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Need some reassurance!!!

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I don't know what it is about this pregnancy but I have from the very beginning been extremely paranoid....I think something is going to go wrong...not sure what but I think the delivery is going to be awful....maybe turn into a c-section or something....I am not sure..or the baby is going to be sick or something terrible is going to happen ...this is my third pregnancy and my first two kids were so healthy and the deliveries were great with no problems at all....I am sure I am just paranoid but I really can't get this out of my head!!! I want to be positive and visualize a great birth but just can't seem to...I need to get my head back into thinking positive things so things will go right.... Can you guys give me some reassurance that everything is going to be fine like it was with my other two!?!?!?!
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Try to figure out where these feelings are coming from. Were your last births positive? Are you reading too many of our negative stories to relax? Can you pinpoint exactly what it is - is it something in the way the baby is moving/not moving, positioned, your hormones/behaviour.... that is different than the last two pregnancies? If it is something specific, perhaps you might find out if there is a simple test (urin, blood...) than can be checked to "give you an answer" and therefore reduce your fears. (OK, I might get a bit flammed for that comment, but IMO if it will make you feel more confident or relaxed, then not all tests are evil.)

It might also be helpful to remember all pregnancies and births are so different. Also talk to DH or a friend, see if you can find out what is going on. I'd love to say relax, take it easy, but sometimes that is easier said than done.
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I have been very paranoid too - at first I thought it was because I had had a miscarriage previous to this, but now I think it might have to do with all the negative things I have read through the course of this pregnancy that I just can't get out of my mind. My friend finally made a comment to to "remember my intentions." She said obviously my intentions with this pregnancy weren't to sit around imagining every thing that could go wrong with it, but to enjoy it and think positively. Now, when worry and fear pop into my mind I remind myself that I did not get pregnant to feel that way and I try to push those thoughts away and replace them with more positive ones. It isn't always easy, but I am sure things will be fine for you momma, just remember to enjoy this and try to erase all those bad thoughts. (((HUGS)))
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Haven't read the replies yet but I posted something VERY similar in the begining.
I spoke with my doula because I was SUPER concerned. She told me about something to do with 3rd child syndrome. She said it was really common for women to have fears esp if they have 2 other healthy children.
Hang in there mama...
*hugs* to you
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This is my third pregnancy too and I've been worried since the beginning that something might be wrong. Its like you feel so blessed and lucky to have two healthy children that you're pushing it with three. Well that's what I have figured out why I've been nervous. It sounds exactly what your doula is talking about rainbowfairymomma, for me at least.
It's good to hear that I'm not the only one that feels this way. My midwife said she felt the same way too with her third. Picture a healthy baby and beautiful birth and remember third time is a charm!
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3rd Child Syndrome sounds about right!!! That must be it!! Thanks for all the replies....Good to know I am not the only worry wart around here but sad to hear some others are going through this too!! I guess I have to convince myself that I did it the first two times and they were both extremely healthy with no complications at all.....Gotta have confidence that I WILL do it again with no problems because I am woman...hear me roar!!! LOL
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I've got third child syndrome too! I've managed to keep it pretty under control (especially in the last couple months), but I've definitely had much more worry about the health of this baby than I ever did about my other two (I worried about other things with them). It does feel sort of like I'm pushing my luck to expect another perfectly healthy beautiful baby when I've already had two of them, but chances are, these third babies of ours WILL BE just as perfect and healthy as our other kids.

hugs, mama!

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Isn't this normal??? : I worry a lot too about this little one; partly because of my m/c history, and partly because we had to go through a lot of evaluations with dd (gross motor delay, hypotonia, possible CP). I suppose there's a big part of me that doesn't feel as though I 'deserve' another child - I feel so incredibly blessed to have the one sitting on the floor with me. I just read 'Birthing From Within' (fabulous, and totally worth it!) and am thinking that doing some art to work out some of these fears might be the way to go...
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I've got it too (3rd child syndrome). I was just talking the other day about how I have been worrying this pregnancy and having horrid dreams. I just didn't worry about a whole lot with my other two. I'm relieved to know I'm not alone and there is a pretty simple explanation for this worry. Although I am sorry that so many of us are going through this.
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