on Day 4 and was pretty wiped out and stopped taking the CA. I will start taking it again today. I'd really love to find a how to guide. You know, work on the following things for a healthier consistency. I feel like I keep stumbling on new things, like VitC, try it but don't really know how it all fits together. Any suggestions?
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Thanks for bumping this! I've been thinking about this thread for a couple of weeks, meaning to ask this question...

I turned a friend of mine onto the Bronson Sodium Ascorbate a few months ago and about one month ago she called Bronson to find out where the Sodium Ascorbate comes from... The woman she spoke to said that it is derived from CORN. My friend asked, "well, is it GMO-free??" and the woman said they TRY to get GMO-free, but there are no guarantees nowadays.

Is there any other source for SA that's not corn?? Does anyone know of another place to buy it? I'd love to find a differently derived source.

And, I suppose this might be a little off-topic, but hasn't Europe banned GMO foods? Couldn't they (Bronson) source their corn from Europe??

I am getting so freaked out about anything synthetic. I am so bummed about this!

Thanks for any insight...

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I have heard they can make vitamin C from the sago palm, but I don't know if it's available as SA. There are natural forms of vitamin C, but they aren't sodium ascorbate. Like acerola concentrate, amla, etc.
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subbing, very interesting!
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I'm finally getting through Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, and I'm thinking this book will be next.
I bought each of them during fits of enthusiasm, which had dwindled by the time they came in the mail. :
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N&PD was pretty tough, with the writing style being just enough different from contemporary writing to make my brain start to spin. I have to admit, I skimmed and/or skipped many of the specific culture chapters, and focused on the big-picture chapters. Let us know how you find this book (and whether we should all buy it).
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bump -- anyone know of a list of doctors who can do IV Vitamin C?
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Thanks for the bump; this was an interesting thread to run across. I tried giving SA to my ds, 3, but every single time I gave him even a little tiny bit (even 1/8 of a tsp) he had runny stools. Does anyone know why this would happen? Could his bowel tolerance really be so low? TIA.
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I think JaneS said her ds has the same reaction and she only uses natural vitamin C now. If your ds has a corn sensitivity, that could cause it. Most SA is made from corn. I have a bottle of Nutribiotic that says that it contains no corn residue and is hypoallergenic, but I think it was also made from corn originally.
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Wow, that has to be it--he is corn sensitive. Thanks so much. Any recommendations for a natural Vitamin C? That's ascorbic acid, right?
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Amla powder, acerola powder are the main natural sources of vitamin C.
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Another option is Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C.
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I'm curious to hear more about this Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Also, I had no idea that SA powder was made from corn. I give it to my allergic 11 month old regularly and although I don't believe she has a corn allergy, I don't know if I feel right about giving her a corn product so often. Am I right to be concerned?
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Re: Lypospheric vit C
Dr. Levy says it bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed fully... doesn't produce the bowel flush, we have not tried it yet. Another natural fruit derived product is NOW's Tru-C, for everyday.

Check AAEM doctors http://www.aaemonline.org/
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Yes, I would be concerned giving it everyday if there is a corn allergy/intolerance going on. Which btw our holistic dietician says corn intolerance points to yeast issues but you might know that already.
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Thanks for that info, JaneS; I had no idea corn allergy pointed to yeast. A lot of what I've been reading has been pointing me in the yeast direction with my ds so that is very interesting!
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