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new tattooooooooooo??? do tell more. my friend has an appointment with dan at atlas tomorrow and she doens't have the money and i think i should take it because his waiting list is months and months long and he does the most amazing tattoos. but i am so chicken. she has a grapevine on her shoulders by dan and i think it is one of the best tattoos i have ever seen. loooove it.

oh els - that IS a poopy morning. literally. we started this morning with a poopy one too.

nuggetsmom - you should look into it. i know most of the daycares/preschools here offer a however many days a week you want option. usually you don't get much choice on which day you get to go because they try to keep 8 to 10 kids max daily (or whatever) so there will only be certain slots open. isaac's school does a full single day option. my friend that works at another more-preschooly less-daycareish place says the kids that only come one half day a week usually throw a fit when they have to leave because they feel like they are missing out. they do have the full-day option there though so you wouldn't have that problem if ALL the kids left at the same time. if i get my way with this whole have-another-baby-and-quit-my job thing i want to keep isaac at his same school at least one day a week. i honestly think at this point he would miss it if i pulled him out completely. he's spent LOTS of time there in his short little life. it was cute because there is this AMAZING gentle woman lynda in the baby room. and she is just a blessing for isaac. sooo sweet and attentive to him. so i said 'this is his home away from home' because he doesn't want to leave when i go get him. (he wants to run around and go in all the other bigger kid classrooms) and she said 'it's my home away from home too' which just made me feel so good. i <3 her. at the end of the day she lets isaac sweep the baby room and she said he'll hand her the dustpan 10 times with one little cheerio or something in it each time cute

NO NESTING Stories????????? wow. i was insane with the nesting when pregnant way back when. we totally installed wainscoating and re-trimmed out all the windows in our upstairs at the old house. painted the whole thing and made one nook of our bedroom into a nursery. drove to ikea and bought a bedroom set because all of a sudden we needed one NOW. cleaned and scrubbed and cleaned and scrubbed. and crawled around dangling huge belly pulling weeds. it wasn't like the dishes got done more or anything but cleaning lightfixtures with toothbrushes and that kind of insanity got out of hand. dirt i had never noticed before became critical

i still can hardly get the dishes out of the drainer and i've already told about my loathing of putting clean laundry away. and i'm not even preg

im glad you got to talk to bill a bit.

ok i have to focus today :blab:
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blech... poopy mornings suck... literally poopy mornings suck even more... els and jstar...

still pregnant.

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bad poopy morning. that stinks! I am so sorry you had to deal with so much poop, all at once.

tattoo? photos, please?

I wasn't the nesting sort either. unless you count folding baby clothes and getting all dreamy....
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Alrighty, I put a tattoo pic on the YG for all ya'll's viewing pleasures. Yes, it is a tigerlily.

Elsanne, sorry about the poops. Sounds stiiiinky. Do you have any yummy essential oils you can stick your nose in to get the memory out of your nostrils?

jstar - thinking about you and the DH/new baby issues. It must be hard when you are feeling so ready. My DH is soooooo done; he would get a V tomorrow if he had the insurance coverage. I am thinking that I maybe maybe maybe might want another in a few years - like 3 - but he is so vehemently against it. He still humors me and lets me talk about it, but I think if I did really want one now it would be a BIIIIIG deal for our relationship. s, mama.

As for nesting, yeah, maybe a little, but I was like emmalola - more into buying and washing folding baby clothes, diapers, and slings, etc. than cleaning.

nugget - I hope N. feels better soon. I tend to be pretty laid-back about illness, but DH is even more so. It is hard when you are odds about how much to freak out.

Heather - so glad that E is on the mend. Here's hoping that you get your computer fixed pronto!

Jacqueline - just a . Thinking about you in your new place.

Sherri - to you, too. Hope things are moving along well. You must be busy!

OK, off to see if I can interest Lily in a nap. She's pretty much dropped the nap, at least for me, but every now and then she'll fall asleep nursing if it's timed juuuuust right.

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Awwwww, thanks for thinking of me, Sarah. I've been reading along and keeping you all in my thoughts, but I'm just not in a posting mood lately, I suppose. I've got so much on my mind right now, and so I think I mentally shut down to cope. Last week we had two showings on our house, and we were so excited, because one couple was veeeeeeeery interested in the house. Then yesterday my realtor calls me up and said, that they decided they should sell their house first. The guy got all freaked out about adding a second mortgage. So now I'm all pissed, because it is sooooo hard to get the house in tiptop shape and out the door with the kids, and I did it twice for them. Plus I'm super disappointed on top of it all. Aaack. I just wish selling homes was easier. House has only been on the market for two weeks, and I'm already obsessed that it hasn't sold yet.

Els-soooo sorry about the poopy morning. Wish I could come lend you a hand. Hope miss Sol gets rid of the poops really soon.

