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I'm convinced that it has something to so with moving. DH and I are listed at every address we have ever had and with some relatives, but my mother has no information and she has been in the same house for 40 years. Hmmm.

This is very freaky.
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I was in there. My parents were in there. My brother was in there. My ex-husband was not in there. My ds was not in there.
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It lists all the exboyfriends and girlfriends that I've ever slept with, my bra size and the type of deoderant I wear!

just kidding.
I live in Canada and this search is USA only.
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I wonder if they can get the info form the post office when you forward your mail? I'm also guessing certain states/counties are easier to get the birth info from.
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it's kinda weird - they have all of the addresses listed that I have lived at for the past 20 years or so. They have my whole family listed, alternate spellings of my (unusual last) name and any and all names I have ever gone by listed. probably nothing they couldn't really get out of a phone book, though - just compiled so it feels weird. My age is correct and the ages of 7 family members listed is correct.
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Yikes! I did not need something making me even more paranoid today! Not cool. :

ETA the sites I mean.
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Wow, I just found contact information for 3 people I have lost track of from college and my best friend in elementary school!!!

I'm thinking about buying the 24 hour membership.

Would it freak you out if a friend just called you up out of the blue? I would love to talk to these people!!
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Wow, well I am in there 'possibly' related to DH but also possibly related to his ex-wife (aged 87 LOL LOL LOL - she always lies on forms so thats probably what she did at some point).

Very freaky though. Even had my maiden name.
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Under "possible relatives" it lists a friend of mine under our maiden names! I have no idea how it thinks we're connected, though. We went to the same college but didn't meet until years later, after we were both married. We've never been roommates or shared a phone # or anything.
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Forgot to add earlier... Mine says my maiden name when you search... but it says that I'm (by my married name) possibly related to myself (by my maiden name). Good to know, eh?
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ok that freaked me out
that's credit report info
not cool
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Eeeek! They've got me listed, my mom's name and age, and where I lived back in college!
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i only found my name and dh as my relative. so what else does it list if you pay to find out? addy? phone number?

this scares me!
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I'm listed asa 68 yr old woman~ but I am 33!!

check out www.zabasearch.com
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My maiden name is fairly common and my married name is crazy common.
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so THATS where he moved to!!!!!!

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That is creepy
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work in insurance fraud and what they have there is only the tip of the iceberg. Services my dh and I have acess to have all that info and more.. SSN#, aliases, leins, judgements, court records, auto records, property, relatives, neighbors, all previous addresses, household members, income, property values, drivers license #s old and current and so much more...

The amount of info that is able to be compiled about someone and then sold is amazing. :
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I am 74, married to my 36 yo sweetie. I think we would both be bothered by that!

74 and still nursing! Mom was right- he'll never wean!!!
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Crazy! It links me to my DH & my FIL but noone from my side of the family. That is odd. I was able to look up my bio dad (who I havent seen or talked to since I was 6) and it linked him to my mom, but with her last name from the marriage after my bio dad. This whole thing is really strange and creepy.
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