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De-cluttered house but put clutter in basement. Now what?

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We are moving soon, so I began a major de-cluttering project.

I've been clearing junk, removing things we don't use and throwing stuff away. It feels really good, except that the majority of stuff has moved downstairs into my basement. I guess the basement has been my dumping ground until I can really go through it.

Well this weekend DH and I are going to go through it. How do we start? What do we do? Should get get a bunch of different sized bins to sort stuff? HELP!!
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well, bins would be too small for my cluttery crap. how about corners of the basement?

if, for whatever reaon you are not "done" this weekend, put away/get rid of/toss/ donate whatever was in the piles so far.

good luck!!
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Get it out of your house as soon as possible!

You could do like the Clean Sweep show. Designate different areas of the basement for trash, sell, keep.

In the future for your maintenance de-cluttering, don't even take stuff down to the basement. Bag/box it up as you go and put it in your car immediately so you can get it out of your house. (I'm just doing maintenance decluttering now; nothing too major; yesterday I did the kitchen and came up with several bags of stuff to put away. So, I took the bags right out to the car, so today if we go somewhere we can stop and donate it.)
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You don't need bins. Cardboard boxes are better. Or even paper grocery bags (what I use). You only need a bin for something you are saving long term and try to make that as little as possible!

One garbage can (and appropriate containers for recycling), one box/bag for donations, one for consignment (if you have it), one for freecycle (if you do that), one storage bin for things you want to keep. Just having everything set up nicely makes it that much easier! Then just go through it.

As they fill up, take them to where they belong. Any donation stuff that you can deliver, just pile in the back of the car (and then actually drive them there ). If there's too much, you can also try Vietnam Veterans of America or GoodWill for door to door pick up (in some areas). Check my blog, I have the links to both on the right side.

Basically, the big trick is to do things in small enough increments that you will actually *follow through* on it. If you (for example) go through everything and then have a pile to donate that's too big to fit in your car, you're more likely to put off donating it. When your car is filled, drive off and donate. When the garbage is filled, put the bag outside instead of leaving it in the basement. Etc.

I don't envy you I theoretically know how to handle a big pile but in practice I get easily overwhelmed and just can't follow through. I try to keep things more manageable so I don't get intimidated by the job.

Oh, and music. Music is important Something high energy and uplifting. Something you like Preferably loud
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Oops, sorry, the Goodwill link I have is just to find a store. I know they collect in some areas though. I have a magnet on my fridge but it's got a local number.
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Hey, I'd be happy if all of my clutter was in the basement, because it would be out of sight!

just kidding.. sort of..

I think designating certain areas sounds like a great idea. I think the key is to get it out of there as soon as possible. Like as soon as you have a carload, send DH to Goodwill to drop it all off.
Good luck!
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