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Is it normal for maternal blood pressure to increase slightly toward the end of pregnancy?

I don't feel the effects of high bp at all, but the last few days that I've had DH measure it, I've been a little higher than normal for me. Normal would be 115-120/75-80ish. Now I'm more like 130-135/ 85-90ish. I'm beyond 40weeks at this point, and expecting active labor at any point now.
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I'm somewhere between 36 and 39 weeks. I am in so much pain right now, I've been crying every day. I have back, hip and joint problems and have been in chronic pain since I was 14.
Recently my back spasms have come back... I'm bigger now than I've ever been, even overdue with my first. I'm so huge and my back hurts so bad. The right side has been in spasm for days and days and nothing helps. I've taken a skeletal muscle relaxant (class B in pregnancy, in case you were wondering) tylenols, rested, bathed, massaged, chiro'd... nothing seems to be helping it and I just wnat it gone so badly! I have so much work to do, editing photos for a job and such, and I have such a hard time sitting.
Not even laying down fully supported and sleeping 8 hours will touch it. It now spasms during the night, and laying down used to be what gave me some temporary relief. Not even that is working right now. No matter what position, my back is burning and knotted.
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Originally Posted by AngelBee
What one did you get?
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Hello! I'm Alice 26. Been married to Rico for 3.5 yrs. This is our first PG.
I just got my + a few hours ago, but have been lurking in this forum for months. I can't imagine birthing anyway but UC. Obviously, if there are complications I'll do what I need to, but otherwise I am looking forward to it being myself and DH.

I do plan to see a midwife a few times for prenatal care, partially out of curiosity and partially for a bit of CMA.

Anyway, I am very excited. DH has not shown any response yet (we were supposed to be TTA but had been very careless very often for months) When I told him he didn't stop what he was doing at all. Hopefully he will be better tomorrow.
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Babs, I'm so sorry you are in pain. I wish I had some kind of magic cure for you.

Welcome Alice and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
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I had a midwife app. yesterday. The midwife and I ended up mostly just talking which was pretty cool. Baby is head down like I thought.
I actually slept really well last night, YAY!!!! I was shocked when I woke up and it had been like 4 hrs since I last got up to pee (boy did I have to go though). It is really rainy here though and that is just sapping my energy. I want to curl up in bed with a good book and I might just do that (and ignore the dirty dishes calling me, oh and those kids J/K ).
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I keep waking up in the middle of the night....for 1-3 hrs at a time Wide awake and I just lay there.

I am not physically uncomfortable.
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Angela, that was happening to me too. But thank goodness last night it didn't, I really needed some sleep.
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby
Angela, that was happening to me too. But thank goodness last night it didn't, I really needed some sleep.
I wonder what it is.

Baby seems to be sleeping while I am up....

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I have no idea , maybe we will be birthing at the that time span or something???
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I have had quite a few of those odd night wakeful moments. I just lay there and wander around in my brain, wondering if I should get up and do something productive....being annoyed that I'm not sleeping.

Babs~ so sorry that you are having such a hard time with your pain!!! It will be over soon!!! Not to much longer before your babe is in your arms!

I am just sooo spaced out these days!! I'm trying hard not to feel like I'm lazy!! I get a bit done and then sit or lay for a while, get up and get some more done. Its hard not to be hard on myself for the lack of visible productivity! Dh is great, he doesn't guilt trip me at all, he is sooo okay with the fact that I am at the end of this pregnancy and things have slowed nearly to a stop. I wish I could be as understanding with me as he is!!
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby
I have no idea , maybe we will be birthing at the that time span or something???
That's waht I was wondering too.

Two nights ago, I planned out how I am going to sew a wool sleep sack and a fleece sleep sack for the baby. Also how to sew chux pads for me.

I do not even know how to sew and I was planning it out for 2 hours! :
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Oh man, I have a terrible time getting to sleep! I have RLS SO bad!
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For Milkymommi!
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Ha! Thanks ... I was looking for this

Here I am ... back again. I haven't actually met several of you since I disappeared over 2 months ago due to no moving and no internet. Hi! Nice to meetcha

So I'm 38 weeks measuring as of last week 44 One babe, lots of fluid and she's VERY large. Nothing new though since my others were biggies too. We suspect no less than 9lbs but probably closer to 10. We shall see, eh? My plug started coming out this morning!!!! I have had a few slimey wipes ( sorry if tmi) and then one ginormous glob. I'm excited but I don't feel prepared.

Everything has been lagging behind due to moving and money. My birth kit won't even be here until the middle of next week- probably wednesdayish. Not that that's a huge deal but it would be nice. I haven't been able to find a stinkin' birth pool online until now that wasn't sold out and now I fear it's too late to order one. I REALLY need it for my bp... if I'm meant to have one I will I suppose. I'm nesting super bad but I am so huge and uncomfy that it's hard for me to do much. DP has designated Sat. as "super clean the house with the kiddos so that mom can relax about the baby coming day" however I'm not too sure we'll make it that far. That's what nesting does to a woman- I feel crazy like I just want everything done RIGHT NOW so I can relax.

So that's where I am at the moment. Feeling good but anxious and physically undone What a combo.
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You sound like you are getting really close! Maybe dp needs to make Thurs clean the house with the kids day!

I have never noticed losing my mucus plug, it must have been really gradual with my other two. I wonder if I'll see this mysterious mucus plug this time.
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Many women do lose it very slowly and just as many don't lose it at all until actual labor sets in. I only experienced it with my 1st babe and not again till now. It was a pretty good glob but certainly not the whole thing. I keep checking for more but nothing yet

Yep dp busted out the kitchen today while I slept then went to work @ 2. Then my best friend called and said she was coming over at 5:30 to help me clean my house yipeeee! Not sure what'll be left since it's really just deep cleaning stuff and mounds of laundry that needs folding. It sure will make me feel better though.

Lot's of BH and crampiness... see the new midwives tommorrow- not sure why I'm going
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Well... I am officially happy...

I have been tracking baby's position and for the last week the babe has been LOA!!! I know that I am only 31 weeks and that baby can flip quite a few times before the end but this is a BIG deal for me...
Both of my boys were posterior the WHOLE pregnancy... their backs were against my back and it was really hard for the HB to be heard... also the placenta was very low and their cords were very short... they never moved from their position they just stayed there the whole time...

Anyways... this babe has been all over the place... changing positions every few days... it is he first time that I have noticed the same postition for such a long time...

I just hope the baby stays there now!!!
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Paxye's baby stay where your at!! I know my baby is head down but I'm not sure how to figure out the rest.

Milkymommi, how did the midwife app. go (if you've already been)?
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Originally Posted by Sheacoby
Paxye's baby stay where your at!! I know my baby is head down but I'm not sure how to figure out the rest.
Spinning babies is the best place to figure it out...
here is a step by step....
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