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Originally Posted by sparklefairy View Post
Tell them that when your child leaves for college, you will ONLY be early 40s -- lots of time to party, better budget for the good booze.

My DH and I are the same age, and we were 23 when we had our first DS. Sorry, that people are casting that judgement at you, that sucks man. I think that if someone is under 18(but I don't)then maybe some people might thing they are too young, but 23? Seriously, is there a certain age we have to be before we are not considered "to young"?
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im a mom too, i had my first dd when i was 20 and and my second dd at 21 and dp was 23, I am constantly getting comments like " your a young parent aren't you" at play centres, that really makes my blood boil! i dont like the way some of my family treats me either, like it was a huge mistake and a bad accident...i dont consider myself young to have babies, my mom and mil were that age... what is it with this generation, why is it considered "young" to have babies before 24??
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i was 24 when i got pregnant and 25 when he came along and people STILL said i was too young for a baby. Mom was 28, DH's mom was 17 when she had her first, and 19 when he came along.
DH was only 22 years old when DS was born and of course he got flack from his buddies about not going out to pary and drink and act like an idiot. We were married when he was 20, so he had to hear the 'ole ball and chain' and 'you can't run wild with women' junk too.
DH isn't into that anyway, not even when we were in college. Of course he had his moments, but he was never a 'party animal'. He'll be 25 in February and still has no regrets. He's the proudest father I've seen and that's the best thing for me since I have no clue who my own father is and 90% of my family was raised by single mothers. No matter his age, he's a good man (and that's his last name!), a great father, and a great husband. Shouldn't matter what his age is.
We still get stared at sometimes, and told we were too young to have kids, but geez, we weren't THAT young. Still amazes me how people love to get in your business.
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Originally Posted by ninelives View Post
The expression is "the proof is in the putting" (i.e., application), not the "pudding".

Sorry to split hairs...

OT, but I respectfully disagree. It's pudding - the final result.

Interesting misconception, though!
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Originally Posted by MissAbbyRosesMamma View Post
my daughters father is 22 but he looks about 16...i swear, im not a creepy perv! i never really noticed it but everyone else says that and i guess he does to some extent-he can not shave for 4 months and get all of about 3 facial hairs...its mildly entertaining. anywho, around christmas last year we were at the mall looking for an opal ring for me and the lady in this one store said "your not the parents are you?!" and we said "yeah, we are" and she said "but your SO YOUNG" and we were like "yeah...anyway, opal rings?" and she just kept saying
"YOUR SO YOUNG!" so we left....ooooo she mad me mad, but he gets it more than i do...or maybe i just dont notice it anymore
Looking over all the posts here, the thing in common is that it seems that it's when you LOOK like you're really young that the comments happen. It's probably those who don't know your actual age.
Appearing to be younger than you actually are is called "neotenous" or "paedomorphic" appearance (in technical language, like the official police description of a suspect). "Why, you neotenous, paedomorphic son of a gun"...sounds like a Captain Haddock cuss line, doesn't it?
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I am 22 and my boyfriend is 24. Our boys are 4 and 1.

We struggled a lot at first, didn't have much money. We got a lot of "I told you so"s, "wait and see"s, etc. I graduated high school while pregnant and he dropped out to work.

At this time we are doing fairly well, I am in university studying journalism and he just opened his own business. We still get a lot of looks out in public with the kids, like we should be babysitting or something. We don't go out often but when we do, someone will inevitably say, "You should be home with the kids instead." It's like we have to put forth 10 times the effort to be respected as parents than an older couple would.

But really, we're happy we had them young. We'll be 39 and 41 when the youngest turns 18. We'll still have years and years of time together and be able to play with our grandchildren. I don't want to be 60 when they finally leave the house.
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alot of guys seem to think of themselves as "young" dads even when they will be 27 when the baby is born.. like my bf for example lol
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We live in an area where anyone under 30 with kids is given "those looks". Dh is 23 and I am 24, almost 25, but we both are regularly mistaken for teens. In fact, the other day, I was in the Sprint store, trying to see what we could do about ending our contract. My mom suggested putting my phone in my name, and the salesperson looked at my all funny and asked if I was over eighteen. The funny thing is, I had my kids with me! :
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i should get DH over here! i'm 21 he'll be 21 in December and we're expecting our third.
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M'gosh! How old were you two when the first one arrived?
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Originally Posted by ninelives View Post
M'gosh! How old were you two when the first one arrived?
i'm assuming you're talking to me....
i had turned 18 by the time she was born and DH was still 17. our second and third will be only 14 months apart which is why 3 a 21.
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Oh this is so true! I just turned 20 and have a 6 mo old. My dp is 25. He has also has a 7 y/o with his ex and had another baby child who died at the age of 2.
He looks younger than I do! When interviewing for a new contract(computer jobs), he really tries not only to dress well but to LOOK OLDER!! He looks about 17.
I work at the courthouse in my city and also work on "dressing older". No, not granny panties, but not wearing anything to trendy either.
I live in CO and don't really get many comments. I am usually running around town in a hurry and I don't think anyone has time to comment!
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I'm not a Dad but I had my first baby at 16, my second at 17, my third at 20, and my fourth at 21.. I think in my case people are real cruel when you're young and have had more than one baby, it's like they automatically assume that number 1 is an accident and if you have more than that at a young age then you're just careless.. Well I've been with my dh (who's 13 years older than I am) for almost 7 years this month and while our first was a surprise, the following three were all planned..
Some People, Grrrrrr.
Ticks me off..
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