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farmlife - three teeth in one week?!? Aagh! ((hugs, hugs, hugs)) I'm glad you are going to be able to work less soon, though. Sending sleep vibes your way, mama.

Chasmyn, single mama for five days. WOW. Now, I was raised by a single mom, and I know it's hard, but when my dh went out of town for a week, I was freaking exhausted - it's so hard being the only one. Please do come here and let us know how it goes - I was humbled when dh left and I realized how much he actually does do (my occasional vents to the contrary... ).

NewMama - thanks for the excitement! I've read your blog about your conception, and I have to admit, I would be so excited for you if you decided to have a second one! So good.

Kate, I am absolutely drooling over thinking about that last fall hike - I love the Rockies, period, but fall was my favorite, favorite, favorite. Aspen, elk, and the fourteeners... (((((sigh))))) I miss that. I love northern Michigan - my family is all in MI/WI - but when we left Yellowstone, I just knew (and I know) that we will be back out that way someday. Dh applied for a job in RMNP a few years back but no luck. That & Yellowstone would be my dream parks to live in... I loved both of them.
Side note: some friends of ours still live there, and when we were there, they had a 1 year old son - when we sang "Old McDonald", he didn't know the cow sound (had never seen one), but he could actually imitate an elk bugling! It was priceless!!!! He would throw his head back and make the noise... Awesome!

Andrya - we'll try to tune in this weekend - I would love to see where you are. Dh lived in AK for awhile (~Bristol Bay area), and we have friends in Denali - I've always thought it would be a beautiful place to live!

Hmmm, what else? Life is good here. I actually feel like I'm entering the home stretch, and I'm nesting like crazy (everything in my storage room is in a neatly labeled rubbermaid container...our closets are organized by type of clothing...you get the picture). My back is so much better, thanks to the chiropractor (I'm a late convert, but a devoted one now), and we're all sleeping better at night now that Adam's molar popped through. I'm nearly 34w by ultrasound and nearly 36w by date, so who knows when this kidlet will come? I'm getting excited, though. I held a newborn last week, and it all just came rushing back. I can't wait to nurse again, and to wear a baby again. I'm very curious to see how Adam will do, and slightly concerned - he is with me 24/7, and very much attached, so I'm a little worried about him having "to wait" for his needs here and there while I'm taking care of the baby. We'll do the best we can, I know...and I just keep reminding myself that I'm not the first woman in the world to do it, right?

Have a great day, everyone. Love to all.

P.S. - Does anyone have an Arms Reach cosleeper? A just slept with us, but we have a "sleep number" bed now, and I'm a little wary of putting an infant on what is essentially an air mattress, so I'm considering one. Tips?
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Originally Posted by ktmama View Post
Newmama - It's nice to hear you're thinking of TTC. I read your whole TTC blog entry about Henry. Amazing. Just amazing.
I can't believe you and hopefulfaith read that whole entry! Even my DH lost interest after a few paragraphs (of course, he lived it, but still).
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Hopefulfaith: 2 years ago - the year I got pregnant w/ds2, we were out in Yellowstone visiting my sil/bil. The sound of the elk bgeling is amazing! The morning that we left there were elk in all the front yards of the houses (Mammoth Hot Springs) just hanging out. There was a young bull with only one antler at one end of the road calling to the herd of females in the yards that were with an older bull. We got some pretty cool pics looking out of the windows.

I'm almost jealous of you getting a newborn so soon again. Baby lust has hit me *hard* and I just got af back last week, so now that I know my fertility is back dh and I are really trying hard to figure out if we want to tta or ttc or just "let it be." Ds2 was such a easy baby compared to ds1, but I'm always thinking, "what if we get another ds1?" Shouldn't we wait until the boys are a little older, just in case we do get another velcro baby? Have fun snuggling your newborn in just a wee bit!

