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Question for experienced moms

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Hi there,
As you know, I'm a first time mama. I went to get my bra size professionally measured and it scared me! LOL! Anyway, they said to come back at 8.5 months to get resized for nursing bras. My question is this. Should I wait till the milk comes in or just go at 8.5 months? Or buy one or two and then go back? I have a gift certificate and I know most of the nursing bras have room in them...but want opinions!
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With my first pregnancy I bought two nursing bras before my milk came in. One I got in Sweden and it was obscenely expensive. And my ignorance about nursing was obvious-the cups opened via hook and eye closures up the middle. Honestly-what an insane design.

The second bra I got closer to my planned section date. I got a bravado "original" nursing bra, the only bravado available at the time. I should have gotten a size larger than I did because by the time my milk came in the bra was more like a sling for my breast. I bought the cross over style when a big boobed girl needs the firmer support of the tank style. I was just so excited about getting a "real" nursing bra that I would use with my baby that I overlooked that detail.

If you want something to take to the hospital with you (if doing a hospital birth) then I suggest getting one and get something like a bravado original bra. There is loads of room to grow in those and it will be better than nothing.
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Kind of a catch 22 actually...
First, if you are planning on nursing longer than a couple months then I personally would wait until your breasts 'regulate' a bit before going out and buying expensive nursing bras...that way you can use them for a longer time. If you go now, or even at 8.5 mo you may increase a cup size with milk! Right after birth, you will be swollen and when your milk comes in you will/may be engorged...takes a bit of time to 'regulate' to the baby's needs.
Here is always my plan...
Wear my 'old, non nursing bras' now until baby comes.
Once baby comes I switch to cheap nursing bras--comfortable ones, no underwire (so doesn't pose a pluged milk duct problem), that fit maybe a little big. Then around 2-3 mo ppd, I get my 'nice bras' that will last me until child is 2-4 yrs old when he/she self-weans.
But, that is just my plan.....
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Oh how neat

the gift certificate is for Bravado!!!! LOL! Its a Canadian company (i'm in Canada) so its so easy for me. They are actually pretty affordable. Ok, now I"m in a conundrum. I am big now - 36E. SO maybe I'll wait then? and maybe only get one at 8.5 months?
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forgot to say thank you ladies, you are a big help!
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I don't know if this is going to help, but i would put off buying nursing bras until at least 1 month after the babe arrives. The first month, i either wore nothing on top, it was just easier or a t shirt i could pull up.
I started buying bras after then when i ventured out.
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I've gotta buy more nursing bras, as I'm bigger this time around than I was last time. I started out a C cup pre-preg #1. Once my milk settled in, I was a DD cup long term. DS weaned a few weeks past his 2nd birthday, but I was already about 20 weeks pregnant by then. Sometime earlier in the 2nd trimester, I got fitted for a bra, and I was already an F cup! I'm scared to think what I'll settle into later.

So all my DD nursing bras are already tight. I'm going to need something before baby comes, as I *have* to wear a bra when going out, and I will be leaving the house with a nursing babe before 1 month (probably will start going to church by 2 weeks, and I need a nursing bra for that... can't go topless! ).

I'm probably going to get a couple Bravado or Yes! bras (both are Canadian, btw - Yes! bras are super cheap). Definitely get the ++ style if you're an E cup already. I have the + style (cross-over type) in the Yes! bras, and they just don't hold the girls like I'd prefer. I have ++ style Bravados that hold 'em really well. I like the clasps on the Yes! bras better - the plastic type. Although both bras have much better clasps than those evil hook and eye ones. You don't want the hook and eye type you see on cheap bras. They're nearly impossible to hook with one hand without looking!

Oh, and the Bravado bras have a new super supportive style that's really comfy. I tried one on, but didn't buy it yet since it's a cup-size deal rather than a range of sizes like the regular Bravados. So that'd be a good one to do a couple months into nursing when you've settled into a size.
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If you are an E cup then you will need the ++ style bravado original. I would say either the L or XL++. Get one of those for the beginning and then wait for things to get established and go for the "supreme nursing bra" from bravado.

