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Why do I have so many blisters?!?! Help!

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My babies are five and a half weeks old. I have 4 or 5 blisters on each nipple--ouch! I don't understand it at all. I've been to the LC twice, and both times she said that the babies' positioning and latches were perfect. So what's going on? Why do blisters happen? What can I do to prevent them? Or make them go away? I've been putting a hot washcloth on my nipples for a few minutes before feeding as often as possible (so far hasn't helped at all), and I put lanolin on after each feeding.

Any info/advice so very much appreciated.


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I feel your pain! (Although, I am the mother of a singleton.) I had blisters/sores as well. And, I was doing everything right. I was at the point of crying each time my ds nursed because he would just reopened the sores. I was at the end of my rope, when a friend called - she had nursed 4 dc - and she said, it always hurt her for at least 3 months with each babe.

She was right. At three months, everything was great. No more sores and he was fine. I did use Lansinoh - which helped an enormous amount. I am curious about the hot wash clothes though... I never heard about putting those on your nipples. (I heard you should put them on your breast if you are engorged). If I were you, I would go topless. Let your nipples breathe. And, put the Lansinoh on before you nurse.

Good luck and congratulations on your babes,
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I heard that putting a hot washcloth on the blisters before nursing would help them pop. . . but it hasn't worked so maybe not?

It's hard to imagine making it to three months in this much pain. . . I just wish I could be enjoying nursing more. . . That said, if things do get better then I will be SOOOOO happy!

Thanks for the support, Laura!

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Yes, the washcloth treatment will soften the skin, to allow it to "pop" when then nursed upon. But since you have so many and they are not going away, I would look at other options.

Some mothers with recurrent plugged ducts, which these may be, are helped by adding lecithin supplements to their diets.

Do you change positions often? I know you've got 2 to nurse, but do you do football, cradle, and lying down?

Other reasons for this, acc to my Breastfeeding Answer Book, are:


Was your LC IBCLC? (Does she have the BAB?)Can you call another one, or a LLL Leader, or a bf friendly family practitioner (there are a few out there)?

Are you sure your positioning is OK? Are they taking enough areola and getting your nipple far enough back that it doesn't rub? Short tongue or tongue tie can prevent this.
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