Hope your computer is fixed and E's UTI too, Heather!

BIg hugs about the cyst and L's labial issues. Hopefully you have caught it in time to stave off bigger problems.

I know I'm missing a ton of you, but know I think of you and check here alot. I gotta get outta my funk!
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Get outta my funk, funk, get outta-ta-ta-ta my fuuu-unk. (Sorry, sounded like a techno song to me).

Sigh. I am feeling a little bipolar right now. Moments of intense happiness with the world and then sinking into the depths because of stupid things like not having a proper kitchen floor. Sigh.
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still pregnant.

feeling kind of disengaged from the world right now. uncomfortable feeling for moonchild me... *sigh*

another very pregnant mama friend said to me the other day how strange it is to think that today we are pregnant and tomorrow at this time we could be caring for a newborn babe. struck me as odd when she said that. not really real yet that we are getting ready to be a family of four...

wish i could eat chocolate but i think that would make me sick right now...

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Aw Claud.

Thinking of you pregnant mama. I have a friend here who was due day before yesterday and we are all excited about her child as well.

If they are born nowish, what sign will they be? Are we in Virgo or Libra?

Yesterday was another friccin' palatial home...I had a private bellydance lesson (teaching) which was about 3 blocks from Viet's mom's house (where he is now living) and they asked me to return with my babies for a swim and some lunch, so I did. And in this house, with a billion pairs of willing arms, it was still allll about mama and still lots and lots of work. All was well: Amara asleep, Sol & I swimming, until A woke up and needed to nurse. Then, suddenly, Sol starts having more diarrhea--IN the pool. Then out of the pool. Both girls crying (what IS it? I swear they are psychically connected, because this happened (not the diarrhea, but the simultaneous cryfests) two more times while I was there. It probably happens all the time but I was really aware of it while visiting someone else's house). I have to strip Sol down and hose her off, and somehow also nurse Amara, and Sol will not be with anyone else because she doesn't know them. I am mortified but also humbled because all I can do is my best. They didn't see the diarrhea in the pool, thank GOD.


The meal was lovely, the tequila was lovelier, and one weekend day survived.

Now for today. Another private lesson, same house. Not sure what happens after that.

happy sundays everyone!
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computer still on the fritz....bah!

C had her first Y swim lesson yesterday and LOVED it. She cried when it was time to get out. Tomorrow is the first day of our mom and tot gym class at the Y. I'm hoping it'll be good for her gross motor issues though it's always hard for me to see how clumsy she is in comparison with the normal toddler jumping/running stuff. E on the mend and also sporting two itty bitty teeth now---cuteness!

Elsanne---much love mama...just read up on your bloggy quick and thinking of you as you navigate poopy calamities! I so remember and still have days like that.

Sarah--the tigerlily is beautiful!

Sherri-- *hugs* I've been wondering how all the housey/work/practice stuff is going. Move still looking Octoberish?

Claudia--thinking of you mama! The end of E's pregnancy was not an easy time for me and until she arrived I still couldn't mentally wrap my head around the idea of two.
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Happy Sunday to all ya'll. I just made a big pasta-fresh tomato sauce-turkey sausage casserole; we'll see how it turns out. Sometimes when I don't use a recipe...

Thinking of MEGAN...how are you doing, mama?

So I have been studying for the board exam and I keep getting like 55% on the practice tests. Yeeeouch! And I've been getting A's in all my classes this whole year. What gives?! : I hope the real test is easier than the practice ones.

Lily just figured out how to pedal her tricycle this morning. It was so cute. She would pedal it down the 15 feet of garage concrete to the grass, then get off, push it back up backwards, and get on again to pedal it down again. Hee.

I think I hear the pitter patter of little feet upstairs (and the thud of big Papa feet). Byyyyyeeee.

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mmmm sounds good, sarah! I hope you have an easier time on the test too.
Sol has been workin' the trike these last few weeks as well...she can do it now but not with mastery (uphill or on cobblestones, no).

Heather SO glad to hear E is on the mend...and two toofies! How toot!

Life is good, it's Monday. *phew* (<--never thought I'd be saying THAT).

How are you TC?
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Just checking in here. I am also wondering how Megan is doing.

Busy weekend with many birthday parties, school events and whatnot so I too say Phew Monday!

OK, gotta go
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still pregnant. baby not moving as much as before, but then again, not much room for movement *IN* my belly.

don't feel like typing much else right now... maybe later...

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Here, around, just skimmed the posts, (seems like we all need a bit of it)

I've been in a really yucky funk myself. I totally lost my shiznit on the way home from work Friday night. It's a long story and maybe I will tell y'all on the YG when I feel up to sharing...but I'm not sleeping too well and um, I guess stuff just sucks right now. That sounds so lame. Ugh.
DH is sick with a cold, and I swear if Rowan or I get it I will just DIE. : :

Strangely, through the funk, DH and I have been having some really good, um...you know... Maybe I am just starved for the connection? I dunno.

