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I'm in labor: UC-style!

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Well, just wanted to let everyone know (cause I know how much everyone loves these posts) that I am now officially in labor. I've been contracting for the last hour or so regularly and I just lost my mucus plug... exciting!!!

I'll try to have DH or my sister keep this thread updated
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sending you peaceful labor vibes, mama...

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Hehehe. You're way cooler than I am, Claudia - you're giving all this groovy labor dust, and I'm just chowing down on popcorn.
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Easy Labor Vibes To Ya!
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Still me.. the contrax are getting stronger and more intense. I remember this happening sooo much more gradually with Kairi. It's funny, the entire pregnancy I've been telling everyone who asks when I'm due "September".... well, it's officially September
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Easy Labor dust flying your way.

: Make sure to keep us informed!
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Well DH here, Hi!!, and umm its like 1am CST. Everything is now ready and the Momma is laying down for a bit. I'm totally nervous even though we have done a Home Birth before. This is our Fist UC and I can't say how nervous, excited, and scared I am at the same time. Anyways all is going well, we will keep in touch.
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Mama here (yea, I keep getting in and out of bed...) I'm vocalizing through some pretty intense contraxand it's starting to feel good to push a bit. Oh... and I'm making the typical back and forth trips to the toilet... which is one of my least favorite parts... gonna drink my RRL tea now.
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You can do it!
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You're doing great momma!!! Send some of those contrax my way!!!! Keep us posted and I know that this birth is going to be absolutely amazing and everything that you've always wanted
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You are doing great Mama, can;t wait to check on you later
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Man I am so damn happy!! Almost like I'm doing it with you..GO PIXIE, GO!
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Oh, I remember those back and forth trips to the bathroom even after all those years! You're so lucky to be having a UC and we're so lucky to have you sharing this special moment with us.

Here's some more wonderful, glorious labor heading your way.
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Ooooohweeeeeeee! How wonderful! SO glad to be here with you! GO Go GO Mamma GO!
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More happy labor dust!!
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Perhaps your little one has arrived? :
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more peaceful labor vibes comin' your way, mama...

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Oh, I'm so happy for you guys. I'll check in on you tomorrow morning.

Good luck with everything. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

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