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moronic doctor

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Rachel is nine weeks old. All day she has been vomiting a little after she eats. Well, since about 9 PM she has been projectile vomiting everything that I put into her.
I try to call her pediatrician's office(they have an answering service that calls an after hours nurse line which then calls you back). I try this place for about 45 minutes. Finally, I get fed up and call the hospital and ask for the number to another pediatrician in town(that I swore none of my children would ever go to). I figure these people can tell me if this is life threatening or can wait till morning. I call and wake the ped up. I tell him the story. He asks any diarrhea, any fever. No. What milk is she on? I tell him she is strictly breastfed. He tells me to get some Enfamil and feed her till morning I say WHAT??? I told you she is strictly breastfed. He says that it is probably a sensitivity to my milk.
Can you believe that there are mothers who actually take their children to this man?
Just had to vent. BTW I didn't give her the Enfamil and I still haven't reached our pediatrician yet.
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So sorry!!!!!

That dude needs to get his head out of all the Enfamil "educational materials" sent to his office and take a course in human lactation.

I'd be writing letters..............

Hugs for you and your poor baby and all the other poor moms and babies who have to go to him.........
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OMG!! He needs to go back to school - quick.

I hope your little Rachel is doing better now - sounds like a nasty stomach bug or something - that has been going around all over the country, it seems...

That doctor really has no clue. None - there is nothing else I can say except as an aside - if a baby does have allergies to something in mama's milk it is not wise to give Enfamil anyway!!
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frickin' moron. that man is a menace to babies. i would consider writing a letter to the licensing board....i mean, all of a sudden she develops vomiting after weeks of breastfeeding and he doesn't think virus? bacteria? but milk sensitivity, so let's feed formula?

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It makes me so sad that there are doctors like this. Luckily you knew better, but what if you were a first time mom with no bf support? You would listen to your doctor thinking he knows best. You would think that your milk is not best and formula is superior.
T We are having a problem in society where so many educators, and doctors are not promoting bf well enough. WIC is another example where they tell you breast is best but if you can't bf it's ok your child can get just as good nutrition from formula. I know this first hand. When I went to WIC they told me it was so good that I bf but if I choose to stop or can't continue it is ok. Just call and they will change my package to include formula. In my opinion they should have said if you start having problems please don't give up. Here is the phone number to your local LLL and here is another to our lactation consultant. We are here for you. Your milk is far superior to formula. We will support you....Sorry I know a little off topic but I had to get that rant off my chest.
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How is your baby doing now? 9 weeks is so young to be going through that.
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I took her to HER pediatrician on Sunday. I told the ped that I tried and tried and their answering service never picked up. She didn't think much about it until I told her that I called her competitor because, I couldn't get any help from her office. She was shocked to say the least. She went straight to the front and told the office manager what happened and told them to have a talk with the answering service. She also kind of laughed and said "you didn't follow his advice....right?" I said no.
As far as Rachel goes she had lost three ounces in two weeks. So the ped sent her to Childrens Hospital in Knoxville for some tests. She was admitted and had an ultrasound and an upper GI on Monday to make sure some muscle in her stomach hadn't grown shut. Then they started treating her with Zantac(which isn't working)for suspected reflux. We have to go back next Wednesday for a weight check.
Just a rave review for Children's Hospital. They don't normally provide parents with meals but, they overfed me while I was there because I was nursing. On Sunday night when we finally got into the room they brought me a sandwich, soup, crackers, peanut butter, gatorade. And, then asked if I needed anything else. Then they told me to order anything off the menu that I wanted for the three days we were there. On Monday morning she couldn't nurse after 4 AM until 10 AM so, they brought me a hospital grade pump so that I could pump. They even put us in a private room because we were nursing. I was so impressed with the doctors there. They couldn't believe that we were still exclusively nursing. They kept saying great good for you. We ended up staying three days until they could get her weight back up with IV fluids. I think she may have lost again though. She is still vomiting alot. They have also cut my dairy to see if she is lactose intolerant like her four year old brother.

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Hugs to you. It must be stressful and scary for everybody. I hope you find out what the allergen or problem is soon, or that she just gets over it on her own.
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Thanks for the update! That's great about Children's Hospital being so nursing friendly, although I'm sorry your dd had to go through that at all - how stressful!

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