I might add that I went to their site to double check things and the polka dot in the original style is being discontinued and is on sale for 25.99 (regular price 37 CAN) and the black licorice supreme nursing bra is being discontinued with a sale price of 39 instead of 65!
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I can't wear my normal bras now. My boobs started swelling at maybe 15 weeks. So I use SIL's hand me down bras.
I am a small b normally, and quite happy with that. Why? If you are normally small, then you don't need so much support as the bigger mammas. So after DS was born, I just went braless for a while. I leaked on my shirt and just changed that, if I even cared. I put a towel on the bed so I didn't have to change the sheets every day.

Of course I only pumped/tried to BF 21 days last time, before scheduled for surgery for mastitis, so long term I have no idea. But I agree with the others, bad idea to buy ahead of time, since you have no idea how big you will really be. On the minus side, it's something you really don't want to have to do, run around shopping right after baby is born. Who needs that? What about getting some slightly bigger, cheap bras, or hand me downs, and then doing some serious bra shopping a month or so after babe arrives?
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I remember being absolutely horrified when I went to buy some nursing bras at about 6 months pregnant last time, and the people at the store (a Motherwear store) told me that I'd have to wait until after the birth to know what size to get. I just could not believe that my breasts would get any bigger (they'd already gone from a c-cup to a dd-cup). But they DID get so much bigger after my milk came in! I was some unheard of letter (I seriously didn't know bras came in whatever letter it was), and none of the nursing bras were comfortable at all when I tried them on with my super engorged 1-week-post-partum boobs. I got one of the bravado sport-bra types, and it was alright, didn't offer any support, but protected my sore nipples from rubbing against my shirt. I didn't buy actual nursing bras with separate cups until my babies were 5 months old, and by that time I was an E cup, and remained one until they were about a year old, at which point my breasts shrunk back down to a D, and I just went back to wearing regular bras (even though my boys were still nursing all the time, I found regular bras really didn't interfere that much).

But, the scary truth is that you will be SHOCKED at how huge your breasts are when they are initially full of milk. Having some sort of nursing bra on hand for the birth could be helpful in case you're super leaky and need pads (I also liked wearing pads just to keep the lanolin from staining my shirts), but I would definitely choose one that is meant to fit a range of sizes.


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I would definitely wait until a month or so PP. My best purchase with Henry was buying a few cheapy tank-style bras made from cotton. I bought them a little snug so they would support well, and even though you had the uniboob thing going, it's not like anyone expects you to look fab 1 month PP. I'd much rather be comfortable! Anyway, these were just Hanes, and they were a shelf bra, and all I had to do was whip out a boob and tuck the cotton underneath. They were under $4 each, so I didn't care when I grew out of them, or when I couldn't wear them anymore. Anyway, HTH, and how fun to have a GC somewhere for such a practical but important thing!
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Originally Posted by Mihelinka
I don't know if this is going to help, but i would put off buying nursing bras until at least 1 month after the babe arrives. The first month, i either wore nothing on top, it was just easier or a t shirt i could pull up.
I started buying bras after then when i ventured out.
This works great for my SIL, who recommended I do the same thing.... but I am a big-breasted-small-chested mama; and I was so uncomfortable without a bra to wear and I just felt so crappy with people coming over to see the baby and I had milk leaking everywhere.... so I didn't like that experience! I ended up having a friend bring me a bra instead of flowers.

I would recommend having one bigger nursing bra on hand for having immediately after the baby is born- if they can size you for one or two at 8.5 mo. I would go for it. Then later you'll know what size you need for the duration.
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I need to buy new nursing bras, as mine are pretty thrashed after 2.5 years of nursing. This time around, though, I'm going to wait until about a month PP. With DD, I listened to advice and bought bras at 8.5 months. The last part of pregnancy and birth and immediate post-partum, my body changed SO much - the bras I bought ended up being too small in the cup and far too large in the band. It felt really freakish, and I wasted money trying to figure out what I needed.