Ds2 is standing for periods, using the walker we got him for his birthday (looks like it was a popular one in our ddc, August got one, I think Annabelle had one, ds2 has one)http://www.teachingplanet.com/pamaarwabyba.html
It's a great toy, ds2 loves to push it over to stuff to climb up on the two steps and ds1 loves to race around the house with it. He's been trying to convince ds2 to ride on it while he (ds1) pushes it, but I've managed to intervene so far.:

We're heading off for a road trip in a couple of weeks in our rv, so I'm trying to find time to plan, make campground reservations, make my packing lists, figure out what toys the boys will be happy with that won't drive dh and I nuts and they won't tire of for 2 weeks. Hopefully, I choose well.

Farmlife: So many teeth at once?! Poor little guy. Hopefully everything will settle down when you get to your new work schedule.

K's Mom: I'll try to watch - did you or your dp volunteer or visit the job site? Friends of my sister's had a house built for them by EHM this year. There was a tornado in their town and Amy (the mom) was paralyzed from the waist down as she protected her two boys from the house falling down on them. I watched the building progress on a website that they had and it was pretty amazing. Apparently Jared and Amy knew that they were contenders to be on EHM, but when Ty actually showed up, they were totally surprised! I think their show is on in November.

Chasmyn: Good luck during your 5 days. Dh used to travel a bit when ds1 was little and I tried to just do the essentials while he was gone. Or I'd go visit my parents. I'd put ds1 in the shower while I took one, we'd bathe together, I tried to slow down to his pace. It was still difficult, but we got through it. Good luck!

Well, another tome by me...time to go back to lurking! :
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So now that we have toddlers and the weather is getting cooler, what are you all doing for shoes? It gets wet and rainy here and I'm wondering if I ought to get him some hard-soled muck boots or rain boots. Or these. Thoughts?
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Damn, those are cute shoes. My friend has those for her kids and loves them. Emmett is wearing robeez only so far, but I have a few pairs lined up for later. I have some winter boots for him that were DS1's boots. We'll see how that goes.
My good friend just had her first baby and I am so proud. She got to the h ospital fully dilated at 3pm and pushed and pushed until 10:45 pm. Baby was posterior. I am so psyched- she is a trooper. I am also so psyched that the hospital never mentioned drugs or c section to her once. Maybe there is some hope. The baby is a little girl- I can't wait to see her.
I am also feeling baby lust lately. My DH and I have set up weekly date nights and I find myself hoping for conception sometimes. That freaks me out. Do I really want a third child? Don't know. We'll see what happens.

You all are so great. Thanks for being around.
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Originally Posted by chasmyn View Post
So now that we have toddlers and the weather is getting cooler, what are you all doing for shoes? It gets wet and rainy here and I'm wondering if I ought to get him some hard-soled muck boots or rain boots. Or these. Thoughts?
I just bought Henry these: http://www.dandelionbaby.com/shop/ca...ategory_id=252

He loves them and is always showing them to people when we go places. They're not waterproof though. I'll definitely have to get him some snow boots soon. Argh!
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Originally Posted by New Mama View Post
I just bought Henry these: http://www.dandelionbaby.com/shop/ca...ategory_id=252

He loves them and is always showing them to people when we go places. They're not waterproof though. I'll definitely have to get him some snow boots soon. Argh!
Those are adorable! But yeah, we really need waterproof.

Kiernen has no qualms about going out and playing in the rain or the wet, so his shoes at least need to keep the wet out. I guess I ought to look for a raincoat, too....
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Hi all!

Hi everyone, shoes, hmm, we're not there yet..but I was thinking bubs deserves some new booties or something to keep his feet warm when we have to go out. He's starting to ///....almost.../// crawl! He is getting up on his elbows and pulling himself along while hiking up on one knee and pushing forward. Nathanael's also beginning to eat more solids now. He looovvves bananas now and squash. I still have to add cereal to it to make it a consistency he'll actually eat.

We had our 1 year evaluation with Nathanael's social worker, OT, PT, Parent to Parent Developmental counselor and the EEE worker he'll get when he's 3. We reviewed our goals we had set a year ago and he's doing pretty good. He can't drink with a cup yet nor use silverware but he is really into imitating while playing. He isnt' saying anything other than dada or babadada bud a dada .. but hey, it's something!

He's also cutting his incisors of all things..Just in time for halloween!!!

He's such a blessing, always so happy and the total joy of my life.

