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What does his room number have to do with anything?

Too f&*king freaked out to bite my tongue.


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I know it sounds rediculous and superstitious, and I'm sure it means nothing at all, but 911 is the number that Americans associate with serious emergencies because it's what we dial to summon police/ambulance etc. And 9/11 is, of course a date that has unfortunate associations.

I'm sorry, I'm just feeling really, really freaked out and unhappy about the war and terrorism, and my country going to hell in a handbasket and now this. I think I'll just stay away from the computer for a while.
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I know the associations with 911. I'm freaked and kranky. I'll try and stay away from the computer, too. Let's go hug our kids!
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Well I personally think everyone is over reacting. I had to go to the drs. today with three kids, and they made everyone wash their hands with that antispectic stuff, and wear those stupid masks, that don't work anyway!!!
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I am worried because we will be flying to puerto vallarta mexico this weekend for vacation -- I am worried about the airplane-germs-recycled air etc. I read that the germs can last 2-3 hours between person to person.....so if someone on plane with us or before us has it or is carrying it.........sneezed on something that one of us touch then rub eye or mouth......Some people are travelling from Toronto to PV and they posted on another site that they are thinking of wearing surgical masks!!!It makes me nervous! And mostly for our children-- 6 months & 3 years old.
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IrishMommy - why do you say the masks don't work? My husband heard this, too, but I haven't seen anything about it on the news or in the papers. And the head of Toronto Public Health said on the news last night that their measures (masks, gowns, washing hands, etc.) in the hospitals are working.
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Anyone ever read The Stand by Stephen King? I just keep thinking of this book(which I haven't read in years) while this is going on.
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My dad was taken to the ER yesterday for blood clots in his legs and lungs. Anyway, when I took the baby up to visit him I walked right past three people with masks on. I almost passed out. Then the nurse came in and told me to leave b/c those people had just gotten off the plane from Hong Kong. I'm horrified. I'm so paranoid about any coldlike/flu like symptoms now. This was just yesterday so we have a couple of weeks until I feel like we're safe.
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ekblad - I don't know where you are located but I am sure the hospital is taking all the appropriate precautions. So far this virus has only spread through close contact.

Lovingmommyto3 - I read The Stand so many years ago I'd forgotten about it. I loved it at the time but don't think I could handle it now. The book I keep thinking about it lately is Blindness by Jose Saramago, a novel about another epidemic. It was so depressing I couldn't finish it but very well written.
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Liz, there was an article about it in either the Toronto Star or the Hamilton Spectator this week. Apparently if they are not sealed at the side, the air and germs just come out there. Also, when I was at the doctor's, the receptionist had one on, but she didn't even cover her nose with it. Therefore totally useless.

And they expected the adult one to fit my two year old. :
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Irishmommy - I haven't been able to find anything about it in the Star or the Spectator. I found something in the London Times but it said they were 95% effective if used properly. They do have to be changed frequently and you have to wash your hands before and after removal. It is unfortunate that they do not have other sizes but these masks were designed for surgeons not the general public, so I think it is an understandable oversight. I don't think they are "useless". The spread of this virus would be much more devastating if they were in fact useless.
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I just wanted to say that I've been checking on evening and nightly news, and they have been reporting on the SARS status every night. I live in Rochester, just 60 miles from Buffalo. People here go to Toronto all the time. Although I hadn't heard of the 911 thing.

So our local news stations have been covering it probably within 24 hours after it started in Toronto--before it even had a name several days ago.

I don't get the paper any more, but the TV news has had it.

I'm getting sick of having to edit the news that my children watch though--I turn it off a lot ! ...

Have to go make dinner.
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There was a segment on The Current this morning about the masks saying that they were less than effective.

Did any other CBC listeners hear the interview with Patient #3, the woman who lost her mother and brother to SARS? It was heartbreaking.
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