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YAY Nathaneal! That's so great, Kitty!
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Wow! What a lovely welcome...thank you!

Chasmyn: I actually spent a couple of hours reading your journey and life with Quinn the other night when I first found this thread...I was very moved by your story, and needless to say extremely sad...I just sat on my couch as tears streamed down my face. The picture of you and Quinn as you held him is so lovely and heartbreaking at the same time...I loved looking at Quinn's pictures...he was a very happy little guy...

I didn't get a chance to check out your blog, but will get to it one of these days as Owen allows...and it would be great to meet!!!

Skana, Tova sounds adorable! Owen never scooted on his toosh, even though I would push him around that way! I thought it would be a hoot! But, alas, he did not listen to his mama! Owen didn't crawl till late really, (I can't remember exactly) and just now is walking. I try really hard not to compare him to other children, but I don't always succeed, as I notice that he is slower than his playmates...I hate that I notice those things...I just know he is developing well, at his pace. Sigh...(I don't mean to suggest that you are comparing BTW...just "venting" my own unhelpful internal thoughts!!! :

EStreetmama...WHAT? Another Owen??? I thought we were so original with his name... (J/K) I look forward to meeting you when we move down to Portland!

Hi New Mama! I'm sorry about the house...sending you good vibes...and hoping things still work out!!! We have found a house I LOVE, but being that we haven't even put our home on the market, it seems a bit unrealistic to even think we are going to get it...We did though contact the owner about a possible lease till our home sells, paying them full price, as we know that he is paying two mortgages...so who knows..maybe, maybe...although the thought of us over-extending ourselves financially doesn't appeal...and I know there are other houses...Maybe I just shouldn't look until I'm ready to buy??? Right!

Hi Fridgeart! I love the "yah!"...if Owen ever does anything like that he'd be eaten immediately!!!

Hi Caren!

Hi Kittie! Amalie is what my mom calls me! I love the imitating too..it's really cute! That's how he started with kiss...super cute! I sing the few songs I know, (which is really a limited list...) to Owen, but he doesn't seem too interested...maybe my singing is REALLY bad!!!

OK...off to take Owen outside and watch DH work...Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks again for your welcome. I'm glad I found you.
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Welcome Amalia. If you were born in 1965, we need to talk!

I'm now getting closed-mouth kisses on request. Life is suddenly sweeter...

Here are some new pics. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/katewi...e2.jpg&.src=ph
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Kate, those pics are great! Wow, these babies are all getting so big! Now, since I missed the last 4 months of posting, I may have missed a similar discussion, so feel free to re-direct me. That said, my question for y'all is, what toys do your little ones play with? I'm feeling like Clara is ready for some new toys, and I'd love to ask for a couple really nice things for Christmas. Do you have any recomendations of things that your little ones really get into? She LOVES books, and I always get her more of those, but I'd love for her to explore some tactile things like playsilks or non-toxic crayons.

Amalia, I love your sig. about yarn deals!!!
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CarenSwan - right now A is into stacking and sorting. Really loves her shape sorters, tupperware of various sizes to stack in each other, duplo blocks to take apart and put together (and put away in the box) and at the end of the day, put it all back into the toy basket. The books are getting a good workout and I've given her a paper book (vs. board book) which has yet to be torn or eaten! She's also getting attached to her stuffed dog Sandy and enjoys pushing him around in her cart. An old cell phone is fun now too - she likes to pretend she's talking on the phone and says "hi dada" about a thousand times a day. HTH.
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Amalia -- Welcome. Your story was so sad and how you both handled it seemed so brave. The story -- how you wrote it -- was full of beauty and wonder along with the extreme sadness.

Kitty -- Clap clap for Nathaniel!!

All -- We have walking here, too. After a weekend away with other babies who were walking, O came home and decided to give it more of a try. (During that weekend with the other babies O would not walk AT ALL! As though she didn't want to mess up in front of the others! )

I forget if I told you all already that O made a few sentences. She bonked her daddy in the head -- they like to head butt each other at dinner -- and then said 'that's right!' She also said 'hi dada' and 'that's crazy!'

Gotta get to bed soon. Hugs to all!
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wow, sorting and whole sentences But those things would require Em to sit down for more than two minutes and us to quit translating for her. And since she's our last, I think we'll content ourselves with her timing..
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Just so you know, I started an October thread. I'm kind of excited. I've never started a thread for this group before. I'm not usually that on top of things at MDC!
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