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So Big! --June '04 Toddlers, Fall '06 thread--

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It's September First! I feel like BooBah is so big, what with her choosing not to wear diapers and having such strong opinions about everything. She's been refusing to wear anything that's not made of super soft fleece, and she's such a big girl (even though she hasn't grown physically recently). I'm in love. :

How's it going?
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We're doing well. Lily is our entertainer. If she does something andher sisters laughshe takes it to the next level to get them to laugh harder. I feel like I live in a comedy show. She's also so incredibly independant. She has to do everything herself. I can't tell you how many times a day I count to 10 and take a deep breath.:
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Subbing To Thread Stop Moving In Two Days Stop Don't Know What We're Doing Stop Moving With Two Year Old Interesting Experience Stop To Say Nothing Of Intermittent Hurricane Warnings While Trying To Move Stop Glad Everyone Is Well Stop MDC WON'T LET ME KEEP IT IN ALL CAPS WHICH SPOILS THE WIT OF IT STOP Here Ends This Telegram From The Southern Front Stop
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Liz I've been thinking about you and hoping that you were safe fron Ernesto. Good Luck w/ your move!
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Killy's quite the big boy, too - physically and developmentally! He just cracks me up all the time, he's very observant and in that phase where he repeats anything and everything adults say. Especially if other adults find it funny!

My parents are visiting this weekend, so I won't be online much. I hope everyone has a good Labor Day!
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Thanks Rynna for starting the new thread!

We're doing incredibly well. Partial weaning (3X a day) has been SO positive. I have so much more energy and I just feel like I'm really enjoying her so much more now that I'm not spending so much time trying to stay one step ahead of her nursing demands!

She got her first pair of 'big girl sneakers' last week. Loves climbing and jumping and is just looking so grown up (in a two year old sort of way).

Lily is really picking up on adult expressions too. The other day in the car someone cut me off and she said...."Mama, some people don't know how to drive. That's what Papa says."

I told DH and he was like...Thank God that's all I said. I had no idea she was even listening to my grumblings.

She also told the dog the other day....Hey Gilly. Come here. I have some options for you. Ok Gilly. You need to make a choice...which stick do you want to play with. The big one. Ok. Good choice Gilly.
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Originally Posted by dharmama
Lily is really picking up on adult expressions too. The other day in the car someone cut me off and she said...."Mama, some people don't know how to drive. That's what Papa says."

I told DH and he was like...Thank God that's all I said. I had no idea she was even listening to my grumblings.
: My kids do stuff like that all the time... only I do say more!

Liz, I'm glad you seem to be maintaining your sense of humor!

I found two *adorable* pairs of shoes for BooBah a few weeks ago at ross; 6.5 XW and 7 W. The 6.5's are just brown suede with velcro, they're pretty boring, but the 7's are the most freaking adorable navy blue boots you've ever seen. I'll try to find or take a picture of them later.

Bella's learning to crawl! She's such a muffin. : Right now she's dowwnstairs waking Mike. She's also covered in chocolate, because I fell asleep last night and forgot about a small bit of chocolate that *I* had left in bed. I'm supposed to be the grownup! Horrible, no? I got most of it off of her (it melted all over her onesie) but she's still got a few patches. I'm such a freak.
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Shoes. How perfect, they're called "Sadie," apparently! These are similar, the same design & floral pattern, only BooBah's are navy blue leather. The flower pattern shows up so much more clearly on the dark, smooth leather. I love them!
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We just bought some boots today at Target--R is now in a size 9!

Liz, hoping everything is going well for you and can't wait to hear from you when you get settled.
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: OMG, BeanBean wears a nine! Granted, it's a nine-ridiculously-wide, but still only a nine.
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I know, it's crazy, isn't it? She's got a very narrow foot, so his probably *look* more like nines than hers do. I still have trouble going to the right size for her because they *look* humungous.

Is anyone else's kid obsessed (OBSESSED!) with lining things up? I adore this because it reminds me of what I liked to do as a kid, and it totally cracks me up. Today it was all her vehicles stood up on end in a row on the couch. I think she might have a future as a conceptual artist...
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Lily likes to line shoes up and she knows which shoes belong to who, even visitor shoes. It cracks me up!

I'm so sad tonight. One of my former students was killed in a car accident. He was racing another former student, lost control and hit a tree head on. he was 17. 17!! It's crazy! I guess they were drinking. They were both good boys, at least 8 years ago when they were in 3rd grade. The one who was killed didn't have the best home life. His parents were divorced and mom was a fruitcake, dad tried but mom had custody. Our communities where we live have lost so many young kids in the past few years. It really scares me to think my girls are going to grow up and be faced w/ so many crazy choices. I feel so bad for his family, he has an older brother and a little sister(I worked w/ all 3 of them) So sad! I have to for the first time go to a funeralof a former student. I would so prefer to go to weddings and baby showers.
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Sandi, that's so depressing.

BeanBean went through a serious lining-things-up phase when he was this age, but BooBah's not interested. She's only interested in wearing fleece pajamas and nothing else. I've decided that I'm going to try making her some bottoms, because her legs are super short. She really needs a 2 on the bottom and at least a 3 on the top (a four isn't too big), so I'm gonna try (try being the operative word) to find an inexpensive, super easy pants pattern and some fleece.

