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Anyone else gaining a LOT?

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WIth my 1st I gained a total of 28 pounds.. and lost it in 4 days~

I'm on;y 26 weeks and I've gained 24 already. I don't think I am eating a ton more, and I AM occassionally swimming and chase a 2 year old quite a bit but I am perpetually tired and feeling huge and lazy...

Maybe it's the fact that I'm still nursing my DD, but slowly weaning, but how much am I going to gain?
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I wouldn't be too concerned with weight gain!! Although I know all you ever hear is 25 -35 pounds should be gained during pregnancy.....I do not know statistics but I can guarantee that at least 70 % of woman gain more than this.....if you are eating fairly well and getting enough exercise then I wouldn't worry about what the scale is telling you....your body is gaining the amount of weight it needs to to grow your amazing little baby!! Sounds like you lost all the weight with your first one so you most likely will lose all your weight again with this one!

If it is any relief to you I gained 81 pounds with dd and I was very little to begin with, (110lbs) and with ds i gained close to 70 pounds and went back down to my regular size after both of them!!! I am 29 weeks along today and have so far gained 25 lbs...that is not bad considering the other two!! And I don't think I am doing anything much different with this one then i did with the first two.

Anyway, don't get caught up too much with numbers!! You are just on track to what your baby needs!! Take care mama!!
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I wouldn't worry about it but I would talk to your health care provider about how you are feeling. It might be time to add another supplement to your prenatal vitamins. If I remember correctly my midwife added folic acid when I was feeling tired plus eating lots of eggs.

But then again you probably have a good reason to feel tired.
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I feel like a big fatty too.... I'm 26weeks 5days and I've already gained 24 lbs. Although I did lose 2lbs. over the weekend for some reason or other. I have to go in on Sept. 1st for bloodwork to test for Gestational Diabetes and I'll bet any amount of money I have it...: Which may actually be a blessing in disguise because having it would force me to eat healthy.... I haven't been eating the healthiest foods lately :
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I have gained A LOT this pregnancy. I stopped weighing myself or letting the midwife after I hit about 40 lbs (that was over a month ago). I'm almost 31 weeks now and I can tell my weight gain has slowed , which happens to me in the third trimester for some reason.
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I gained a bunch in the first trimester, than slowed WAAAAAAY down in the 2nd (ie, the last 4 week appt I hadn't gained anything since the previous appt, but baby is still growing and fundal height was measuring a week ahead - so baby growth is perfectly fine). I started out 50 lbs overweight, so I'm not worried.

Anyway, last preg... I gained 22 lbs in 28 weeks (gained nothing the first trimester, and then gained all of that 22 lbs in the 2nd!). I don't know what I would have gained past that, since I only got to 29w4d, but I'm sure it probably would have still been well within "norms", and the fact that you lost so much so quickly the first preg is really good! I gain weight while bf'ing, so while I lost some of the weight, I never lost all of it and quickly gained alot back. I started out this preg 9 lbs less than what I weighed when I gave birth to DS#1. Ugh. Interestingly, as soon as DS #1 weaned (about 6 weeks ago), that's when my weight gain slowed down so much.
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Well, lets put it this way- when I went to see my backup doctor he glanced casually at my charts and said 'aren't you the lady who had a hard time putting on 20 pounds before?' Yes, I said, I gained 20 or so pounds, not much but right for me at the time... and delivered a healthy 7.5 pound baby. "Well, he said, we don't have to worry about you this time!" : Don't worry, I know the doc well enough to find this funny.

I am 28 weeks and I've gained a good 24 pounds- I can't believe I have 3 more months to go!! It's not like I am that surprised; I knew when I was pregnant with #1 that I would never have time to single mindedly concentrate on 'me' and the physical activities I love again for quite awhile.... and it's turned out to be true! I'm still active, healthy and I know it's all fine, but man, it's still a shocker to approach your husbands weight!:
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Originally Posted by midwestmeg
it's still a shocker to approach your husbands weight!:
I'd LOVE to approach my husband's weight. He's a wee stringbean. I am convinced I have weighed more than him for the duration of our relationship.

I weighed myself today and so far I've gained 8kg (about 17lbs). Not bad I suppose but because of my starting weight my midwife told me to only gain 6-8kg through the pregnancy. Ack. I didn't gain much at all until my second trimester. And I suppose I've also started eating some pretty damn unhealthy food. I'm just hoping that my sugars stay where they should be-I don't want to have gestational diabetes again.

The odd thing is that I still don't think I look obviously pregnant. I still think, even though everyone disagrees, that I just look fat. Obviously something to discuss with my therapist. :
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I'm 30 wks 2 days today and I've gained about 28 lbs and I'm only 5 ft. tall so...its really really obvious when/where I gain weight (currently my thighs seem to be the fat deposit place of choice ). I eat pretty healthy so I'm trying not to focus on the weight gain and focus more on what I am putting into my body (and the babe's body ). The only time I really start getting concerned is when I look at all my pre-preg. clothes and wonder if I will be able to get back into them. I don't want to have to buy a bunch of new stuff! Here's to ten or so more weeks of continued weight gain, constant hunger and apparently shrinking maternity clothes
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