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how long did it take to conceive after stopping the pill?

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How long did it take after quitting pills


My husband and I want to ttc and we want to time it to be born in july or august of 2007. I just started a position and in order to get FMLA I have to have been with the company for 12 mo. at the time I take leave. From today, Aug. 25 if I stop taking the pill and get preg right off then if the baby is full term then the baby would come in May cutting it close since I started my job in Maybut if the baby came early then I would be SOL. So, my question is twofold:

1.) If my last pill is taken Nov. 16, how long do you think it would be before I concieve? I've never been pregnant, will be 28 by then, and have been on the pill since I was 16 (my body is probably itchin to ovulate!).

2.) Did any of you who weren't already at your ideal weight try to lose weight before you ttc? Or did you just set out to gain less with the baby?

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everyone is different. I know someone who it took almost a year after stopping the pill and several a little less than that.

For myself, I stopped in November and was pg. at the end of March for a baby born in December
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Everyone is different. With babies #2 and #3, I got pg immediately upon stopping the pill - i.e., I stopped it, ovulated, and "BINGO"
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It took me 2.5 months to get a period after stopping the pill. After I got AF, I got pregnant on the next cycle...so it took me 3 months total to conceive.

If you have a specific time of the year in mind, it might be helpful to go off the pill *now* and use condoms while charting so you get an idea of how your cycles are (they can change after the pill). Then stop using condoms when it is okay for you to conceive. A great book to read is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

You might want to post in Trying to Conceive or Fertility as well.
Good luck!!!
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Erm it took me exactly 3 weeks *cough*. I fell pregnant within the first month of coming off of the pill.

It does really depends upon the individual though
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i took my last pill june 7...got first ppaf (& started ttc) July 16 and got pg oct. ds#2 was born in july so if you are stopping your pill nov 16 you will have an end aug/beginning sept baby.
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Again everyone is different but in my case it took approximately two weeks. Ahem.
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2 1/2 years! : But I have PCOS that was masked by being on the pill, so I didn't realize I'd have such a hard time until I was already in the middle of infertility hell. No one had ever diagnosed me with PCOS before then.

So, yeah, it definitely depends on the person!
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Well, I quit midpack, had an AF, then got pregnant. DS came 5 weeks early so he ended up coming almost exactly 9 mos after we decided to TTC. :
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I got pregnant once ON the pill despite not missing any days and being really consistent with taking it the same hour every day.

That said, everyone is different and if you can't have the baby in May, don't go off the pill until the earliest time that it would be absolutely okay for you to get pregnant.

I have heard the suggestion that you use a barrier for 3 months after stopping the pill, but I'm not exactly sure why. Does anyone know if there is indeed a medical reason for this?

When I consulted my OBGYN about getting pregnant, she told me that the normal average time of getting pregnant without contraceptives is actually a year.
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thanx so much for your responses. I am so itching to start right now!! I don't want to end up in a bad situation though if we start trying and are in the bunch that conceive rather quickly. Part of me whats to start now in the hopes that it will take 3 mo. (it feels good thinking that you are already in the trying stage) but the other (more resonsible, practical) half knows that it's best to be patient for at least another 3 mo.

I am so ready to be a mommy it's driving me crazy!!!
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I can totally understand the mommy itch, but I'm also one of those who got pregnant with both my boys the first month after stopping the pill (the first at 19, I'd missed a few pills, but wasn't TTC - just got careless - the second at 25 TTC'ing, stopped the pill in Nov and got preggers in Dec)

I would try to wait, if I were you. It's only 3 months - focus on taking your vitamins and getting financially ready. That way it's like you're TTC'ing, but just not ovulating yet

As for the weight question, I was about 10 lbs over my ideal when I got preggers with #2, gained 45 lbs and lost it all plus the 10 lbs within 3 months PP - breastfeeding always brings me back to 115-120 lbs.
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I have PCOS so it took us 2 years TTC. . but then again I was never on the pill to begin with. Everyone's just so different.

But I will say, why not talk to your human resources dept at your work and ask them what would happen if you had the baby just shy of being there a year? Would you be able to take a week or two of leave to "bridge" you over until you could get FMLA? I know for me, even being there over a year, I had to take a week of paid time off before FMLA kicked in anyway. If you'll be cutting it that close, you might be able to work something out.

Another consideration is what happens if the baby comes early? With 1 in 8 infants being born premature, it's a definite possibility so it's good to have a plan in place in case the baby comes before you qualify for FMLA.
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That really helps me. I do recall reading that there is a 7 day waiting period before FMLA kicks in. I've decided to stop the pill with this cycle and use condoms for the next three months so as to see what my cycles will look like. I've never been even remotely irregular even off the pill but to be honest it's been such a long time since I was off that anything could've happened between then and now. It's not like I am a spring chicken or anything.

