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Stuffy nose, gas and teething?

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: My poor little guy is falling apart. 5 months old and has had a stuffed up nose for about 3 days now (not so bad he can't breath or nurse, but I know it's bugging him). He's been waking up a lot at night screaming, then lets out a huge fart, and is fine. Also, I can feel a tooth up there, not through the skin yet...but on it's way.

Could all of this be tied together? I feel so bad for him, and don't feel like there is much I can do but wait it out with him. I've been giving him Hyland's tabs in the evening, but that doesn't do much...so I'm not sure if his teeth are really bugging him.

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We seem to be in the same boat here! Runny nose, lots of gas. We were up five times last night and naps have flown out the window. Sending support vibes your way and will be watching for any advice. Also he has been nursing like a fiend!
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Could your little one be sensitive to the dairy in your diet?? Some people get cold-like symptoms from cow's milk allergies. The other thing that made me think of this was the painful gas, which my 12mo experiences if he ingests cow's milk. It could be this or it could be coincidence. If it continues, for say more than two weeks, I would eliminate dairy and see if he improves. HTH!
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It could be any number of things. It very well could be teething, but you won't know for sure until the tooth pops through. If it's teething, you'll know because one night you will find it a miracle that you actually got sleep.

I believe your first instinct is probably right.
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I could have written this post myself. We are going through the same thing with our 3.5 month old DS. Pretty much exact same symptoms! I thought I would try some gripe water later today and see if that helps when he's in the crying gassy phase again. I did stop dairy as of Monday and I think it has already helped some. Maybe worth a try as a pp suggested. Good luck!
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Try Cocyntal by Boirons. This is a great homeopathic med that works practically instantaneous for gas and is not binding like Mylicon (yuck). Also, for teething try Camillas by Boirons. You can find them in a health food or natural type store. Good luck!!
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