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Finally In Labor!!!!

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WOOHOO!!! This is it ladies!
I am in labor. Woke up at 5 with contractions and by the time I timed them at 6 they were already 2 minutes apart. Right now I am mildly uncomfortable so I am sure there is a ways to go but having never done this before, who knows?
Unfortunately, I have to labor alone which I didn't want cause my dh works nights and JUST got home from work at 6:30 so I want him to get some rest since this could be a long day.
Wish me a short, endurable labor!!!
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Lucky!!! Good luck and I hope it's short and sweet!
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That's great news! I'm looking forward to your birth announcement soon!!
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Good luck! Unless this fizzles out (which it could - again) I am, too.
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yippppeeeeeee summertwilight (and coloradomama!!!)

wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo: thumb
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Omigahluckylucky! You go, girl! Labor for all of us who cannot (and then come back and tell us your secrets... : ).

Congratulations and... well... enjoy?!
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Yay to both of you!! I can't wait to read your birth stories. Sending easy, quick labor vibes out to you both!!!
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Yay! Sending lots of *keep coming contractions* vibes your way (and ColoradoMama's!).
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yay ST! congrats, and can't wait to hear the story...
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Go Summer! I am sending only the most positive birthing thoughts your way! Can't wait to hear there is a baby!
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good luck mama
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GL mama, sending LOTS of easy labor vibes your way!!
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good luck summer and colorado I hope to be joining you soon
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Not in your DDC but hope things are going great and that you have good news soon! :
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hmmm... I just saw this post! Congrats SUmmer and I hope that you already have that sweet babe in your arms!!! Update us soon!!!!
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Hey guys! Baby Aria is here!!!! Birth story posted seperate. Thanks for all your well wishes- it helped a ton!!
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