Also, it occured to me that if I stop the pill now, I might lose more weight (since sometimes the pill makes you hold on to a few more pounds than you might normally have) between now and Nov. if I work out. Who knows. Any weight I've gained I can attribute to what has gone in my mouth and how much time I've spent in front of the tube so I suppose it's just wishful thinking. Anywho...I going to take your advice.

Save, save, save like my life (or a smaller version of myself) depends on it!
Take my vitamins!
Lose a little excess weight (God help me!)!
and in 3-6 mo. become a MommySuperHero!!!!!
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Inspired007, I wish every future mama was as excited to be a mama as you are! Good luck!

BTW -- it took roughly a year for us to get pregnant after going off the pill. I had an HSG in May and got pregnant right after -- and now DS is 6 months old!
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Originally Posted by Inspired007
2.) Did any of you who weren't already at your ideal weight try to lose weight before you ttc? Or did you just set out to gain less with the baby?
I just noticed this part of the question. It's okay to lose weight before TTC but absolutely do NOT try to gain less (or lose) while pregnant or nursing. That can be extremely detrimental to the baby and to yourself (your bones, for instance). Full time breastfeeding should help you lose all of your pregnancy weight. Think of it this way, it takes nine months to gain it, take nine months to safely lose it. Sometimes you'll lose it more quickly but don't expect or plan to do so. Just make sure that every calorie you take in is a healthy one, no junk food while pregnant. Make sure you get a rainbow of foods most days, plenty of protein, calcium, vitamin C, your B's, etc. If you try to "gain less" while pregnant (I know a woman who did this, she was anorexic), then your baby's health could be seriously compromised.

If your weight is a health issue and you think it could make you have problems with the pregnancy, then perhaps you should work on losing a bit before you TTC, but if you just have a few extra pounds, it probably won't make any difference.
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Well I've read that if you are underweight you can gain up to 40 lbs. during the pregnancy and if you are at your ideal weight for your height then its 15-25 lbs. and slightly overweight its anywhere up to 20 lbs. This is just a suggestion based on various website readings and of course not necessarily a rule of thumb. I wouldn't try to force my body not to gain if that is what it would naturally try to do (I mean if it wanted to gain more than the guideline). I have 10 lbs that I would love to see desert me before I start ttc (and they are strictly vanity pounds) however, if I don't lose them then I would be sure to eat better. I have already identified several bad habits in my diet (did I mention that I was a french fry hog?), so I am definitely concentrating (with all my might!) on better, more healthy food choices.

The great thing about ttc is that you realize that for the first time in your life all of your habits (good and bad) will have a significant effect on another (growing) life. How profound!!!

Okay, to H*ll with all this planning... I am getting started tonite!

Joking..... but I really really don't feel like waiting (insert tantrum).
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About 10 days.

BUT, you can never count on when you'll get pregnant. This time, despite "proven fertility," and charting, it took about 7-8 months to get pregnant. I was nursing, but my luteal phase was almost always adequete.

I didn't specifically try to do so, I started this pregnancy about 10 lbs lighter than my first, which is a much healthier weight for me. It's really made a difference in terms of my phsyical comfort! No sciata thus far (started @ about 10 weeks last time), and overall feeling much more energetic and comfy. If you're not going to TTC for a few months, and you're carrying some extra weight, why not try to kick up your physical activity and try to start eating a bit more healthfully beforehand, and you'll get a headstart on great, healthy habits?

I would NOT try to limit your food intake/weight gain while pregnant or nursing. Trying to stick to healthier foods & not overdo junk food is fine, but eat what you need to eat. For ex, w/my low-ish blood pressure, if I don't eat every 3 hours, and eat a lot of salt, I really feel like hell.


ETA: Oh, and by the way, when I'm really hungry & want something, there is simply no taming the beast...I occasionally get ravenous & will-power doesn't even enter the equation.
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i stopped the pill and got pregnant immediately. as in, haven't had a period since! (pregnant and now bf-ing).
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Most people (myself included!) I know went off the pill (and I had taken it forever like you) and got pregnant the first or second month, so just be sure to take precautions if you aren't totally ready, for whatever reason. However, there is always a story of it taking a year or so, so hard to know.

On the weight issue, as you are thinking of conceiving now, you could try to motivate to be more healthy, which may slim you down.

However, once you are preggers, definitely do not worry about your weight--just try to be healthy (as everyone says). One additional point, don't lock yourself in to the guidelines you mentioned on weight gain, as I think the norm is more like 40 pounds, and you don't want to beat yourself up over it. I think if you expect to gain more, and you don't, it is a nice surprise.

Same with losing it...expect it to take a approx a year--don't beat yourself up over it. Expecially if you do a lot of breastfeeding, you are nourishing your body and your baby, so try not to worry--the weight will come off when it is ready.

I was lucky that I did not gain as much as I thought, and breastfeeding slimmed me down beyond my pre-pregnancy weight--a nice surprise. But,
I think it starts with expectations--be nice to your body and be as healthy as possible and you'll be fine.
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