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So, how was your week??

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Is it me, or was this just the longest flipping week in the world??

It felt like it ought to have been Friday on Wednesday...work was crazy busy this week, and destined to get worse, my 3 year old is having fits about the potty, and the 6 mo. old is eating me out of house and home (both b'feeding and solids). I can't get ahead on the laundry, and my dh is moping around the house because his birthday is this week and it has a number in it that he doesn't like...Like Cher said in Moonstruck..."Snap out of it!!"

And this war isn't helping.

I feel like a whiner, because it could be so much worse, but I'm having trouble living up to my signature line this week!
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My week wasn't DANDY either........ but mostly financial cr@p, bills arriving that we'd never seen before!
We find we owe some on our taxes, my DH got a speeding fine etc. etc.....
I hope that its OVER now and we can try get things under control again.....

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Me too!

I woke up this morning from a dream that I had driven my car with my floormats on the top (They were drying on the car from being washed yesterday)......... went to check, and sure as sh*t.....

The sad thing is, this day is starting off so much better than last week. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughs.
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Ugh! Is it another week already?........
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LAst week was awful...it is funny how we pick up on moods of the times.....with the war and all......it made my already busy week seem even crappier...I had my observation, which I always work myself into such a tizzy for and my class was acting like they were about to go on vacation (which is always bad--especially when they are....can't get them to focus on anything!)

Here's to a much better week.
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