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Should a bad nick name make me change my name choice?

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The name I had picked out for a boy was Ethan Zane. My mother warned me that he would be called EZ (easy) and that it would be really bad. Should I change my name choice because of one potential nickname?
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I think that's kind of a cool nickname!
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I don't think you should change, but in my family middle names aren't referred to much at all, and no one goes by initials. Does she think that that is what the family will naturally call him, or is she worried that kids in school will pick it up?

There is one babyname site that lists potentially bad nicknames. I looked up Amy, and sure enough, the things I was called were there (Aim toothpaste and Aimless). My maiden name was Ensor, so my friend used to think it was fun to call me Aimless Eyesore, but this was when I was in my 20s and he was joking, so I thought it was funny. Anyway, no matter what your name is, someone will find a way to make a not so great nickname, if they want.
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I think it's a great name. Kids will find something to tease about, regardless of names so don't sweat it.
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I doubt anyone will call hem EZ. Except for my very close friends no one knows what my middle na,me is.

What is it with mothers. Mine insists people will call dd mop because her initials are MOP. She is 6 1/2 and none but my mom has called her that.

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My husband thought it was actually a cool nickname. I guess it would be worse if it was a girl. Mothers just like driving us nuts don't they?
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I wouldn't sweat it. I think it's a nice name. If people start calling him EZ, just fix them with the evil eye and say "His name is Ethan." Do it often enough and they'll get the message.
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Keep it. I think "Ethan Zane" is too nice of a name to give up just for some hypothetical nickname.
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My grandmother did end up changing the choice she had for my dad's name because of potential nickname fallout..

My granddad wanted to name him Joseph Kerr.. Kerr being his middle name and his mother's maiden name.. Grandma thought that was all well and good until one day she was in the kitchen saying the name.. Joseph Kerr.. Joe Kerr.. JOKER!!!! NO WAY!!! She let grandpa know it wasn't happening no kid of her's was being named a joker if she had anything to do with it.. The funny part is it really WOULD have fit my dad.. He is such a goof off..

So, i thought it was a cool name and wanted to use it, but my hubby put the kibosh on it as well.. OH well, maybe i can corrupt the next generation, and my grandson will be a Joe Kerr!!!

Warm Squishy Feelings...

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Hmm... how often is a kid going to use his/her middle initial? : I don't see a problem with it! I like the name!!!
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Fab name! Keep it. I agree, most kids won't know his middle name...your last name initial is more likely. And as cruel nicknames go, EZ is pretty darn cool.
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Uh, not to offend anyone or anything, but that's totally retarded. No one is going to call your boy 'EZ,' and if they did, it would be a 'cool' thing.

Also, your boy is not a girl, who could one day turn into a teenage girl and be hurt by being called 'easy.'

Lovely name. I know I'm coming to terms w/ one of my name choices which would result in the intials C-P-R, but EZ is nuthin'.
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I wouldn't worry about it...I LOVE the name!
Nobody besides family would know what his middle name is anyway.
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