I had a hard day today, our Parent to Parent worker took me to the food shelf for moral support. It was hard. I was homeless, in a battered women's shelter 6 years ago and relied heavily on food shelf and welfare and today made me feel like I was going back. I didn't realize how bad I felt until we were leaving..I felt like I would pass out. I just felt so awful to have gotten down to the point of needing to go to the food shelf. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just scared and hate feeling like I'm begging and worry for things to get worse..like loosing our home.. oh God I hope it doesn't get that far...

ugh enough about me... I guess I needed to vent..sorry!
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How to Melt my Heart

Reposted from my blog:

When I finally finish the quilt I made for you when I was pregnant and I drape it on the sofa to present it to you, immediately fling yourself onto it and snuggle into it. When I lay it out on the floor, crookedy corners and all, so you can play with it or on it or whatever, walk over to it and proceed to dance in circles on the quilt, smiling and looking down at it. Then circle and circle, and when you lose your balance and fall over onto it, do a little downward dog onto it and look at the design some more. Then get up, spin in circles again and proceed to walk back and forth across the room over the quilt.

Look up and smile at me when I start taking photo after photo of you doing this. When I whip out the video camera to record the actual dance, continue the dance, then come over and look into the camera with a huge grin on your face.

And then, then! Get your little lawnmower, your favourite push toy, and roll it over and over the quilt, back and forth and back and forth. Do this very deliberately and with focus so I am clear just how much you are enjoying all of the things you can do with your new quilt.
One Mama heart, all melty and smooshy.

(I made a little slideshow minus the frontal exposure. Please let me know if it works - this is the first time I’ve tried this method.)

Here it is: http://slideroll.com/?s=7pxyr3bf
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Chasmyn: I LOVE your slideshow! The music is perfect to his little dance! And your blog entry made me cry - so beautiful!

Ds's are busy scarfing down the apple-cinnamon pancakes I made this morning. Ds2 loves to try and eat anything and everything that ds1 is. Luckily, he eats a few vegetables even though big brother won't touch them.

Hope everyone has a good weekend! We have a harvest party tomorrow and Sunday is stay at home and catch up day - cleaning and such.
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Originally Posted by K's Mom! View Post
Cheyne is still not walking but very close I think!? (Can you tell I have mixed emotions about this? ) He stands alone for quite awhile drinking from a cup, like the cup is holding him up! LOL!
This is the ONLY way Jonah stands on his own too. I've heard when they have something in each hand, even a cup he's holding with two hands, they feel more secure.
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New Mama,
I love the SeeKaiRun shoes, we're getting those for him next. Right now he's in a really sturdy pair of stride rites, not walking yet but really close.
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Shoes:Right now E is in a pair of Stride Rites for outside, and Robeez for inside. I too am looking at winter boots (apparently we're getting a lot of snow this year?!). I like the MEC ones, but might need something more watertight.

Chasmyn-your blog entry was so sweet to read! I don't have high speed, so I can't check out the vid. Boo-it sounds cute!
Aeriane-it sounds like Nathaneal is doing really well-way to go! It sounds like you have really good support-that's awesome. My cousin's daughter has Down's, and has had a lot of help with speech, PT, etc., since the very beginning. Her daughter is now 13 and is in a normal grade 8 class-reads, is active, and happy. It's so great to see, as she was initially diagnosed as very low end.

