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No energy...

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Well my crazy denning urges have been overcome with my energy loss.... (I can't remember who called it denning, but fantastic description!) I mean I didn't have much before, but now all I wanna do is nap - I think someone else posted about a simmilar problem way back. For example I've been procrastinating hanging out the washing for about 5 hours now..! Because the thought of going and getting it all out of the washing machine, dragging it all out to the cothes line, bending down to pick each piece up and hang it up, then drag myself all the way back inside literally make me want to cry...! And normally I LOVE hanging out the washing! I want my energy back I had a nap for about 2 and a half hours already but I wanna go for another one..! Theres sooo many things I have to do.... Including put babies cot up!!!!!!!!!! What if she comes and her cots not up?!!?!?! Anyone else lost ALL energy to do ANYTHING?? (See coming onto MDC requires not much energy cos I can sit on the couch with my laptop........ Is it normal?!?! Any ideas how to get some energy back.... If its even possible????
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It better be normal, because I am right there with ya.

I'm still working full time, and I work nights, so I HAVE to nap before coming in every afternoon. I get up at my regular-ish time, putter around the house, play on the computer, have breakfast and lunch, then nap for at least an hour each day before coming into work. And I go straight to bed when I get home. It's exhausting!
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: It sounds exhausting! I have no excuse though! I don't work anymore!!
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I'm there too. Just exhausted. The last two nights have been lots of uncomfortable contractions, cramping, pressure, and nausea but then I finally fall asleep and wake up with no progress. I wish my body would decide what it's doing and either go for it or not!!!

So my days this week (39 weeks on Wednesday) have turned into wake up, eat, nap for an hour, on the computer for a couple of hours, eat, nap again . . . I'm gald I stopped working on Monday!
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Originally Posted by gulatigirl
So my days this week (39 weeks on Wednesday) have turned into wake up, eat, nap for an hour, on the computer for a couple of hours, eat, nap again
laughup That is SOOOO me right now!!! I am trying hard to plan some activities for the rest of the week so DS doesn't spend all week in front of the TV, just becuse his mama is too lazy to do anything :
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Day napping becomes more and more appealing by the day, although after my post on having NO energy anymore I have started to freak clean EVERYTHING again... I spent from 3:30pm to 8pm yesterday doing 4 loads of laundry and hanging them out, cleaning the entire bathroom and the entire kitchen (Including the cupboards and fridge) and washing just about every dish I own.... And today I got in my 4 loads of washing and folded them all, did another 2 loads and hung them out, and cleaned all the walls and windowsill bits in the bedroom (One whole wall consists of windows devided into small sections so theres LOTS of sill bits) and half of another wall.... And tomorrow I have to finish organising the room.... I have no idea whats going on, I'm exhausted but I HAVE to clean this all up.... I think I'm just worried baby will come before I've done it.... It's at least helping me sleep a bit better at night which I guess is something!
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At my last appointment we actually found out that I'm anemic...maybe you should get checked,too. I didn't feel generally fatigued, but was napping ALL THE TIME...well, still am, seems like the supplements need a while...
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I had my midwife visit today and I had blood tests done last week so she had my results and my iron levels were ok So who knows.... Have continued my freaky clean thing... Washed the curtains today cos they had mould on them (I live in a rental house and moved in not too long ago....) and they fell to peices because they were that bad so I'll be ringing the landlord tomorrow.... Put up babies cot today too... I just have to pace myself cos if I don't apparantly I could make myself go into early labour :
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