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What should I do about the lice problem? - Page 3

Poll Results: What should I do about the lice on DD and DS' heads?

Poll expired: Aug 28, 2006 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 0% (0)
    Adopt the lice
  • 1% (2)
    keep the lice as pets
  • 15% (16)
    shave DS and comb out DD
  • 9% (10)
    shave both their heads
  • 15% (16)
    continue to do what I've been doing- non toxic treatments, lots of linen washing, lots of combing
  • 23% (24)
    use prescription poison to kill the lice and nits
  • 1% (2)
    uses prescription poison to kill the kids so I don't have to worry about combing them out
  • 2% (3)
    treat their heads with nair
  • 7% (8)
    move myself into a padded room at the local hospital and let my mother deal with their hair
  • 3% (4)
    move with the kids to the moon and hope the move kills all the lice
  • 5% (6)
    move to the moon by myself
  • 5% (6)
    bribe the lice to move away
  • 6% (7)
    other- every poll needs an "other" right?
104 Total Votes  
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I would get the OTC stuff and kill the lice. I would consider shaving the boys head but only as a last resort. No way I would ever shave the girls tho or even cut it but that is just me.
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy
If you did dd today, leave her until Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Do ds tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday. You need both of them fully clean for two comb throughs before you can stop. Do you have enough sheets to not wash every day - bag them and freeze for 48 hours? Or just put them in the dryer for half an hour.

Get a waterproof pad for the mattresses (dollar store shower curtains will do) so that you don't have anything going into the matress itself.
Yes, I have enough extra sheets, but I have a tiny washing machine and limited storage space- if I'm going to change the sheets daily, It's actually easier to throw it all in the washing machine and pull it out clean than it is to trip over a plastic bag full of sheets for a few days. Putting things in the dryer without washing them first isn't much easier either.

I can't handle the smell of brand new vinyl, so dollar-store shower curtains are out. My Mom bought DS a vinyl "town" for his last birthday and it needed to air out for a few months before I could have it in the house without giving me a headache.
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Use that vinyl 'town' under ds's pillow! Trash bags will work too.

I'd do as Irish suggested, except, I'd do another comb-through after a week.
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I spray my DD hair everyday before school with "LICE GUARD" "head lice repellent spray". I found this when she was in 1st grade and lice was making it's way through the school. It smells good (like wild flowers). Of all the children that used it in her class, not one of them got infested. Plus, it kept 3others who had it before from getting reinfested.
It is safe and non-toxic! The bottle is a 1.01 oz/2 month supply (for one person) and is about $13.00 per bottle. You can get it at Rite Aid. I have not found it at any other store. There is a phone number on the bottle 1-888-994-8213, if you have a hard time finding it or have questions. I also have her take it to camp. We have had 3 years with no, "camp" lice.
You can also apply TTO to the scalp, behind the ears, and back of neck (at hair line). Lice don't like it. Also WASH hair with a TTO infused shampoo, always.
Good Luck
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Originally Posted by OdeToJoy
I got head lice from my neighbors child when I lived in England. I had them BAD.
I tried the chemical crap and almost ended up in the hospital because of it. I had a severe reaction to it (my then MIL was a nurse so I didn't end up in hospital).
The chemical crap didn't even work.

So, this is what I did: (in this order)

*Cut my hair short

*Mixed tea tree oil and olive oil together. Applied to my hair. Drenched my hair with it.

*Scooped out mayonaise and applied that on top of the olive oil.

*Wrapped my head in a bag (no, not my face. lol)

*Kept it on for 3 hours.

*Added tea tree oil to shampoo and shampood all that stuff out of my hair.

*Sprayed carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, bed, cusions with tea tree oil/water mix.

*Put pillows in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight.

*Washed sheets, clothing in hot water...with tea tree oil added.

Used a nit comb (got one at the chemist/pharmacy) and thoroughly combed my hair. Every stroke I did, I carefully wiped the comb off with tissue (which i flushed).

It took all afternoon but it WORKED completely.
Yikes, I didn't know that... erm, did we ever cuddle during that time? (just teasing)
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Originally Posted by Imogen
Yikes, I didn't know that... erm, did we ever cuddle during that time? (just teasing)
My dear, we never cuddled. LOL.
Oh, I got it from Lisa's son. She refused to treat his hair until I told her that I ended up getting it from him (I used to babysit for her quite often). I told her how to use the natural stuff and the next day she said "Wow, it worked".
Yeah, duh. She let that poor boy suffer with a massively itchy head for 2 months!!!!!
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Originally Posted by OdeToJoy
My dear, we never cuddled. LOL.
Oh, I got it from Lisa's son. She refused to treat his hair until I told her that I ended up getting it from him (I used to babysit for her quite often). I told her how to use the natural stuff and the next day she said "Wow, it worked".
Yeah, duh. She let that poor boy suffer with a massively itchy head for 2 months!!!!!
Sure we cuddled.. you cuddled me when Bradleeeeey broke my tender heart and reduced me to a slobbering, tearful wreck Bless ya !!!
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Aww....I did? How sweet of me!
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I broke down and bought a RobiComb 8 years ago, and still have it for safekeeping. My kids were coming back from visiting their father EVERY week w/ it, then daycare was not dealing w/ theirs. So, the comb cost about $30 back then, takes ONE double or triple A battery, and puts out a high frequency sound that stops when you get a critter and it electricutes it or something like that. No chemicals, but lots of combing through. I combed every day for a half hour for 2 weeks, and NEVER had another problem since. It got the adults first, then every hatch after. If you bag up all the stuffies into a black garbage bag and put it in the shed for a month, it's supposed to kill them off. Wash all bedding and carseat covers, and whatever else you can. The heat from the dryer will kill whatever may have lived through the wash. Lice HATE lavender oil and rosemary oil. Hope you can find a comb, as I got mine from the local smalltown pharmacy!
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my neighbors did foster care
they had some kids come in with lice

