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nursing strike

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what is a nursing strike and how do you avoid it? If it happens, does that mean the baby is done nursing completely? or does it take a few days of trying and eventually the baby will start nursing again?

I just read the article from LLLs recent magazine about mother whose baby went on a nursing strike for 3 weeks, nursed once more, and that was it. nada. nothing. ugh! I was sooo sad! I want to be prepared to combat this incase it happens, so any advice on what to look for in advance would be great!!


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Depends on the baby's age in my opinion.

Can be caused by many things, illness, biting mom and mom yells and scares the baby (don't freak if this happens though we are only human!), baby gets too many bottles or pacifiers (or too early)

If an infant goes on strike they may have an ear infection or teething pain

and patience, tossing out the artificial nipples (if any) can help, nursing while child is sleepy, getting into bed with the child for a few days and cuddle/nurse, offer frequently but gently......

Check these websites and do a search for nursing strike
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I read that article too, Sue. I'm not sure why they printed it. Nursing strikes usually just last a day or 2, certainly less than a week. 3 week is very unusual. I bet that article will scare a lot of new moms.

One of mine had a strike for 1/2 day. She was 9 mos, she had bit me and I had yelled, and coincidentally, I had also let her try some cow's milk in a cup (don't now rec this for 9 mo's of course).

So she refused to nurse for the rest of the day, but in the middle of the night, she nursed and everything was back to normal.

If it goes more than 1/2 a day, pump as often as you would nurse to keep up supply. Offer that milk by cup or dropper, and keep trying to nurse, but don't force. Many moms are helped by walking around and offering while moving. Or what we did, offer when they are half asleep. Take a bath and offer in the tub.

This probably won't happen to you, so don't lose any sleep over it!
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