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Three hour Glucose Tolerance Test

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Ugh, just found out my glucose screen test was abnormally high and they want me to take the three-hour glucose tolerance test. Anyone else been through this? I hate the thought of having my blood drawn every hour for three hours, but what worries me the most is the fasting. Apparently, I have to begin fasting at midnight the night before. The test is in the morning at 8:00 am, but continues until 11:00 am (so essentially I will have to go 11 hours without eating). I am not one who can skip breakfast (even when I am not pregnant). I am just so annoyed about the whole thing. Anyone ever refuse the test and just start to follow a strict diet with occasional blood screening?
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I have never taken the 3 hour test but the one and only time I took the one hour I damn near passed out by the time I got home. (Yea.. fasting for pregnant women is a good idea.. NOT!)

I was not even tested wth my middle two, and my midwives just tested me last week with a finger prick about two hours after breakfast a couple weeks ago and it was 109 (which they said was perfect.)

If you have access to a monitor I would test yourself a couple hours after you eat and see what it comes out as. I "think" it is supposed to be under 125 but I am sure a more experianced mamma can answer you on that.
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I failed the one-hour test in my last pregnancy, and took the 3-hour test. I honestly didn't think it was that bad, but I don't mind having my blood taken. I passed the 3-hour test just fine, so I was glad I did it. I think it would be good to know one way or the other since GD can cause complications for the baby, and more importantly could cause your care giver(s) to treat you differently near the time of the birth.

If you decide to just assume that you have GD and adjust your diet, etc., you may get pressure not to go "post-dates" at all for fear of a big baby, and your baby may have to have his/her blood sugar tested at birth, etc. Whereas, 90% of people who fail the one-hour test pass the 3-hour, so there's a good chance you DON'T have GD, and all of those precautions would be unecessary.

I personally also think that 3-hours of waiting around/blood tests/hunger is far preferrable to 2+ months of worrying about sugar/carb. intake and fighting with caregivers about the size of the baby, etc.


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I refused the 1 hour GTT, but I borrowed my dad's glucometer and tested a few times. If you have access to one, you just test 2 hours after a meal. I even included diabetic-unfriendly stuff like high-carb/high-sugar with no protein in sight. That one actually gave me my best reading. Anything under 120 is normal for 2 hours post-meal. Mine was always 91-95, so no blood sugar issues here (and I have risk factors - overweight, dad and uncles are diabetic, I grow big babies).
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I was just over the line for the one hour test. But since I had other signs (doubled pregnancy weight in 4 weeks, family history, overweight) I never had the 3 hour test. Fine by me since the second blood draw for the one hour test had to be taken from the top of my hand. :

To be perfectly honest the change in diet wasn't that big of a deal and actually made me eat much much better than I had been. I don't know how things are done stateside but is there a diabetic clinic in the hospital that will lend out a glucometer and supplies? In Canada I didn't have to pay for anything, the diabetic clinic gave me everything I needed from sharps to insulin.

Basically you have to figure out if getting the 3 hour test and the fasting involved is worse than sticking to the diabetic diet and finding a way to test your sugars.

Good luck making that decision.
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I am so glad to find this post

because I had asked a question about this but hadn't heard anything (I'm sure I posted it in the wrong forum!)

I was wondering too if I could just go buy a little monitor and strips and test myself after eating. I think it is terribly unhealthy to fast like that and drink that horrible orange sugar liquid concotion. Yuck!

So I have been avoiding it for weeks but surely I will be asked about where my lab results are at my next appointment.

I think someone at my hubby's work might have the testing equipment. Maybe he could help me figure it out.
I just don't want to do an unneccesary test that is more stressful on my body.
But I don't want to "get in trouble" either.

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I just took the three hour test today and was so relieved to hear that I was "normal." I did have two babies over 9 pounds and I can tell that sometimes my sugar is off if I don't eat regularly, but I really didn't think I had the gest. diabetes. It was a relief to KNOW though. I too need to eat first thing in the morning, even when not pregnant, so my dh came with me to make sure I ate as soon as the last blood draw was over - we went out for lunch. Maybe you could do the same?
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Originally Posted by americastamps
I was wondering too if I could just go buy a little monitor and strips and test myself after eating. I think it is terribly unhealthy to fast like that and drink that horrible orange sugar liquid concotion. Yuck!
I noticed glucometers advertised for super cheap (under $20 and sometimes free with rebate), but it looks like the test strips cost an arm and a leg - like $100 for a box!

My dad has so many extras, and his insurance pays for it all since he is diabetic, so that's how I was able to go through as many test strips as I needed (I have some amusing stories about my early testings... ). I don't know if there's a good cheap place to get test strips or not.
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I flat out refused the 3 hr gtt. I told my OB I know my body well enough to know for a fact I didn't have GD. I too had failed the initial test... I NEVER pass them... but I never end up having GD. He said alright and said plan b would be to do a two hour fasting before each of my visits. So in other words, if my appt is at 10:30 I would eat at 8:30 and during my appt they would just do the fingerstick and see if my levels are within the normal range. I agreed to this and they have been perfect each time....: I knew I didn't have it... damn doctors think they know everything.
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I have not had GD in my previous 2 pregnancies, so I went into the one hour this time very nonchalantly and lo and behold I failed the one hour this time. : And not just borderline, it was almost 200, which is VERY high, so I am kind of freaked. I had the 3 hour today and probably won't get the results until Monday.

I'm quite concerned about having GD, since we are already planning an early delivery (36/37 weeks). Women with GD are more likely to have other complications which could mena an even earlier delivery. I REALLY hope the results turn out OK.

I'm also at high risk for GD due to my age, being slightly overweight and having a very strong family history.

Incidentally, I used to work for a company that makes home blood glucose monitors. And whoever said that the money is all in the strips is absolutely correct. The machines are a loss leader and the revenue is all in the test strips, which is why the companies give the meters away for free (coupons/rebates).
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I returned from my 3 hour test an hour and a half ago and after eating everything in sight, I am still shaky. This is not a good thing. I guess it's better than testing every 4 hours if I had refused the test but I'm really having a hard time not freaking out of my skin right now.:
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I had the same reaction after my 3 hour test. It took several hours for my blood sugar to stabilize and feel normal.
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