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No time for me! Much less crafting :crying

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I guess I am torn in my priorities... I got a sewing machine for christmas, I have a stack of books I want to read, and I have a pile of photos that need to be scrapbooked/put away...but I can't seem to find time for this stuff and I miss it!! Its not that I never get any "me" time...but I usually use it to take care of more immeadiate and breif me needs...like a nice hot bath and a magazine for 45 minutes (bliss) or a cup of tea and a personal phone call, or a hour long walk/run with the dd (dear dog).

I work about 35 to 40 hours per week but I bring DS (18 months) with me, so it am seldom not "on mom patrol". I do spend time away from him while DH is on duty, but I never seem to have the time it would take to take on a project like...making a quilt (i can't wait!), creating a scrapbook for gramma, writing a short story. I just miss the creative side of me. But being a mama comes first...but where is the line where I lose myself?

I guess I just get crabby because I feel like DH gets time for himself and he just spends it watching football games and taking naps...but maybe I am projecting a certain shrewing jealousy that when he takes a nap he is not interupted by nursing requests.

So...whats my question...I dunno....when can I plan to learn to knit or write the great american novel...why am I wasting perfectly good me time on line? You see my dilemna now?
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This could of been written by me!!
I alway try to remember :
1. The mess will be there tomorrow
2.If the family does not like the Mess tell them to do something about it!
3. Friends come to see ME not my House...
4. My house is lived in .

I am always trying tomake time for myself ..often friends
will come over so we both can do a project together..kids hang out and play ,I read ,write, do what ever while nursing,and remenber this shall pass!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the commisseration! I guess I will just trust that far too soon he will be a big boy who doesn't require my constant supervision and I will have time again for big projects.
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Just a little food for thought!
Just remember when you child is young you stay up most of the night waiting for them to GO back to sleep ......Fast forward to the teen years you are still up late at night WAITING for them to Come Home and go to SLEEP.....You will never get any sleep but a least then you can catch up on your quilting!!!!
Have a great WEEK
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