Bella is sick; she caught a cold from BizzyBug. BooBah is also sick-- two poopy accidents yesterday, when she hasn't even pooped in a diaper since before her birthday. I think she's dehydrated, too, and she looks like somebody hit her in the eyes, poor kid. I hate it when the kids are sick and miserable, it just makes me feel utterly impotent.

Today is the first official day of cyberschool!! There's an assembly at nine, but I have to log in early because I don't have have a high speed connection. Hopefully we'll be moving to high-speed in the near future. : You can get it for $35 a month, which is pretty much what we're paying now for dialup. Mike's only concern is antivirus software (a valid and pressing one for us!); right now we get ours at a discount through our ISP. Here's hoping Embarq offers the same thing.
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Obessive lining up and doing things in the correct order here, too. My dad was explaining Killy's rules for rolling things down the slide in the backyard: balls first, in ascending order according to size, then vehicles, also in ascending order of size. And, if anything was rolled down the slide out of order, everything had to be started again. And, we also have to sing our blessing twice everynight. And, there's a million other obsessive things he does...
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We are night weaning here. I need sleep and Lily wanting to nurse all night long is making it impossible for me to get any sleep let alone a good night's sleep. Last night was horrible! She woke up at 11:00 and because I was still awake I nursed her back to sleep. THne she woke up at 3:30 and pawed at me for 40 minutes before I finally got dh to take her back to her room. She flipped out and wouldn't even let him touch her. I went in and she held her hands up to me, I picked herup she snuggled against me and we went back to my bed where she fell asleep until 7:30. I told my dh that I feel horrible about night weaning her but at the same time I NEED sleep! I'm a much better mommy when I've gotten a good night sleep. This was all spurred on by her sleeping until 5:30 in the morning one night which gave me 6 1/2 hours of solid sleep. I felt so much better the next day. I had energy, I wasn't short w/ everyone. It was great. Of course the next several nights she was up every hour to nurse and would nurse non-stop. I keep telling myself it's going to get better. The other two were so much easier to night wean!
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We had a big weekend here, my parents came to visit and it was lovely. We did it all: children's farmstead, local arts and crafts festival, Renfest, train restaurant, the park, church... it was fabulous. Here's a few pics: me and Killy, and then Killy being cuddly, Ellie crawling around the park, and DH and the kids wiped out. Oh, and I put new pics in my sig.

ARGH! The knocking Ellie down and stomping her fingers things is really driving me nuts. I pull him up into my lap and ask him what he can do to make Ellie feel better, and he'll say, "Sorry, Ellie!" and frantically blow her kisses, or ask to go hug her. But, then he'll do the same thing 5 minutes later. Its really testing my patience.

He comes out with some really funny things, though! My parents were visiting, so DH and I were taking a shower together. When we came downstairs afterward, Killy jumped up and said, "Nice to Ellie!" so DH said, "Awwww... were you being nice to Ellie?" and in a really, quiet, guilty voice after a pause, Killy said, "No." Why does he tell on himself? That's just silly! Later, Killy was being rough with me while he was in the Ergo, and my mom said, "Killy, I want you to be nice to mommy - she's MY baby!" and Killy looked at her like she was nuts and said, "No! Ellie's a baby!" Hmmm... writing it out, those don't sound too funny. I guess you had to be there...
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I have new pics in my sig, too, under Rynna, BeanBean, and BooBah. I've got more Bella pics, but I haven't had time to sort through them yet. I really, really, really need to get a digital camera.

QoC-- He tells on himself because he thinks you already know; when they're teensy, kids believe that everyone can read their minds. Just wait until he figures out lying... : BooBah is not remotely disingenuous, but she's learned to lie from her brother. She's also picked up a flair for drama from him-- "If you don't give me jellium, I'll never be happy again! I will never have jellium, never!" Real tears and everything! : That's pure BeanBean. Hilarious, and oh-so-awful to live with.
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I forgot we had a new thread!

Dd had her first day of preschool today! Of course, she loved it and had a great time. I'm not social enough to keep the poor little thing home with me all the time. Ds and I had a great time hanging out together while she was there. I've never really had one-on-one time with him. I think this will work out well for us.

I'm glad to hear everything is going well for all of you!

BTW, Rynna, dd had those same navy boots last fall. They are adorable!
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Just in the last few days DD has figured out the phrase "I don't know!" and she says it in this incredulous voice as if she can barely believe that all she has to do is admit this and someone will tell her the information she doesn't have. Again, perhaps one has to hear it but it is so freakin' funny!

Sandi, I hope the nightweaning is going well. Sometimes I really feel like doing it, but nightnursing doesn't really bother me that much. Bedtime battles, on the other hand, are making me . Thank goodness the days are getting shorter so we don't have sun glaring into our bedroom until 10pm any more...

QoC, great pics as always. You are looking wonderful, mama.

Hey Rynna, I don't think I ever saw a picture of YOU before. Now I know why your children are so beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Balancin1
Hey Rynna, I don't think I ever saw a picture of YOU before. Now I know why your children are so beautiful.

There is a picture of me on my blog, just one, though. I do my best to stay on the other side of the camera, because I hate looking at my fat body... It's bad enough I have to see the tags in my clothes.
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