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Let's Talk motivated Moms

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It's a neat checklist system for keeping the house clean. www.motivatedmoms.com 4$ for the rest of the year. I have been doing it for a couple of days and my house looks pretty good. I am hoping it will take less time as I do it longer. For example, the shower and bath took a while to clean today because they were kinda gross but next week that should take less time. I am just now trying to figure out a routine, since I have 3 kids and homeschool. When to do this stuff? In the morning before anything else? When do you guys do it?
Also, something I have been doing is circle certain items that would be better for the weekend when DH is home and can do them. Then he knows what his jobs are I feel like a little more on the weekend would work better for us, so I am tweaking it that way.
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I just started over the weekend. It is really great so far. I am sort of taking the week and picking and choosing and trying to get it all done by the end. My dh likes it to as he is a list person. I try to get some done in the morning when things are kind of calm here and then a bit more when dh is home and playing with the kids and a bit more once everyone is in bed. I really like following a list that I didn't have to come up with for some reason that makes it easier. I am looking forward to hearing from moms that have been doing it a while. Thanks for starting this thread.
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well, I didn't get around to doing the freezer yesterday, but I circled it and hope to get it done this weekend when DH is home. I am cleaning my microwave as we speak. I put a pyrex dish filled with water and a spoonful of vinegar (acts as a disinfectant) then set for 5 min on kigh. Then I leave it in there door shut for 20 min or so. By then all the gunk is softened and wipes right off. I am really liking the system so far.
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this is a great affordable resource! Thanks for sharing it. I downloaded it and will give it a try. Of course, I have to supply the self-discipline!!

We are also a homeschooling family and I work pt (about 10 hours a week) and I've been needing to sort my chores in a balanced way like this. We have a pretty small house (though 4 small bedrooms upstairs make a lot of dusty corners / under-radiator spiders!) so I really need some kind of balanced system.

first thing in the morning seems like a sane answer to me. When I start my day right like that the whole thing seems to go better.

will check in soon!
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I have used the Motivated Moms list for a couple months and it has helped a lot. For some reason, as another person posted, it's easier to follow a list that someone else came up with. I'm kind of puzzled as to why...I've made my own lists before, but for some reason their list works for me. I do change a few things here and there, and don't always do everything. Several of my friends do fly lady and I know that's worked for a lot of people. But I like a simple list, and it's easy to follow on auto-pilot.
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I really like it also. Granted since I've been in the 3rd trimester I haven't gotten much done but having a list of things is a big help. I do get some of it done even if I can't bend over to clean the tubs and showers and such.

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I have been on Motivated Moms since SUnday and the house already looks so much better! I like how she has you do "spring cleaning" type activities. For example yesterday I dusted the ceiling fan in our Master BR. I never do that unless I am spring cleaning. This am I swept the front porch. I have done 1-2 loads of laundry every day and now my husband is griping that he doesn't have room for all the clean clothes. I told him it must be time for a purge- that shut him up real quick! haha!
I no longer go into a panic when I have a visitor, my sis and my ILs came over this week and the house looked great!
Way to go Motivated Moms!!
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I love, love, love motivated moms. This system has turned my daily routines and my house around! I can't believe how easy it is to keep the house clean now. Really. I do a lot of the chores either while my DS naps or in the evenings. It has worked perfectly while I've been a SAHM but on Tuesday I go back to work, we'll see how the system works for us then.
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