I do highly recommend the Bravado; for my size, I wear a double plus style. While it isn't terribly fashionable, and causes uniboob, it is very comfortable. I'm sure I'll get another few, and then pick up more as I go.
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I say buy one at 8.5 months - a size bigger than you are at that point. Then buy more at 6-8 weeks. I confess, I'm one of those lucky women who changes only about 1.5 sizes from non-preg. to nursing. (I make up for it with plugged ducts! lol)
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Hmmm my boobs are not allowed to get bigger than they are right now. My husband and I did our best to measure me with the directions from Bravado's site and we had me as a 48F. : Went to a lingere store the other day and was changed to a 42G. I was a D/DD before pregnancy and I think I have gained most of my pregnancy weight right on my chest.

Another thing to remember is take the biggest shirt you can find to the hospital to come home in. I never thought of that. In the video my mom has of us coming home I swear I am just this huge set of boobs walking down the path. My dress looks like it's five seconds away from blowing up at the seams. Maybe a good look for Pammy Anderson but not for me. This time I'll take a mumu or a tent.
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hahaha ladies. For once I am happy I've got small boobs!

Also, the leaking breasts can be a good way to get rid of visitors that have outstayed their welcome. That, combined with lifting shirt, totally exposing boob, staying (or getting into) the bed.... If they are slightly prudish, or see this as unnatural or something, they will quickly make an exit.
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OMG I'd totally forgotten that:

Dh's brother and sil showed up 2 hours after we got home from the hospital with dd; the girls were *ginormous* at that point....I unbuttoned my shirt and got dd ready for the latch, and milk SPRAYED across the room

they couldn't leave fast enough

I've already bought a couple of new nursing bras, as my old ones were next to useless; I bought one that's 2 cupsizes bigger, and one that's just one, for when things have started to settle down. They were on sale - and I knew that I'd need them - I can't go braless without a lot of leakage and chafing....ouch.
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OMG I've never laughed so hard at some of these comments. Thank you for the wonderful wisdom you lovely mamas. Being a bigger bb-ed gal I think I will get one nuring bra for right away and then get the others closer to a month after. THANK YOU! Oh and Bravado makes a new tank too now, maybe that will work for the first month. Thanks for the tips on sizing too - you ROCK!!!!
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Sounds like a good plan, Caroline!

I'm just now ordering two new Yes! bras (similar to Bravado, but the band really doesn't roll and the nursing clips are easier, IMO... Bravado bands have changed since I bought them, but the lady at the maternity shop said that for some people they do still roll, but they are better than they were before). I love that the Yes! bras are only about $15 (USD) each. I had the size 3+ last time, and this time I'm getting a 4++ because the girls are just getting TOO BIG. I'm really scared to think what I'll be when they settle into nursing. I never shrank below a DD even after a year and a half of nursing, and I was a C pre-preg #1! Now I'm at least an F, and my DD bras are SOOOO tight. You can't just go buy cheapy non-nursing bras in size F... they all go up to DD and that's it. So I figure I'll get the Yes! bra that will likely fit postpartum too.

After my milk settles in, I'll probably splurge on that Bravado Supreme, at least to have a "normal" style bra for wearing under dresses and such.

So if I'm a DD with preg #1 and probably will end up F-G preg #2... what will I be for preg #3?!?!?!? Do they just keep growing and growing and growing and... ? I know most people shrink at some point, but apparently not me!
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You know, when we got home from the hospital I went to take the blasted dress off and needed dh's help. My boobs were sore and engorged so I took off my bra as well. I was honestly amazed at how my chest looked. Amazed. Obviously so was the man. I told him to take a good look because it would take another baby or thousands of bucks for the "ladies" to stand up and look him in the eye like that again. I swear I could have bounced coins on them. This time I shall nurse before leaving the hospital.

Some women's chest size actually goes down after having a baby. I'm not one of them.
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