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ff--you're pretty close, although my hair is medium brown and I always wear it up, it is longish and straight. I wear contacts, not glasses, whoever guessed that, and I'm pretty tall (almost 5'9") and very very skinny right at the moment. This is interesting I didn't really visualize anybody, although sometimes I form impressions about people's personalities.

I used to write kid's stories, although I never tried to publish anything and haven't written much of anything for a long time. I play the piano reasonably well. I love to do artsy-craftsy stuff (sewing, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, that sort of thing). And I used to be a police officer in another (pre-marriage and motherhood) life...if you met me in person you'd never guess that (I'm very quiet)
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I used to test software, before that I was a temp worker doing all kinds of stuff, including phone canvassing, working at a car rental agency, and the EPA. I was also homeless for almost a year. I am pretty slim now, but for a long time I was a bit chubby. Breastfeeding fixed that, LOL. I have shoulder length light brown hair and I'm about 5'8".
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Is there an October thread? I can't find it...
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Hey-good question...
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I would LOVE to see pictures! Maybe someone can post some for others.

I am 5'4", medium length brown hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, and weigh a lot. I used to weigh a lot plus ten. Lately I've been afraid to weigh, so it's anybody's guess. I need firefaery's husband's help. Actually, I really just need to work on a diet but just get too busy with other things to focus.

Originally Posted by Annikate View Post
Okay, GF, we need a pic *without* a hat and sunglasses.
Yes, and a full length photo. Oh, but I haven't taken one of those for over a year. : I'll post a new one in a week or so.
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Gale Force-California is the mecca for his style of training. We're going to be out there for a certification in a couple of months (he is for sure, I'm working really hard to be able to do it too. I have a bit to go.) I'm sure he'd be happy to come tell you to lift stuff for the week we'll be there!
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I worked with a trainer before Frederick was born and I was so muscular. It disturbs me how much I lost in all of those crazy years and then with the thyroid crash, it was all over. I was chunky and muscular before, then just chunky, then just fat. I am trying to work on an exercise program at home since I get to town at most once a week.

So where in California are you going?
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The main "homebase" is in the Santa Cruz area, but there are certifications in San Diego and Vista as well. We would both like to do the Santa Cruz space as we'd like to meet the people we've been talking to. We are waiting for Jan/Feb/March to be scheduled. He's like to go in December, but I don't think I'll be ready for that. I think I'm aiming for late Jan. early Feb. Works out anyway-if they were hosting one in Santa Cruz before the end of the year he'd be going for sure without me!
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Here's the October thread.

Oops - I see there already is one!
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Okay Annikate! You are so adorable together!
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