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Originally Posted by Mountaingirl3
I'm not sure whether I can post about my other reason due to the ban on religious discussion. Take this out if need be: (If I can't talk to our Jewish friends and family members directly, I don't think it's right to blindside them with a bumper sticker.)
There are still bumper stickers that wouldn't be offensive to those who circ for religious reasons. Something along the lines of "Circumcision is not medical care" isn't offensive at all!
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I don't have one on my car, and DH would never allow a sticker on that car! We have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid, this is both of our very first brand new car. I do have a yellow and pink magnet ribbon, but for about 6 months DH wouldn't allow those on there. I finally switched them off our old car when I took them to the car wash.

Not to mention that DH is not on board with no-circ. I have posted many times about that on here in the past. Could I put a magnet on the car? Yes I could. Is it worth a daily fight, causing damage to our marriage? No. I already didn't circ against his wishes, at this point I can't throw that in his face in the for of a car magnet. Maybe someday he will come around.

As a side note does anyone where of a place where I could have something made that I can sew onto my diaper bag? Like one of those cloth patches you can find at Hot Topic. I would love to do something like that.
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I don't put any stickers on my car, but I would put a magnet if you know of some where that makes those.
How about a vinal cling-on for the window with a no circ message?

I have 2 bumper stickers myself.
1. Today's parents say NO! to Circumcision
2. HIS body HIS rights
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I hadn't even thought of those until I saw someone else mention them. Yes, I would put one of those on my car too.
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I have a NO CIRC license plate frame and now the same bumper sticker Jen mentioned in her OP that is tapped to the inside back window (I don't want a sticker ON the paint).

When I first put the license plate frame up I thought eventually someone would do something to my car- but surprisingly its been on there for close to a year with no problems. In fact I have had complete strangers in parking lots ask me more about it. Thats why I keep a few pamphlets in my glove box!
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I got my bumper stickers at www.cafepress.com

But if you are interested in the window decals, they are a little more expensive at $10 each for custom-made. Go to CafePress to get some ideas for messages!

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Our Town

Originally Posted by pdx.mothernurture
RE: Concern about offending people who chose to circumcise one or more sons in the past...

I think we still have to increase awareness, but in a kind way. There are plenty of slogans that can be used for a bumpersticker that aren't unnecessarily harsh (Think, "Circumcision is child abuse!" "Circumcision mutilates babies!"). For instance, "Question Circumcision" or, "Today's parents say NO to circumcision.", or "Circumcision isn't recommended anymore." or, "The foreskin is not a birth defect."

I can't help but wonder, what 'hurts' more...offending someone with something gentle, but truthful...or the circumcision that happens because the parent didn't even realize they had a choice?


PS. I don't mean to be pushy, but I truly believe that circumcision is a practice that continues because it's not talked about enough, because we're worried about offending, how people will react, etc. Keeping it taboo keeps the truth about it a secret only those few extremely motivated parents that question and research everything learn about. This information needs to get out to the general public, to teens, to expectant parents, to grandparents, even to those who never plan on having children or having anymore children because WE ARE ALL IN THE POSITION TO INFLUENCE. Kwim?
I agree with you ALL THE WAY, Jen. What hurts is what happened to your family member's or friend's son! It's very true.

I'm a boomerang generation and moved back in w/ my parents temporarily and I got a bumper sticker for the car. My dad didn't want it because of embarrassment, though both my parents are very anti-circ. I taped it on the back w/ packing tape and said I'd only try it on for size and that it wasn't permanent. My dad said it would only be a matter of days before I put it on permanent..... and he was right!!! 2 days and it was on for good! My parents don't mind it at all and think it's a good message to send out to the London, Ontario region. We have been surprised at the LACK of response to it! NONE. No pro-comments. No anti-comments. None. My dad wondered what would happen if a Jewish or Muslim person read it and got offended enough to say something.

I got one cafepress that reads: Do Your Son A Favor. Leave Him WHOLE - Don't Circumcise! (aqua blue background, dark blue type w/ medium green type on "WHOLE" all caps)

On a different note... I cut out the word "CIRCUMCISION" in the Globe and Mail that was in an AIDS article that was recommending circ to control it and found the word "AGAINST" in the same paper (a war article); both large, same font size, put it together and covered in packing tape. I taped it ABOVE our front door for ANYONE to see who comes to our house! The size is large enough to read it a good 5 feet away. My parents must be either pretty easy going or devoted intactivist or (((both)))!!! I made a homemade magnet and placed it on the mailbox prior to this, but the rain got under the packing tape I used to attach it to the magnet and took it off. My dad asked what happened to my anti-circ magnet. I'm thinking BOTH (easy going and devout).
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My dh is adamantly against circ but would NEVER allow a bumper sticker on any of our cars. All of our license plate covers are for USC (we're huge fans and season ticket holders. Go Trojans!!)

But I'm sure I could do a window cling. I'll definately look into that. Thanks for the tip.
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I had my window cling custom made by www.naturalattachments.com they do shirts for bfing and lactavisim, childbirth and attachment parenting stuff but they were more than happy to do the cling for me in my words as long as it didnt violate any copy rights and the price was extremely reasonable. I got most of my bfing stickers there as well also for a great price. They have many different things including magnets, buttons and keychains, you can order. The t-shirts I got from them were high quality shirts and the logo was sewn on so it dosnt wear off.

