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If anyone wants to see, my brother and my girls...

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My brother and my girls

I posted this a couple days ago in my ddc,m but now I'm feeling like i need to post it here. Thanks for looking.

I know I should really post this in grief and loss, but I just feel close to you ladies and wanna share it here. I understand if it needs to be moved. I just wanted my online friend to see my brother and my girls. There's a lot to mourn here. A mother lost her son(the biggest tragedy), a wife lost her dh, 3 small kids lost their daddy, 3 girls and a boy lost their brother and so on. But today, I'm thinking of my girls and what they've lost. They've lost even knowing what they've lost. He was the awesomest uncle. They would have loved him. He was covered in tattoes and intimidating to many people. He got some of the most unkind looks. But he had the biggest heart of gold. They'll never know how silly he is or fun, how great he was. A lot of the kids are afraid of him at first. Then grow to love him. My oldest didn't like very many people when she was small and he was no exception. The pic of her at Easter shows that. She was freaked out, but had just started to not cry when he was holding her. Recently, she decided she liked him. I don't have many pics of him with them. He was also on the move. It makes me sad that I didn't think it more important to get pics with him. I though there'd be time. He met my new baby girl 2 times. Held her just once for a minute so I could get a pic. SHe was hungry and fussy. But I knew he'd be off running around somewhere and I'd miss my chance so I took the pic. I'm so grateful I did. That day we were having a cook-out with my parents and he snuck out for 30 minutes to go home and mow his lawn. He's so silly. I've dreamed my whole life of these girls and I'm so glad he got to see them both. Mattie was only 5 weeks when we lost him. You can tell in the pics he was so proud to be their uncle. This is just so sad. Thanks for reading this.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, and for the loss of all involved.

He looks so sweet and loving with your girls. I'm glad that he got to meet them, and I'm glad you have at least these pictures of them together.
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His smile is so warm and wonderful. Thank you for sharing him with us.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. Those are beautiful pictures.
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I love that last picture of him with Mattie. It would look beautiful in a dark frame somewhere.
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, mama. so sorry for your loss.
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The pictures are very sweet.
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what wonderful photos....
I'm sad for you today :
your children will know his spirit... celebrate his memory with them
wishing you strength and grace...
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beautiful photos. His smile seems contagious in them! I love the fourth one.
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I am so sorry your brother died.

He looks so loving.

hugs to your whole family and I'm glad you took that picture.
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i am so sorry for your loss mama
he looks so happy holding mattie and emma.
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I am so sorry for your loss..... everyones loss. his poor children and wife.
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to you mama. Sorry for your loss.
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