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Is it safe to attend a birth while pregnant?

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I feel like this is a stupid question.

I've attended births before, but this time I'll be about 16 weeks or so into my own (first) pregnancy, and am worried about that contact high getting my own hormones going, kwim?

Has anyone read about this being dangerous, bringing on premature labor or something?

I think I've read too much Ina May.....
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I don't really have any facts for you. But when I was having my dd in the hosptal one of my labor nurses was in her first trimester. She was a wonderful nurse and seemed to be doing ok in the shift she cared for me.
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I definitely think it's safe, lol! Your hormones are much too strong to be swayed by being in such close proximity to labor/birth hormones. And in Spiritual Midwifery, the midwives were often pregnant at the births. So, no worries! The only thing that I could see potentially being at all hard would be if it was a really difficult labor/birth, and thus increased your anxiety about your own labor/birth. But, hopefully, it will just make you more excited to experience it yourself!

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Hormonally speaking, you will be fine. There is no danger of triggering labor.
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I've heard that quite a few OB practices are having overdue patients attend births to initiate labor.

Just kidding! You'll be fine!!! Enjoy!
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I attended lots and lots of births while pregnant both times. Its very special and exciting. I've heard of term or very near term mommas having "sympathy pains" while attending birth, but I think those are just BH and probably coincidental. There are lots and lots of midwives, docs, nurses, doulas, etc. who attend births while pregnant with no problem. Not a silly question, though, women's hormones do affect one another!
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I attended a friend's birth at 11 weeks pg and another friend's at 7 mo. pg. No probs either time...just remember to take care of yourself too if the hours get long...the 2nd time I needed to sit down and drink water more than I was.
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When I delivered my dd, my OB was 7 mo preggo.
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When I toured the hospital I had my daughter at, I was shown around by a nurse who was due the following week. I asked her if she noticed having any increase in BH contractions when she attended women in labor and she said she did'nt.

I think as long as you are mindful to take good care of yourself during the labor (drinking enough, etc) then you should be fine.

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