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Keeping Spiders at Bay?

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Spring is here and very soon my house will be bombarded with spiders. TOTALLY freaks me out, especially now that dd is here.

Is there anything non-toxic that I can do to keep them out?


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I have no idea mama, but I am curious about this as well! I can't stand spiders, they freak me out but I can't kill them either, I am such a softie and I know that they do good in the envrionment. Plus having grown up in Wisconsin dairy country, killing spiders is bad, lol! They are the farmer's friend. Sigh.
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Well I did find this...I'm not sure if any of this will work though...

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Belcanto-I was JUST going to post this EXACT question. The weather is warming up and our old house gets lost of spiders as the temp gets higher. Just started noticing them again this week. And we get some BIG ones. I'm wondering if someone out there has some sort of non-toxic spider-thwarter???? I hope someone comes through...

Thanks for beating me to the punch!
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Have any of you tried any of those suggestions from the site BelCanto posted? I'd like to discourage our weaving friends from hanging around. DS seems to think bugs (yes I know they aren't bugs, but arachnids are for eating.
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YIKES...EATING?? I WOULD FREAK! I'm going to be trying something soon. Don' know what yet.


Oh...here's another product. Supposed to be non-toxic.. I don't know if it works on all spiders though. Also, if your child is mobile, he may get into it. But just thought I would offer it as another suggestion.

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Belcanto - I did kinda freak when he ate his first bug (technically he's only eaten one, but he seems to really want to stick the little guys/gals in his mouth). I was walking into his playroom and noticed he was chewing on something and checked his mouth and then I squealed - there was that sweet little ladybug that had been living in said room. I guess he misunderstood when I said " oh a ladybug, how neat" Ds must have heard " oh, a ladybug, now eat"

At least they are a good source of protein

Seriously, I don't want him to be eatin' any more bugs, but there are worse things he could do.

My favorite thing is when he sees rolypolys/pill bugs/doodle bugs and goes to put them in his mouth and then shakes his head as he looks at me and says "No". Too cute!
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We had spiders at our old apartment and they were brown recluse, the poisonous kind. When the exterminator came out (we wanted to have an evaluation before they sprayed or did anything) they basically said that the sprays don't even directly help with spiders, they only kill other insects (spiders' food sources). They don't work on spiders bc they don't clean their legs like insects do, and thus, they don't ingest the poisons.

The only thing they told us was to keep the place really clean and they gave us heaps of glue traps. We had 2-3 brown recluse in each trap every time I checked.
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In the book Clean House Clean Planet by Karen Logan she recommends filling a spray bottle with water then adding 3 tbsp. liquid soap (I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint) or 1 tbsp. liquid detergent. Shake to mix and then spray away. She said it is effective on silverfish, spiders, pincher bugs, small roaches and ants. I used it on ants that I had around a plant and it worked like a dream, totally got rid of them in a matter of two days. I did check the area frequently and resprayed it often. Have you ever read the children's book Sophie's Masterpiece? It's about this really sweet spider... I always try to catch spiders when I see them and put them outside, but now if I had an infestation or Brown Recluse spiders I would be totally freaked out! Good Luck!
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I clicked on this thread because I thought it was "Keeping Spiders on EBAY" and I had to find out who was buying and selling spiders!
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Too, funny
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We use spider-traps! We have bought them at Home Depot and also at www.hobospider.com

They are non-toxic and work great! We especially use them in our basement. But then it's really CREEPY to see how fast the spiders accumulate on the traps!

(P.S. The traps work for all kinds of spiders, not just for hobo spiders.)
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I saw those traps on hobospider.com, but they have them at home depot too? OH! I'm going to go get some. Thanks for the info.

I'm also going to try the spray. Hope it works!
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hedgeapples repel spiders, really.


They don't completely get rid of spiders, but I saw a big reduction when I had them around our house. I need some more right now, but we're moving in 2 weeks, so I'm not going to buy any yet.
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