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Space Saving ideas

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What are some space saving ideas that some of you have found useful?
Just this evening,I opened up a box of frozen chicken,labled it with cooking instructions,put it in the freezer bag and saved a bunch of room in my freezer ( btw I have one of those side by sides which I thought was cool when I got it,but miss the freezer on top,yet dream about a freezer on the bottom) ok off my rant.

So what are some great space saving tips you have?

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Look for double duty pieces--ottoman that has storage inside, Under cabinet appliances, decorative baskets with lids for toys or magazines to keep public areas neat. I don't know if this is space saving or not, but I swear by wall lamps. They keep nightstands & table tops free & therefore not liable to be knocked over & broken by children or cats.

Can you use the upper reaches? I have a lot of decorative tins collected over the years? Dh made a long shelf a few inches below the ceiling, right above the curtain rod in one room & they're all up there now, cheerful to look at but not in the way. In the same room I used antique aprons collected from thrift shops with clip-on rings as curtains.

Oh, I almost forgot. We rent, so I have a number of inexpensive devices that go over the tops of doors with no hardware involved to store things on. One has 12 hooks & is over the back door for jackets & hats, another on the pantry holds aprons I use, in second bedroom there is one with off season clothes on it. You can also buy a variety of coated wire baskets you hang on a pantry or cupboard shelf to increase your space available. Those are great.
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We are trying to declutter...here are some things in place that are really working:

radiator covers --they double as bookshelves
toy rotation from attic every 3 months (rubbermaid tubs)

...this is my favorite:

Several years ago we bought a table called a "pub table" from Bassett. I wish I could find a picture. It is a tall table, with two flip-up sides, and 2 stools that can be stored underneath. Right now it is in the corner of our livingroom. It is great for extra dinner guests, but houses my dd's dollhouse while unused.
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