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waking sleeping baby??

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my son been sleeping long stretches at night. mainly 3-4 hours but lately its been 6-7 hours. I was so surprised he would sleep so long and wake him up to nurse him. Since he is only 2.5 mos I dont think he should sleep that long without nursing. He has been a lazy nurser in the beginning...and I dont want him to wean too early.

Thanks for your tips.

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My oldest began sleeping about 8 hours a night when he turned three months old. It was great, and it was just his way. If I were you, I would keep track of his weight and offer to feed him more often during the day to make up for the missed feeding or two at night. Count your blessings, this may not last long. I have a several friends who have nursed for a year and beyond whose babies began sleeping through the night at 6 or 7 weeks. They were fine, some were HUGE, and none stopped nursing because of it.

BTW, I'm going to slide this over to the breastfeeding forum where I think you may get more responses.
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This is not a sign of weaning! Way too early for that, don't worry.

So he was "lazy" at first, but now is nursing well and often? Watch his weight gin in this period, 4-8 oz / wk is average. One of mine slept thru the night at this age, for a few months. She nused abt avery 1 1/2 hrs during the day.

If you are concerned he isn't nursing well during the day, you can wake him at night to feed, it won't hurt him. If you co-sleep, just offer when he is in a light sleep phase. He may not actually wake up, just nurse in his sleep.
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thanks for your replies.

I guess I was also worried since if he sleeps for so long that I will be so engorged in the night.

He sleeps in the attempted side car (toddler bed) that is beside our bed (since toddler sleeps in our bed). SO when he sleeps so long, I just bring him in to me and he stirs and accepts the breasts without difficulties.

Should I continue to do that or just let him sleep the night away. I havent figured out how long he will go if I havent 'stirred' him (so to say, not officially fully waking him up).

Wish my toddler could sleep long stretch and learn from her brother. heehee. (she never slept long...always was 2-3 hours stretch and still wakes up frequently in the night).

My mom advises me that I should 'never' wake a baby. Since I am teaching the baby to wake up in the night.

Thanks for your advise and tips.
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My 10 week old sleeps in 7-8 hour streches throughout the night. When she eats in the morning my milk looks creamier and richer, as if my body knows that she has gone all night with out food. She never was a lazy nurser, though, and is gaining weight, so I don't worry about it. I am also a member of the never wake a sleeping baby club. I would take the advice of monitoring weight gain as well as the amount of time spent nursing during the day, it may be more than you think. Also keep track of the pees and poops, at this age my dd has 3 big poops and lots of pees everyday. I thought she wasnt eating enough because she had been pooping 10 to 12 times a day, but the dr says 3 is fine now.
I noticed he accepts the breast when you bring him to you. Mine doesnt she just snoozes no matter what. I end up hand expressing my milk everymorning at about 4 am to releive engorgment, and there is still plenty left over when she wakes up.
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