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Craft Circle

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With the statement of purpose is it still possible to have another craft circle?
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I was not involved in the first craft circle....was there a problem with it? Fill me in so I can help you out!
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I have been a part of each craft circle, and it is sad that someone always seems to get left out.
If 15 people reply, usually only one gets forgotten, of course that is very hard to stomach if you are the "one".

I love the craft circle, but I am even hesitant to do one here.

Is there some way we could make it "safer"

Maybe if we let people post what it is they craft, with their email address, then someone can contact them and they can decide if they want to swap with that person on a one on one basis?

Or we can just live a little and go for craft cirlce number one at the new mothering? What do you think?
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Why does someone get left out? is it b/c of an odd number participating or is it b/c someone is not in charge to see that it is done fairly. How did you guys pick who would switch with who? LaLa, fill me in on how they were done.
I think we should just go for it!!!!
Do i recall Cynthia mentioning something about a forum created for this purpose or was i dreaming?
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I was one of the "left out" ones from #3 or 4 (i can't remember) It happens when someone doesn't ever send their craft. I was late in sending mine and if we do it again i would be early bc i have alot of dolls made and fall/ winter is my favorite craftin time.

soooo... i would love to have another circle or trade outright. It Maybe we should just take a chance.
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I was in a craft circle here and the person who was supposed to send me something was unable to do so. She let the person sending to her know the problem, and that person sent something to me. I know that has happened a few times..."closing the circle."
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i lost the info on the person i was to send my stuff too in the first swap, and it took me almost six months to get back in touch with her, after posting and posting and posting. I felt so bad i never took part in any of the other swaps, but i'd like to get involved again!!!
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You can join the current craft circle...go to jumping into a craft swap (under Personal Growth), LaLa is organizing this one...
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