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Many hugs to you. I am glad you are getting help. PPD sucks. I felt many of the things you did.
Did you look in your tribe section already? Might be able to get more help there.
The pp are right. 5 mins at a time. 2 mins if you have to.
I know that you said your non-baby friends can't do the kid thing, but would any of them cook for you (or something like that)?

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mama. I would offer to help out, but I'm probably not near you. I hope your disability comes through.
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How are you doing these days Mama?

I had someone direct me to your thread because you sound exactly like I did about 6 months ago. Our children's ages are nearly identical. It is SO hard. I can tell you that now that my twins are 6 months old and I have *demanded* help, I am doing much better.

I have the most loving husband, but he just didn't understand how hard it was. Once I lost it and ended up in the ER he (and myself and everyone else) realized how in over my head I was.

Take care of yourself and please feel free to PM if you think I can help at all. MANY hugs to you.
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we've had a couple more breakdown moments but the help is finally coming and I think the meds are starting to work. Still having bad moments but there are good ones too.

i'm having a wonderful moment right now. I have one twin sleeping in a bouncy seat, one twin sleeping on my lap. DD is sleeping leaning against me with the sleeping chihuahua on her lap the other dog is sleeping on the back of the couch.

mil is coming over to watch all the kids so dh and I can go out and get him some pants. I have someone coming over during the day for the rest of the week

We've been getting meals now too. Thats made such a huge diffrence. My therapist has actually been bringing us the most food. She's wonderful she's dropped of dinner a couple of times, enough food for 3-4 meals for all of us

Camellia I've had a few moments where the er probably would have been the best pkace for me
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I'm so glad you are getting the help you need! I also *love* the mental picture of all those sleeping critters

I just realized that in my last post I said my twins are 6 months old. They are actually almost 10 months, and what I meant to say was that its so much easier once they reach 6 months old!

Anyway, again, I'm so glad things are better. Hang in there!

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I just saw this thread or I would have responded sooner.

I'm SOOOO glad you're getting the help you need and that the meds have been effective for you.

I had severe ppd after the birth of my twins too, and am now being treated for PTSD additionally.

Continue to get what you need so that you can get better
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Hey Momma--

I have twins (who were born at 34 weeks also ) and a 7 month old, they are 22 months apart. Bless yoru heart and if i wasn't so flat broke i would fly my butt up there and help you. Because i have been there, i know how incredibly hard it is..
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Azreial - I live about an hour from you - I think. I'm in NH, but DH says we're about an hour from Gloucester. I'm leaving tomorrow to go visit my mom in VT but I will be home next Wednesday. PM me, and I'll give you my number - I can come help you if you want/need it. Even if you just want to talk.
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posted in wrong spot, sorry.
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