they were told to throw away pillows
wash EVERYTHING in hot water and IRON everything

good luck.
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We have lice now. The renter and her kids brought them home from their friends' house. I shaved ds1 and had her shave her boys, but I won't shave dd or myself and we both have them.

I used the nasty chemical stuff the first day we found them and it didn't work. Dd still had live lice the next day. Then Thursday I used the oil and comb from the Nit Kit at the health food store and we were ok Friday and Saturday. Now it's Sunday and dd and I both have them again. I've been washing the sheets and vacuuming the mattresses every day. I'm going to vacuum the couches and chairs when I get off the computer.
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Dd and I are hanging out with our hair up in ponytails coated in olive oil right now. It was so gross, I had one bug drip down my neck covered in olive oil. But it got it out. In about 15 more minutes, I am going to have dh comb out my hair and rinse it with vinegar, then wash it with Jason Tea Tree oil shampoo, then comb again. Then I'm going to do that to dd.

Edit: All right, I just had dh do the vinegar rinse to me and now he's combing out dd's hair and doing the vinegar for her. I'm going to let the vinegar sit 5-10 minutes and then get combed again.
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I'm in the same boat mama!

We had lice this winter and it was literally 2 months of hell. We tried everything (including chemicals) and nothing seemed to work. We finally resorted to leaving the house for a long weekend (I was so tired of laundry & vacuuming!) and serious, devoted nitpicking with lots of hotel tv watching.

I was so happy when they were gone and thought I would never have to deal with them again.


They came back about a month ago. I think the problem for us is that there is a neighbor family that we are also good friends with and we keep passing it back and forth. You know how it is, you go in spurts of getting on top of it & it seems to be getting better, but unfortunately we are not super coordinated with our friends. Ah well, at least we have people to comiserate with (and invite over!)

What really has been working for us this time has been mayo. DS did get a buzz-cut at his request, so it is just dd (and myself that get the treatment. The mayo is a miracle, but it has been more difficult to nit-pick because it has been summer and we are usually out and about.

I did get the Robi comb and it seemed to work for my hair, but not dd's (super curly).

Lice are so stressful and I really feel for you! Not only that, but it is so shaming. I always disclose we have lice to people if we are invited into their house, but not so much when we are just at the park or something. I mean, can there really be lice-etiquitte???

Also, what is your school's lice policy? We had such a hard time last winter because dd's school had a no-nit policy. I honestly thought I would need to be commited-- it was so stressful! This year it is a little better in that there can be no live lice () but they are a lot less draconian on the nit policies.

Good luck mama!

Oh, I will definitely be using TTO shampoo from now on!
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We've been using rosemary and lavendar oils in water in a spray bottle, and spraying everybody's heads at least twice a day. This is supposed to work by confusing the lice- they think your head is a flower garden, not a human head, so they don't try to feed on your scalp or lay any nits in your hair, and will starve to death if they can't find another host within the day.

I'm not sure about the school's nit policy, but I know that they have a no-lice policy. In fact, I volunteered to help check kids' heads on Wednesday (the day before school starts) since I've unfortunately become somewhat of a lice expert this summer!
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Okay this may sound more than a little bizzare but this is what I did with dd and myself. I got the Jason's Natural Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Mineral Gel (like natural Icy/Hot) and we combed it into our hair, left it in for 24 hours (its really kind of yucky) then used a good nit comb while it was still in. At night, we slept on clean sheets even with the stuff is on. Now it isn't the most comfortable thing to do but it worked great!
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Youve got so much advice here. We used to get them ALLLLL the time when my kids were in school. I used the chemicals once but it didnt work and I wouldnt use it again. I just used conditioner, loads of it on wet hair, and combed for hours. We also do vinegar rinses and that helps. I comb regularly with a nit comb. I would not use the poison tho. I have read some horrible stuff about them.
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Can I mix tea tree oil into regular shampoo?

We used to visit DH's Aunt a lot, but she got some foster kids a few months ago and has been fighting lice ever since. My head itches just thinking about going over there...
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