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Birthing Tub Arrived

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My home birthing tub arrived the other day!!!!! DH inflated it for me and I got in it to "test" it out sans water. So exciting and VERY comfortable. Dh got in behind too and leaning on him felt sooooooo relaxing. Especially when he started rubbing my belly. I think this tub was definitly worth the $$.
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I have one too--havent' tested it out yet though. My friend just delivered her baby (we are sharing the pool!) in the pool and even tho she had backlabor and a 'sunnyside up' baby, she didn't have the 'pain'!! She hypnobirthed too...
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very cool! my midwife has a birthing pool and i'm very excited about it.

and bobbi - how exciting that your friend was able to birth w/o pain, even with back labor. i used hypnobirthing w/ my dd and plan to do it again this time around.
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that's very very cool - doesn't it make it seem 'real' now?
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where did you order the pool from? Did you get a kiddie swim pool or one actually for birthing.
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I'm so JEALOUS!!! I would love to home birth but
#1.... My insurance wouldn't cover a midwife and my OB doesn't do house calls...

#2.... I'm a big friggin' chicken!!!!
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Yes... please do tell what pool you got...

I am still debating whether to get a pool or not... I love the idea and I love labouring in water but I am bit scared that I will buy it and then end up not using it and paying a good amount of money for nothing...

If we do buy one then we will probably go with the "La Bassine" tub since I can't find a canadian Exporter of the Fishy pool and the US ones either don't deliver to Canada or the prices are just crazy and pretty much equal getting the La Bassine....
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I ordered from www.yourwaterbirth.com
I got the "la bassine" it's deep enough to cover my belly and long enough to stretch out in and not bend my knees. PLUS it has handles to hold onto for pushing. I also got the birthing kit that comes with the electric air pump, sumbersable water pump, debris net, underwater flashlight and mirror, ducky thermometer, tarp, and attachments/hose needed to fill up the tub. It also came with 6 pages of detailed instructions on useage. By the way DH is in charge of the tub.
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