I am having a kind of sh***y day. E has not been the same since we got back from our trip. She is still awesome-doing all kinds of new tricks (her newest is that you can ask her "what sound does a chicken/lion/dog/cow make?" and she'll answer with "bok bok/roar/pant pant/mooo"-very cute!), but is still sleeping HORRIBLY-like newborn horribly-and is so shrieky. The sleep thing is due to her sleeping with us for a month, and now readjusting to sleeping on her own, but it is so slow in resolving itself. She puts herself to sleep for naps, but can't do it at night-just needs us sometimes every hour to pat her on the back and lie her back down, and rub her back for a loooong time til she's asleep. This is especially hard as she was sleeping 8-8 (no breaks!) beforehand. I am really feeling sleep-deprived! We can't go back to co-sleeping (she was with us for the first 6 mos), as as we are all active/light sleepers-so we just wake each other up all night, and no one gets a good sleep. Any other suggestions? I picked up a valerian root/passion flower herbal kid sleep remedy-it works well, but I don't like using it too much. And the shrieking thing is killing me-it's mostly limited to when she's tired/hungry/frustrated-but it's turned into an attention-getting thing. We try to ignore it as much as possible, and use redirection/explanation when she's frustrated (it's not quite a tantrum, but she's letting us know she's PO'd!), vocalizing why we are doing/not doing something, etc. Any suggestions? Is this just a phase? She's still happy and easy most of the time, I just don't want this "phase" to become the norm. Anyway...thanks for letting me rant, and if anyone has suggestions-fire away!

Have a great weekend, everyone! We are having our fall bonfire this weekend, and going to our county fair. Can't wait! Take care, mamas!
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Just a quick post while Tova is napping:

Kitty: hugs, hugs, hugs to you. My Mom was a single mom and we struggled financially for many years, so I can relate to that part of your post. Please take the help that you need and try not to dwell on it (I know it's hard) and hopefully things will get better soon. I'm glad you have a loving hubby and that your sweet boy seems to be doing so well. Tova isn't walking yet either, nor crawling -- she just scoots whereever she needs to go.

Chasmyn: loved your blog entry and the vid. What a cutie! Tova loves getting up on DS's bed and doing some similar moves -- she really seems to know that it's a special place (especially since he doesn't allow her in his room -- i.e. near the Lego) very often!

Fridgeart: I feel for you and the sleep thing, although I'm sorry to report I have no advice. Sounds like you are doing all the right things and hopefully E will resort to form soon. Losing out on sleep is so trying ... we've had more disruptions than usual as Tova cuts her molars, and she's also coping with a little cough she picked up somewhere -- and that's hard enough. I can't image how wrung out you must feel. Thinking of you.
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Fridgeart - have you tried Hyland Calms or any chamomile homeopathic products? They don't seem to really work for A, but I have friends who swear by them. Also, a nutritionist told me catmint tea works well at night (as chamomile would too, I imagine). A has been out of her sleep rhythm due to a cold and a short vacation and is finally getting back to only (sigh) two wakings a night. I imagine it will take E awhile to get back to her "normal" sleep schedule after a month of something else. Do you use any white noise? Introducing a rather loud humidifier has helped A a lot I think. I can sleep through it, dh wears ear plugs. Also, just make sure you're sticking to a routine every night so she can get back to her sleep associations. Good luck and hugs. BTW - I sure am jealous of that 8 - 8 you had going on!
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Aerianne: Congrats on the belly crawl! I know (from growing up and needing the help w/parents too proud to ask/receive it) that it must be difficult for you to go to the food shelf, but you're showing your kids how when you need help, you ask, you receive and when you can give back, you do. I wish my parents would have accepted some help when I was growing up, perhaps then they wouldn't have been quite so stressed all the time and it would have made for a happier home.

About the shrieking thing...ds1 did that. It's a new sound, so they need to try it out. Softly, loudly, loudly high pitched, loudly low pitched, loudly longly high pitched, loudly longly low pitched, extra loudly high pitched, extra loudly low pitched, extra loudly longly high pitched, extra loudly longly low pitched...great fun. At times I seriously thought my ear drums might burst because it't most fun to do this as close as possible to the parent's ear. It *is* just a phase though.

Give the sleep some time, she had a different schedule for a month, it'll take a couple of weeks to get back into it. Then she'll start teething or get a cold or the moon won't be aligning with the planets correctly...
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Quick post during the napping time....!

Hopefulfaith: 2 years ago - the year I got pregnant w/ds2, we were out in Yellowstone visiting my sil/bil. The sound of the elk bgeling is amazing! The morning that we left there were elk in all the front yards of the houses (Mammoth Hot Springs) just hanging out. There was a young bull with only one antler at one end of the road calling to the herd of females in the yards that were with an older bull. We got some pretty cool pics looking out of the windows.

