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7 weeks and showing?!?

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This is my second pregnancy and I can't believe how pregnant I already look at just 7 weeks. I am not too big in general, 5'6", and 130 lbs., but my body is changing very quickly this time and my belly is sticking out. I look about how I did at 5 or 6 months with the first pregnancy. I'm quickly growing out of my pants and am not ready for maternity clothes just yet... Are others experiencing this with their subsequent pregnancies? My husband keeps telling me "your pregnant" that's why you have a belly but I tell him that it's not baby yet. I can't help but feeling fat and that I have a long way to go with my body only getting bigger.
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It's more than likely that because of the first pregnancy, your muscles are more relaxed and the uterus remembers what to do so you do tend to show sooner with subsequent pregnancies.

Of course, twins have been quite contagious this month...
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yes, I thought of twins, that would be a surprise!! But I think it's me just gaining weight quickly.
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I'm 8 weeks and have been showing for a while, or at least, it feels like that to me. And I don't have a previous pregnancy under my belt!

I'm sure it's from the fact that all I have the energy to do is lie down. A lot.
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I'm a bit fluffy and figured like past pregnancies i'd still be in regular clothes and not showing until 15-20 weeks. But I can already tell that the shape of my belly has changed. It's like the saggy pouch i had there is more firm and is sticking out more. I'm 8 weeks today.
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I started having trouble zipping up my pants only 5 days after conception, which is about when I had implantation bleeding. This is my third pregnancy, and I remember showing early with my second too, just not *that* early. So, ya, it is totally possible to be showing already, even if it isn't really baby that is making your belly pooch out.
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This is my second pregnancy and I am hoping to stay in my clothes for a little while because of a fear I will never wear them again. Although, I guess that will be up to me and how much effort I put towards losing the weight. I think my belly looks a little more pooched than normal but I can't really tell if it is or I am imagining it because I can still wear my clothes.
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Fourth pregnancy, will be seven weeks tommorow and yes showing. I was going to wait to tell my boss but I had to...even my mom said I showing and am I sure Im just seven weeks?
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This week, i popped. Ugh, time to go shopping for fat pants.
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i'm eight weeks along with baby2 and i have certain pants that are already tight! my dh teases me about twins...yikes.

anyway...i hope i don't keep getting bigger at this rate...i didn't even show until i was five months last time around!
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Almost 8 weeks with third baby and starting to pop out here too! It wouldn't bother me except that I wanted to keep this under wraps at work (since I will likely quit) but I'm not sure how long I will be able to do that! I have a court date in late September and will need a maternity (or at least larger) suit!
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My Mum (who I haven't told yet) told me yesterday that I had lost weight from my butt and legs but seemed to have gained a little in my belly (Mum and I go to Weight Watchers together, this was a perfectly expected non offensive comment!!). Ugh, I can't wait till tomorrow when I tell her.

Oh and Im 6 +3 today
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I'm not showing yet, but my pants are starting to feel a little tight around the belly.
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i am 6 week and i put on some jeans this morning and they won't be fitting much longer! i hope that i can put off getting anymore clothes intill fall tho i don't want to have to get a fw summer thing just for a few weeks.
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my 2nd pg too, and i'm spending a lot of time with my pants unbuttoned starting around 7 week, too. i've been doing the rubber band trick - loop the rubber band around your buttonhole and use that to hook on the button.

i don't have a pg look yet, and i haven't gained any weight, but things are definitely shifting around!
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I just started showing. Actually I just noticed today, I put on a somewhat form fitting sweater (well it wasn't that way before and you can really, really tell I am prego, almost 7 weeks here and pregnancy #2. The only pants I am fitting into are my fat pants, the ones I did have to wear a belt or they would fall off. I think I have maybe gained 2 lbs. I guess that means I will have to start telling people!
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I'm in the same boat My pants are too snug to zip, but I'm still too small for my maternity pants from the past two pregnancies (they're big anyhow 'cause I lost a lot of weight between these kids this time). I was only 4 weeks along and had only found out a few days prior and had people corner me on being pregnant again! The form really does follow I guess lol
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