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Another student mama here! :

I've been going to school since fall 2001, and I've still got a loooong way to go. But I took a year off with DS, and then changed my major from biological engineering to nursing (eventually going to be a CNM).

I've been back since Aug 15, and this semester seems a lot more mellow than the spring was, thank goodness. But after a nice four-month summer break, it feels kinda good to be busy again!

(Now I need to take heed of my sig and get back to the chapter I was reading )
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I'm here still pluggin away at a nursing degree.
Seems I'm taking the 5 year path to a 2 year nursing degree.

God willing, I'll be an LPN in May and then bridge over and be an RN in May '08. Seems to be taking forever.
Tomorrow we are back at clinicals in the hospital and I'm getting really nervous. We are getting two patients each and will be giving as much care as we possibly can, except for narcotics. We've only had 4 clinicals days total and that was last semester. The most I did was give shots and meds, so tomorrow is really gonna be something......: I feel like I don't remember anything!

Anyhow, hope y'all have a great semester!
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Hi there. I'm in my senior year of a graphic design degree and TTC.

I too had financial aid frustration. We got married a year ago (after being together for 5 years) so my fafsa this year showed both mine and my husbands income. Unfortunately, he made just enough that the feds have pulled my pell and seog *sigh* Went from having 98% of my tuition covered to 20%. grr.

Anyway, classes started last week. And I have classes 4 nights a week until 6pm. I was wondering - are any of ya'll out there ttc? If so, how do you find the time? I'm somewhat tired after classes all day, and my dh doesnt get home till 6:30 or 7 and is tired. The last thing we seem to be interested in is TTC.
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I'm a Junior.
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Hi Mamas,
I'm a Sociology major and am finially a senior after going to school off and on since '91. This semester is my first back after having ds a year ago. I'm taking freshman Biology because I had transfer credits that didn't transfer : : and that is all this sem. I really miss my my major classes. I'm having a hard time getting excited over material that's already been covered in previous classes, though it will be good for the GPA. I look forward to chatting w/ you mamas if any of us can find the time
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Woo! I'm so excited to see so many mamas here on this thread!

Good luck to all of you with your semesters!
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Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom
Welcome to the fall thread!

I am almost 39 and returning to college after not being in school since 1988. I am going for my A.S. in Paralegal Studies. I may move on after that, but I am not sure. I am taking 3 online classes and 1 on-campus. It is an adjustment, that is for sure, being a mom, wife and a student. But, I think I can do it. I already have 15 hrs toward my 64 hrs required for the degree. I am hoping that I will graduate May 2008.
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Yet Another student mama here.

I started my first year of nursing school Monday. I took two years off when I got pregnant with DS2, after finishing all my prerequisites. I had to reapply to the program, and here I am.
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Do any of you work full time and take classes at the same time? I'm going to start in the spring but I work full time and have two small kids. I've been out of school for about 5 years now so this will be a big change for me. I was thinking about taking 2 or 3 classes to start off with, does this sound like too little? For those of you who woh, how many classes do you take? Even if you don't woh, how many classes do you take? The only people I know who take classes have no kids and a lot don't work either so I'm just trying to get a handle on the norm for moms. Thanks!
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things are pretty crazy here. ds is 14mths and going to daycare for the first time ever! it's been hard but he's getting into the swing of things and starting to really enjoy himself there. i'm also pg with #2 so that makes school a heck of a lot more interesting.
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muttix2-i used to work full time and go to shcool full time but that was before ds was born. it wore me real thin. if you work outside the home, i woudl suggest only taking 2 classes at a time. i'm doing 4 but i don't work. even so, i still feel like i could use more time with ds. good luck mama!
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I'm back after doing some research. I am just *itching* to go back to school, and I really feel like this would be a good time in my life to do it.
I am thinking about getting my MPA (master of public administration) since I know that I want to do something involving fair trade, organic food, safe water, and try to live internationally at some point. The two concentrations I am considering for the MPA are international and the other is non-profit.
Has anyone heard anything about Walden University? I can do my whole program there in 27 months, and it's about $25,000.
I am thinking online, because I just don't have enough childcare help for work AND school. I need the flexibility also.
Any thoughts you all can give me would be MUCH appreciated!!!


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I'm still only a sophomore after five years at a community college *sigh*. I've been taking one class at a time. Now that I'm only going to school, I'm taking 14 units all online. I'm hoping to finally get the ball rolling. I'd like to finish college before my children do!!

It's nice to see so many other mamas doing the school thing! I'm hoping to get my masters in education, so I'm excited to see so many other women going for their masters as well.

I started my fall semester August 14, so I'm a few weeks in and already looking at my first week of tests.:

Looking forward to talking and spending the semester together!!
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You mamas inspire me!!! I cannot believe how busy you must be and how little sleep you must get!!
I remember how busy I felt before when I was working and going to school without a child...Looking back I guess I had it easy.

Ok, another school I am wondering about: Indiana State University. Anyone know anything about their online program, or again, Walden's online program?

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I'd be interested in the recommendations for online schooling also. Its hard to figure out the real ones from the scam ones. I'm going to community college at first because I have yet to see a good rival price (just over $100 a class!), so I'm going to take all my basics there. But after that I need to find a good, not-scam college that offers distance learning.

anabellee, thanks for the response. I was wavering on 3, I've decided to start off at 2 and see how that works in
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just a FYI for mamas who are buying books: check out half.com and amazon.com's used books section. i buy all my books there, keep them in good condition and then re-sell them (usually at a higher price!) after the class is over. i've saved a LOT of money this way.
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mahinas_mommy and muttix - I can give a referral for Brenau University's online college. I dont know about the price (I'm enrolled in the in class side of the university) but I do know that they're really putting alot of money into their online college right now. From what I've heard, the courses are pretty good.
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Our Fall Classes do not start till the 18th. Our boys are starting school on the 6th though. I will have all my spare time to study and spend with my 3yos. We are looking forward to spoiling him crazy. My oldest is excited to go back to school after being homeschooled for the past few years.

I went ahead and bought a few of my books for my Cultural Anthropology Class so I can get ahead. We read a lot for her classes, but I love it!

I am a Sophomore at a Community College. I am majoring in at least English..not sure what else. My plans are to be a College English Professor or Librarian.
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hey sandybeachbums! I am a washington community college student as well,AND I am taking Cult Anthro as well. And I have three boys. And I have considered library science. EERIE!!
Anyway, hi everyone. I am starting my sophmore year. We have two weeks left before it starts. I really wish I would have taken a class this summer because I am going nuts. I will be taking everything online. I am signed up for three classes (full time) but I am going to add a fourth (more than full time), in addition to homeschooling my boys.
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Hey there,
I start classes in the morning. Tonight dd was almost in tears over me going to school. She is fine when I go to the grocery store, or running, etc... but not with school. She had some rough years with me in school. She is with dh and grandparents, but still, to have me off limits for even a few hours everyday is so hard for her.

Hopefully tomorrow will be ok, send us your positive thoughts. I am taking 5 classes this semester, the most I have ever taken. I think I may have been crazy when I registered. Time will tell. I think I will know if I can do it when I get my course outlines tomorrow and wed.

Nice to chat with you all again. I am going to bed because the morning will be crazy.
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