Okay, so, I'll post more fully soonish. I am thinking of you all with MUCH

I hope you have a great week, everyone.

I mentioned this already, but the tattoo is GORGEOUSNESS, Sarah! I should take some pics of mine sometime...when it's less flaky.

Good night, mamas.

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Originally Posted by Mama Faery

Strangely, through the funk, DH and I have been having some really good, um...you know...

Emmalola's dishandspoon site has an informative forum related to this...
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hiya mamas.

harrowing day yesterday. my (pretty much) best friend's sister died in a car accident on sunday : it was her oldest sister who is my same age and who has been living in philly until a few months ago. i only met her 3 times but have been to so many of their family functions i really feel like they are our adopted family up here since we have none of our own. (my bosses family is our other adopted family). so we took isaac down to her mom's house in salem yesterday. i think there is no medicine like an optimistic 2 year old to soothe the nerves. their poor mom. being a mom now i have a better grasp of what that would feel like. i felt a little useless and in the evening we were the only non-family but also knew it would be awkward if we left. relatives started arriving from the midwest. sadly their middle sister got married aug 25th so everyone was just here

their mom has horses and ponies and a donkey and 983274983748 dogs. she breeds golden retrievers out on a farm. isaac got to sit on one of the ponies and he was one stoked little dood. there were 2 foals too. he thought the donkey was from shrek

memorial on friday. i don't want to take isaac. i didnt really tell him anything but he told me 'casey all gone' i said she's gone to heaven and he said 'babysitting' : so i guess you can die to your mommy OR go babysitting

i spose i should shower and get going. time to work work work work. and rouse the sleeping pony-rider

sherri - showing a house is the WORST. i felt like we couldn't even cook at our house at all because you might have to clean it up in 5 minutes' notice. and we had people come every day after work so we couldn't go home. i would meet dh in the park or we'd go to dinner or something. it is really hard and unrealistic when you have kids! keep up the good work and i hope you can sign an offer soon so you can breathe easy. i vowed we would move out of our house before selling it next time but i highly doubt we would ever have that luxury

i hope your funk lifts renae. hugs, mama (you too sarah)

sarah - i think elsanne is right about the 2 unopened buds :

TC - thinkin o that belly

els - readin your trials of diahrrea. oh man oh man.

hf - swim lessons sound like a success. i need to sign isaac up again this fall. he still says 'pool' every time i say saturday.
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oops, I'll post later
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Jstar – I am sorry about your friend’s sister. What a terrible shock it must be to lose a loved one in an accident. I will be thinking of the family and you (and all those sweet animals).

Claudia – Thinking of you lots these days. I hope that pre-birth euphoria hits and you can revel in your roundness. Easy does it.

Ranae and Sarah, the funksters – I can totally relate to your bipolarishness at times. I find that the best thing for me to do when I am in a funk is to get in some water and/or go out in nature. I hope you both find the exact comfort you need to move through this. and

Els – I missed posting about you poopy day, but damn, that was poopy!

Heather – wah? Teeth??? I am shocked that Miss E is old enough. How time flies. I am glad to hear she’s doing better. Eleanor loves her swim classes too. She won’t lay on her back in the water though she doesn’t mind going under too much.

Sherri – we’re listing our townhouse this month if we can get it ready. It’s too overwhelming to think about (especially with the market dropping). I wish you a fast, easy sale. Come on, buyer, come on.

Alison and Eleanor continue to have issues at times, but Eleanor has been in such a good mood these days that it helps. We figure that E is mad because Alison went back to work after the whole summer off, E went back to daycare, and Alison is pregnant. Also, we’re prepping to sell our house, buy a house, and move with a vengeance – all insecurity and turmoil for a two-year old.
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still pregnant.

we ordered a new couch today. we fell in love with this couch like 3 months ago and finally decided we simply needed to buy it. arrives in early october. and we're ordering a new sleeper sofa for the other room sometime later this week, too, so we have enough places for people to sleep when everyone comes to visit this christmas. now to figure out how to sell all our useless pieces of furniture that are cluttering up the other rooms... craigslist seems the most promising option at this point. must take pics of the actual pieces of furniture this week.

thanks for making the poll, sherri! now i can start thinking about actually giving birth to this baby.

eta: just heard rumor that britney spears had her baby earlier today, so now i can rest easy knowing that spears-federline child #2 will not share a birthday with this baby... ahhh... don't laugh at me, but i was seriously worried about that one. dunno why. weird pregnancy thing.

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claudia -- new couch qualifies as nesting!!!! yay

supposed to pick the kidlet up and be in hillsboro by 6pm for dinner. sounds highly unlikely since i need to work until 5. : traffic is going to suck.
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