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free schools in vermont

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just to let people know there is a group of people in the hardwick area that is starting a free school in a couple months. it will be called the Hardwick Free School. contact Kenneth Winchenbach Walden at kenhww@meadowdance.org for information.
i think it's pretty exciting, my family is thinking of relocating there from burlington for our childs education...but that's a little while away.
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That's very interesting..keep us posted. You may also want to cross post this in the VT/NH/Maine tribe in FYT!
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Interested in free schools too

I've been in Burlington for over a year now, and the more I get to know the place, the more shocked I am that there is not a thriving free school in the area. It seems a perfect match. You're thinking of moving so you can be close it one? Wow.

I'm a former teacher who left teaching because I felt like a hypocrit as I insisted that students follow the required curriculum. Yuck! I've fantisized about starting a free school myself, even thought about going to a conferance once on the topic. But the cold reality of no buildings, no money and no kids always kept me from taking the first step.

Maybe its time that Burlington residents started to talk about it. Maybe between all of the individuals sitting alone thinking it's too hard, we actually do have the resorces to put something together.

Any thoughts?
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I taught at a reggio preschool for five years in Burlington. I long to have an alternative to the public school system in this area.

My questions are what is a free school?

And would you have to have to have money to go there?
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I live right near Hardwick and am considering sending my kids to the Hardwick Free School. I'm planning to go visit it and find out more.

Funny thing, I just popped over to this forum because we just picked up the brochure on it at the Greensboro Free Library and my daughter read it and got all excited and has been begging me to send her there. Thought I'd see what free-schooling families thought of their choice, what other free schools were like, etc. Never dreamed I'd stumble upon a thread about the school in tiny little Hardwick! We do have a bunch of free thinkers in thie area thought.

Tuition would be an issue right now, plus there are some things I do like about their current (public) school. Mainly dd's teacher, who she will not have after this year, is fantastic - they do lots of project-based, experiential learning.
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