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I'm so freaking irritable

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I feel like the world's biggest you-know-what (not sure if I can just flat out say that ol' b-word that's appropriate here). : I'm snappish, grumpy, cranky, gripey, dissatisfied, uncomfortable, and generally miserable to be around right now. Can I still blame the heat (S. Texas, and we're in a horrid drought. This August is going down as the hottest month EVER in the history of the state, apparently)? I'm 30w4d, and I just don't know if my family is going to put up with me for another 10 weeks.

Am I the only cranky-pants around here? I hate to think y'all are as uncomfortable as I am, but it would be nice to not be alone (and not be seen as an irredeemable crankypants that should be locked in a closet ).
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Originally Posted by daniedb
Am I the only cranky-pants around here?
Not by a long shot I'm sure. I'm right there with ya. Sometimes I'm so freakin cranky I don't even want to be around myself. Awwwwww hormones.
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I'm cranky too...
Gonna leave a ans machine message for incoming calls that says "You've reached the Hosmons, leave a message, but I won't call you back unless it is an extreme emergency--I just don't have the energy!"

I'm just sick of talking on the phone...I'm also sick of the computer for too long of a time...and I"m in 'partial nesting' mode--cleaned the utility room today--took all the energy I had to do a 7'x4' room!
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I am so irritable too! I keep thinking "Only about 12 more weeks to go and I hope my attitude gets better in the meantime".
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: 12 more weeks!!
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Me too! It's just really hit me hard this past week and we are also in Texas. The heat is killing me right now. I have to do everything in the morning and if I do go out in the afternoon I end up in a pile of sweat - yuck. I can't wait for Fall!!!!!
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Momma, I'm right there with you!!!! I'm in College Station, TX and in my opinion... I may as well be sitting on the equator! It's so hot, and I'm so uncomfortable that I'm a constant grouch... As a matter of fact, I bit poor DH's head off last night because he was using one of our throw pillows to lay on the floor and watch t.v. You'd have thought he slung crap across the walls or something... I flew off the handle BIG TIME!!! Of course, I had to eat crow later and apologize. I really hate my attitude right now. :
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i feel evil. my poor puppies keep wanting to play but its only irratating to me i feel so bad. and being around people, HA. i feel like such a grump : but im glad to hear im not alone.
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Oh, I know! The poor dog! After I spend all my energy on Henry, then trying to provide dinner for us, and not tearing off poor DH's head, my poor pup doesn't get ANY attention. And since we can't go outside much, she's so sad and bored. No wonder she's chewing up all my crap!

Rachel and bluebonnet - isn't it sad when I'm almost crying with relief on the day that it's only 95?!
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Originally Posted by daniedb
Rachel and bluebonnet - isn't it sad when I'm almost crying with relief on the day that it's only 95?!
Yes.... it is!!! And we're supposed to be getting a "cold front". That means it will only reach the high nineties as opposed to melting your skin off within minutes of being outside!!! :
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