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Birth Ball--Anyone Use One?

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A birth ball was recommended to me from a doula i recently interviewed. she said that it was good to use during pregnancy and the birth. Anyone else use one? Tips on things to do on it? The only thing I can figure out is to sit on it during pregnancy and lean on it during labor. Would love to hear other's experiences and uses for this giant ball.
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I used it to lean on during labor to keep a hands and knees type position more comfortably....also, after birth, it makes a great, comfortable alternative to a rocking chair if your bottom is sore. My second loved to be nursed in the sling, while bouncing gently on the birth ball...
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I used it when in labor with ds. I sat on it facing the bed with my shoulders, head and arms kinda draped across the bed. This was in the hospital so the hospital bed could be adjusted to the height I needed to do this comfortably. I sat on it for most of my active labor which was about 3 hours. It was great because I had an iv and a monitor and so I couldn't really walk around. If I hadn't had the ball I would have just been stuck in bed or maybe sitting on the side of the bed.

It was nice to use after birth also to do stretching exercizes on.
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Haven't used it for labor yet but...

I am a personal trainer and use it with all of my clients. It is a great way to strengthen structural integrity, build strong abs and lower back.
Also you can continue to do abs on the ball until you deliver since you aren't flat on your back.
As some others mentioned it is also great for stretching.
I am having some lower back pain with my pregnancy and the counterpressure feels great. I recommend them to everyone.
edd 6/14/02
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My birth ball and my body pillow were my best friends during late pregnancy, and I used the birth ball and a giant bean bag extensively during my labor.

I still love arching my back and stretching on my ball now, since I'm not quite up to 100% as far as muscular strength goes after my surgery. And I figure before too long, my daughter will enjoy bouncing/playing on it. (We had some similar balls at the school I worked at, and the toddlers LOVED playing, bouncing, and rolling with them)

I think that was one of the best $30 investments I've made. Even my husband likes to sit on the ball and rock/softly bounce the baby.
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I got ot use a birthing ball in the hospital with my LAST child it was AWESOME
During each contraction I would "rock and roll" with the ball .I think it made labor much easier .
I even went and bought one afterwards .I use it now when I am on the computer (like now ).It is great to rock the baby ,my older kids enjoys using it also .
Put it on your wish list
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I used mine during labor with my first and plan on getting it reinflated for my second, it was great! I sat on it and leaned over on the bed like someone else mentioned. It was the only way I could get comfortable and focus on the breathing and contractions. I highly recommend!
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Thanks all- I got myself one. Only $30 at Dick's Sporting Goods. It is fun to bounce on. Now, I just have to keep my cats away from it so it doesn't pop!
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Our birthball has been the best $15 (Walmart) investment ever!!! Our daughter who just turned one has always loved to be bounced. She has always preferred bouncing over rocking or walking. We have done some serious bouncing around here. It's come in very handy to say the least.
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My birth center had one that I used--it was comforting to just sit and bounce on during contractions. I posted over in Buy Sell Trade thread that I'd love to buy someone's used ball for home use -- you could email me at todandemily@earthlink.net! I do lots of yoga too and I've heard they're nice for backbends, and for bouncing babies!
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I LOVED the birth ball! I would sit on the ball and lean on the hospital bed. I would roll on it during a contraction. It is a great position to be in since it simulates a squat without all the strain on your legs. If you can't get a birth ball, sitting on the toilet, facing the wall, also helps, though not as comfy. Good luck!
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I really loved the birth ball during labor as well. Ds was posterior and I had a 29 hour labour at home, so sitting on he ball, leaning on the bed with pillows under my arms and dh massaging my back, REALLY helped! And then once ds was born, I used to sit on it to bounce him to sleep. He loved it!
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I had a long labour - 34 hours going from 4 cm to birth. The birth ball SAVED me. I am sure without it I would have had to have a c-section, or pain medication. It kept me sane and really helped with concentrating.
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The birthing ball (next to my body pillow) is my FAVORITE pregnancy purchase. Although I don't give birth until April, it is great for relieving my back pain. It's great for doing birthing excercising on also. My husband loves it to--I may have to buy him one of his own, so I can stop fighting him for it My recommendation, if you have the cash--BUY IT NOW!
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