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Please ~ I REALLY need some Blessingway Help!

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My best friend is 38 weeks with #3 and we are having a Blessingway for her on Saturday. I have only been to one other Blessingway and it was hers with her last baby. I had planned on finding/coming up with something wonderful to say/read BUT I am 10 weeks pregnant with #5 and just haven't had the energy plus I have been really sick.

I am making some wonderful food to share with everyone, picked up some lovely beads for her birthing necklace and bought some non-toxic tempered paint today in case she would like her belly painted but would really like to read something to her during the Blessingway. We are quite close, have children close in age, we are both homebirthing/AP Mamas and draw a lot of support from each other.

Any suggestions for poems/readings would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks bunches!
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not sure mama..... google it!
blessingway poem!

good for you for being such a good friend


check out
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Thanks so much. I did all that. I actually used all of the search engines but wasn't really able to find anything. Most talk about how women read poems at Blessingway's and there are books of poems appropriate for Blessingway's but I can't seem to find any readings/scripture/poems online.

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Here is a site that has a blessingway book in PDF format, as well as links that might help:


a couple other sites:


One with posters, poems, visualizations & more:

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I have some information up here about blessingways:


And birth poetry here:

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How did it go?

I am looking for a really nice poem for one that I will be attending. Any suggestions?
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I actually saw "blessingway" books at borders. maybe browse those and see if you can find some info. also I bought some white onsies at a garage sale (actaully quite a find a dozen or so) and saved them for the blessingway. I bought fabric markers and we all decorated them for her. I also bought a journal and we all wrote things in it for her baby. good luck!!
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I just wrote something to her from the heart. I talked about how we met and became friends and how much her friendship means to me. Of course it was a real boo hoo fest but lovely!

I am now planning another Blessingway for another friend that I will be hosting at my house. This friend read some passages from The Red Tent for our other friends BW and that was just wonderful!

If anyone comes up with any other suggestions please post them

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