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Bites not healing...Need help fast!!!

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Help!!! My little guy is getting 4 teeth. He's biting me, altho I don't feel it happen. What I do feel is when he stretches and tugs on the little bite marks from the suction. These tooth marks are little bites I guess, with broken skin and they aren't healing, they're getting worse and I am dying. I've been pumping only on the worst side to give it a break, but it's not helping, the pumping is almost as bad and now the other side is in as miserable condition as the first. I can barely feed him. Peter is 19 monthes and while I wouldn't mind if he started tapering off on the breast feeding, I really don't want to quit cold turkey like this. I feel like he needs me as the teething has been so painful for him, but I can't continue like this.... Nat
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Have you ruled out thrush? This is exactly what happened to us when we had thrush! I thought dd was biting me, but I couldn't feel her doing it. I kept pumping one side to get it to heal but it never did. Finally, I looked in dd's mouth and saw some white spots. I had it so bad that I took Diflucan to treat it. Dd had to be treated too, also with Diflucan. We had a milder case later on that I treated with homemade thrush oil. It is 2 TBS olive oil and 8 drops each tea tree and lavender essential oils. Rub it on nipples and in babies mouth several times/day. I also started taking an acidolphilus supplement. You should definately try to find out if it is thrush though, and if you don't mind prescription drugs, Diflucan offers almost immediate relief. Even if your babe doesn't have any symptoms you should both be treated for thrush. Good luck and take care!
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This article on the Mothering site is a super thrush remedy. I always think I've been bitten when I'm getting thrush or even just when I've got a bleb! And remember that you don't have to have white spots on your or babe's mouth to have thrush.

At any rate, there were some remarks in another recent post from a mother having nipple pain and asking about healing. I think the consensus was that it takes at least a week to heal up a nipple.

Hang in there!
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If it is bite marks (and not thrush) you can use polysporin on it. It is an antibiotic ointment that is safe to ingest. But if it is thrush it won't help, and will probably make it worse.
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Thanks for all your advice and kind words. Sounds like it is thrush. I had that a while back back, BT (before teeth) and it was much milder. I was able to treat it with vinegar.

I tried the antibiotic cream earlier this week to no avail. A vinegar bath helped some, hot compresses helped some, tea tree and olive oil (I don't have lavender) helped a little and I'm trying the acidophalus (sp?) as well. I finally realized I could call in to my doctors call-in #.The doctor I got thinks it's an infection with thrush as a possible secondary and thinks I'll be on antibiotics Monday. I hope not. That seems just plain redundant, but almost-instant-relief would be pretty great about now. She suggested I try Clotrimazole, which I am doing tho with caution and desparation as per the article. (What a lot of info, thanks for the link!)

Peter is being a sport about not getting much nursing time right, but he gets very upset when he sees the pump. (Which also isn't working really anymore.) I'm worried about my supply.

Thank you all again
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Umm -- I don't get it. Wouldn't antibiotics make a yeast infection worse?
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Well yeah, that's why I don't want to take them. We all have a cold and apparently that's a sign of infection and that (and the fact that Peter doesn't have white spots in his mouth) is why the doctor doesn't really think that we have thrush. Sigh.

If I actually have an infection as well as thrush then immediate relief would be tempting even tho the end result would be a greater likelihood of reoccurence. ( Plus a bunch of nasty side effects for me as I don't do anti biotics well....)

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If you rule out thrush - you can clean the cuts well and put on some polysporin. I then cut a piece of bandaid off and put it over the cut - especially at night when nursing is very often over here and a little less carefully done - since we're both sort of half asleep

If I cover the cut for a day or two it gets better, if not Jakob keeps opening them up again.

I guess that if it is thrush and cuts at the same time, you could just clean and cover the cuts. Although, when I had thrush, I kept the entire breast as exposed to air as possible .

I hope that helps a bit - I've struggled through both thrush and frequent cuts, so I can empathize. Can you get a lactation consultant or someone to check you out to see if you have thrush? You certainly don't want to put polysporin on your breasts if thrush is a concern.
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Hi thanks jakobsmom, I think it's thrush and something else. I took diflucan and used anti yeast creams and those have definitely helped. The redness, swelling and a lot of the pain have gone, but the instant I stop, it starts back up again. The open cut like parts are pussy and not healing reagardless of what I do, tho not getting worse. There are also several pimple like pussy areas that were getting bigger until I got the diflucan, so I'm not sure if I was bitten at all. The NP at my obgyn office took cultures on wednesday, but they won't come back until Monday. They don't know if it's bacterial, viral or fungal. Peter had a nasty sore throat and perhaps I got what he had. In the mean time I am experimenting with sample creams they had which are somewhat helpful, but so far not completely curing anything.

I am pretty glum. Right now tho poor Peter is getting about 20 seconds of nursing a day on only one side because that is all I can stand. I tried a band aid early on and it really did feel much better, but it was heck getting it off. I was thinking I should try genetian violet, but am not sure where to get that.

I can't understand how I could have gotton something that is so dificult to heal. And the doc office is so laissez faire about this. I had to talk them into giving me samples, they were just going to take the cultures and send me home to fend for myself for the next 5 days. You can call Monday if you want the results they said. They don't know anything about nursing and the creams. I obviously went to the wrong place. I should have gone to my regular doc, who I will call tomorrow. Maybe she will have some ideas.
-Down in the dumps
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Natcat, I am so sorry you are going through all this

Thrush is really hard to heal, and nothing is more difficult than somthing coming between you and your baby. I think some doctors and nurses may be too relaxed about the whole thing becasue they've never experienced the pain!! I also found that people were that way about nursing problems because they figured you could just stop and the problems would go away. Isn't that the most horrible, ignorant thing!!!

Gentian Violet is supposed to be a great treatment for thrush, although it wasn't especially helpful for us. We called a drug store and they ordered it in for us in a few hours. I can give you my regiment fro thrush - although I should warn you its a bit long. There are also a lot of helpful websites - check out Dr. Jack Newman's site.

Just email me if I can be of more help.

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Try this site under the thrush section

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