Anguschick! We lived in Lake, Grant, and Old Faithful during our years there, and fall was one of the -best- times because the elk were in rut and just outside bugling away - I remember cold evenings listening to them fight with their antlers banging and banging together for what seemed like forever! Do your SIL/BIL live in the park or nearby? Are they Park Service?

--I'm so glad to hear the shrieking thing is a phase....yeah, we've got it here, too. I try to provide words when Adam's doing it - i.e., if he's yelling because he can't do something, I'll walk over and say "You can say, 'help, mama!', and I'll come, buddy." or something like that...hoping that in a few months, I'll get requests like that rather than the prolonged frustrated yells...

Kitty, ((hugs, hugs, hugs)) - you are in my prayer, and I'm glad you're asking for help that you need; I'm sorry it is so difficult and stressful. PM me if you have specific prayer needs, mama. BTW, no independent cups or silverware here, yet, either. Adam views them all as lovely, lovely toys, as I'm sure Nathanael does!

Hugs to all who aren't sleeping well now. I understand completely....

Chasmyn, I loved your blog entry and your slideshow - what a beautiful quilt --and an even more beautiful, happy boy!!! It made me really happy to watch that!

Happy Friday, all.

P.S. - One more thing. I had my credit card # stolen yesterday, and luckily discovered it last night... And do you know what the b@stard bought? $779 worth of merchandise from SPEEDO, for Pete's sake. Now, come on. Does he really think I wouldn't notice that?!?!?! I was ticked. The phone calls started last night at 11:30 and continued all morning to try to get this resolved. I was NOT happy. Speedo? Aren't thieves supposed to make less conspicuous purchases? Argh.
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How did you find out your cc was stolen? Was it through fraud protection services calling you? And how did he steal it?

Sil/bil lived in Mammoth Hot Springs until Feb of 2005, then moved out to VT and now they're divorced, sil is back at Mammoth until the end of the month when she's moving to Grand Canyon for a job there. She started as a ranger, many moons ago and now works as a l.e. dispatcher. Her then husband was in law enforcement for the NPS, then FBI, then NPS and now NFS. He seemed like a great guy, then again, we weren't married to him.

Your husband is a ranger? Can I ask which park you're in? How do you like being in the park service? Dh and I sort of fantasize about it, but then we also want to have a farm someday and farming doesn't exactly mesh w/rangering, does it? What was your favorite park?

Sil has worked at Mammoth Cave, Grand Canyon, Statue of Liberty, Smokey Moutains, back to Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Yosemite (I think?), Yellowstone and now back to Grand Canyon. We've visited her at Mammoth, Smokey, the Canyon and Yellowstone. It's a wonderful opportunity to live in such places of grandeur and beauty, no?

Ok - sorry to take the thread soooooooo ot. In other news, dh, ds1 and my in-laws are all ready for us to have another baby. I dont think I'm quite ready yet - I'd do pregnancy and labor any day, but having three kids ages 3, 1 and baby is a little intimidating right now. Sil is pregnant (sister to the ranger, dh's oldest older sister) and isn't very happy. She has two boys (10 and 6) and had many fertility problems, was told that she could never get pregnant again, and voila! She's due at the end of March and it's not helping that her husband is complaining because he'll need to sell his jeep for a vehicle that can fit them all in, the 10 year old is complaining because they "are ruining his life" and the 6 year old "will never get his own room." It's a tough time for her. Dh thinks she wants someone to be pregnant with as all her "mom friends" are done w/babies, as she thought she was. I'm thinking of throwing her a "freezer party" where everyone brings a dish for the freezer, how's that sound to you guys? Cool idea or logistical nightmare?
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the freezer party sounds wonderful..

I have to admit it breaks my heart a little to hear people who are blessed with a pregnancy being so upset over the trival bits of it. I would so love to have another baby. Somedays I wish DH hand't gotten into the habit of going with to all my OB appointments. If he hadn't come to my 8 week PP visit, he'd have never known that the second opinion we requested came back the same as her opinion, that another pg would kill me. I know it was best for Dh and the girls that we did the permanent sterilization thing but it still hurts, kwim?

okay, totally sorry for the OT moment there
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