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Should I be looking for/ concerned about anything?

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I posted this in Life with a Babe, but thought that maybe I would also get some good insigts here...

DD is almost 15 months. Let me first say that I have never really noticed anything usually described as a growth spurt (increased feeding and sleeping, etc) with her. Lately she has really increased the amount and # of times that she is breastfeeding. She has also reduced the amount of solids that she eats (which has never been a huge thing for her, but it is even less than it was). She had gotten to almost never taking the pacifer at home from me (of her own doing) and only taking it when we were out. Now, she is wanting it much more, or taking it I should say.

I am not really worried, per se, but just am wondering about this. Also, she normally is quite content to play in the morning by herself before I get up and only occasionally wanting to get back into bed to bf and then back to playing while I sleep some more (it is a beautiful thing ), but in the past few days she does not want to play by herself, and will lie in bed with me just to be there (even though she is awake and I am not).

In the back of my head I am wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that we just started to try ECing, which incidentally, has not been going all that well, or if it unrelated and just a phase.
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first of all...what is EC'ing?

Maybe I should not post until I know what that is...but my first thought when reading your post was that there might be some developmental stuff going on. I heard/read that sometimes solid food intake goes down when they are doing something new...emotionally or developmentally.

I recently read an article on tantrums saying that kids have tantrums when milestones are being reached...emotionally or motor skills. I know this isn't a tantrum...but maybe just the need to be close to you as she is starting to see and experience the world differently has something to do with it.

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ECing is elimination communication. We made a go of it, despite the fact that DD is much older than is normally recommended to try it. I thought that we were making some progress, but then she seem to be resistant and of course I didn't want to push it.

I do think we must be reaching some developmental milestone. She has been needier/clingier and is taking her pacifier much more, which she had almost ceased to use.
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