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Morning Sickness Fading?

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I'm almost eight weeks along now. Weeks six through seven I had nearly all-day nausea but the past two or three days, it has let up significantly. I still feel a bit queasy now and then but it is nothing like it was. I'm actually glad for a break but am now worrying if it is a bad sign. Of course, the nausea seems to be replaced now and then with this funky metal taste in my mouth.

Anyone else have this happen? I wondering if maybe my body could just be adjusting to the hormones.
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My first two pregnancies I had m/s for 1-2 weeks. Both were fine. Now if only this one was like that....
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I am 9w4d and have little m/s or nausea anymore. I just get an upset tummy a LOT and tons of other aches, pains, and weird feelings

Oh and heartburn:
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Every pregnancy truly is different. My first I was sick I swear from conception to birth around the clock. Second pregnancy I was sick the first week or two then no more. This time I am only starting to get sick now that I'm 6 weeks, and its oddly always in the afternoon.
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i'm experiencing almost exactly the same!

first time around i had m/s from about 6.5 weeks to 12, lingering a bit until 14. this time it was not fun from 6-7 weeks, and then it's been very very mild since then. i'm almost 8 weeks. i'm glad i have just the tiny bit - that's been reassuring!
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i had ms from week 5-7, then had a couple great days,thought it was fading, and now i'm 8w5d and have been worse the past 3 days, even throwing up, which i never did before....hope your good feelings last and i'm looking fwdt omore of the same
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After vomiting last week, I'm much better yesterday and today. It makes me nervous. I was thinking about telling my mom for her birthday this weekend, but then I don't want to tell her after I m'c and blow all that excitement for her.
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lucky! mine's getting worse, grrrr!
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ok, knock on wood, but i've felt good all day!
my 'all-day sickness' started at 5.5 weeks and i'm about 9.5 weeks now.
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Yesterday I was finally able to eat more than I have been eating, but today I haven't been able to stomach anything. I was so hoping yesterday I was getting better Ah well, at least I am not puking like I did with DS--I lost almost 30 lbs and it didn't go away until almost 16 weeks!
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yep, at 9 weeks mine is fading a bit, too. i don't puke, so feel sort of silly complaining about it, but if i don't eat something pretty much every hour i feel really nauseated and off. it mostly hits me in the evening. last night i still had to go to bed at 8:30 (and then get up an hour later to eat two eggs, ha), but it wasn't quite as intense as it has been. i look forward to being able to accomplish something after my toddler goes to bed!!

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