Clings $2.50 each
Bumper stickers $2.50 each
Shipping prices are pretty reasonable to.

you can pick a saying they already have or make one up you like.

Using the order blank to make sure you got all the info they need. But you will need to type the info into a email since the order form dosnt send right to them. I really recommend them because they got my order to me right away and I also got a email back fast when they were responding to questions. They were great to do the anti-circ cling for me since they dont really have anti-circ stuff
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We have one!! The only bumper sticker I would let dh put on our car-"foreskins are not birth defects" and a red crossed out circle over the word circumcision.
I will admit I was nervous at first, as I am generally a non-confrontational person and I have a bad temper....I was afraid mainly that I would get into a fight with someone, lol.
We have had MANY people say positive things about it. Some people said they never thought of it that way, others ask where they can get one. My dh had a guy at his school wait for him to get out of class to ask and say that he was mad about being circ'd too.
My one negative experience was about a month ago at my friends cut happy OB office. I got in my car and was getting ready to leave and this lady knocked on my window to ask where I got that bumper sticker. I told her my dh had gotten off the internet. She then proceeded to say that it was discusting and how could I drive around with it on my car, having little kids ask their parents about it. I told her that if she was that ashamed of it, maybe she shouldnt have gotten it done. I really wanted to get out of the car and smack her but luckily she walked away. I told you I have a bad temper!!
The only thing I have seen is guys reading it and then laughing, but its only been when there are several guys in the car and I am sure that it still provokes something in the back of their minds.
I want some of the magnetic ones, I would put those all over my car!!!!
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I so badly want "foreskin is not a birth defect" but dh says he is afraid it would make his mom feel bad since she circ'ed all her children. And dh has younger brothers in high school and what about them? But I may do it anyway.
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I just ordered "Foreskin is not a birth defect" from Cafepress.com

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Attn: Ruthla

Ruthla: I can't help but read this title and think "Well, my car isn't circumcised."
I don't get this. Can you please explain? It feels like you are making a joke here about this thread or Intactivism?? Please clarrify. Thank you.
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Ruthla: There are still bumper stickers that wouldn't be offensive to those who circ for religious reasons. Something along the lines of "Circumcision is not medical care" isn't offensive at all!
That slogan also doesn't get anyone's attention i am afraid.
It doesn't provoke much feeling or much thought. We are after people's attention. Part of the problem is that people are not paying attention. They mindlessly engage in ritual blood sacrafice of a minor without question. This is 2006. Forced genital cutting of children is cruel and inhumane. Sometimes a few feathers will get ruffled in the process of social change....it is inevitable, and part of the process.
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Originally Posted by kldliam
That slogan also doesn't get anyone's attention i am afraid.
It doesn't provoke much feeling or much thought. We are after people's attention. Part of the problem is that people are not paying attention.

I completely agree with this part. In fact, I was just telling an intactivist friend on Yahoo Messanger, "Offended? They shouldn't be offended, they should be OUTRAGED because if they're not outraged, they're not paying attention."

While none of my bumperstickers call circumcision a violation of babies and a human rights abuse, my hope is that my more benign slogans ("Today's Parents say NO to circumcision. NoCirc.Org", and "Circumcision? No way baby!") will encourage feelings/thoughts/further research that progress to the realization that circumcision is a VERY BIG DEAL.

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I don't really like bumper stickers. I don't really care if a bumper sticker offends anyone, so I wouldn't not put one on my car because of that, but I just don't like bumper stickers on my car in general.
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but I just don't like bumper stickers on my car in general.
I don't either....but I have 2 anti-circ one's on there anyway.
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There's no room left on my car, lol.
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You know, I was bumpersticker free until the midwife I was apprenticing with gave me one she'd designed that has a beautiful picture of a curled up newborn w/ an umbilical cord against a wispy photo of the world that says, "Peace on Earth Begins with Birth". It was a gift; it was beautiful; it was meaningful...so I washed my car and stuck it on.

Since then, I've realized that I really do notice/look at/read other people's bumperstickers. Many of them are amusing/thought provoking and I think it's interesting to be exposed to people's views/politics through their vehicles. It really relieves the bordom when you're sitting at a light or in bumper-to-bumper traffic during rush hour.

And actually I've found that the *more* bumperstickers somebody has, the more curious I am about them and their beliefs. People with oodles strike me as eccentric and facinating, LOL.

My sticker count is now up to 5, and no comments so far...although I *do* see people in my rear-view mirror reading them and smiling/pointing.

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I have a few bumper stickers. I don't like the permancy of stickers on my car, so I buy bumper sticker magnets. http://www.evolvefish.com/fish/magsticker.html I like to be able to rotate them.

I don't have any on right now. I had them on my old car, then I got a new car. I haven't put them back on the new car. I actually really want to put them back on now, but I'm trying to get a job babysitting a little boy and don't want to risk offending his mom if she circ'd. Hopefully, that job won't fall through, but if it does, I'll be sticking those things back on tout de suite. The numbers of people around here that don't even begin to question it makes me want to :Puke .

I have several that don't have the magnet on them yet. I keep buying new stickers w/out getting more magnets. I think I found some strong, magnetic backing at Michael's, though.

These are a couple that I had made:
View image at HoldThatPic.com
View image at HoldThatPic.com
View image at HoldThatPic.com
The ones I have on magnets already are:
"Circumcision: The more you know, the worse it is."
"Breastfeeding is in. Circumcision is out."

(I also have "Homebirth A safe choice" on a magnet, too.)
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