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Hey ladies! I've been lurking for a few days and thought I would just go ahead and make my presence known. I'm a first time mom, and dh and I are expecting the new addition to our family to make his or her appearance sometime around Nov. 12th. I don't think I'm quite as "crunchy" as some of the other mamas here, but plan to have a natural childbirth, breastfeed right on past the 6 and 12 month marks, cosleep, at least while baby is nursing frequently at night, and steer all three of us clear of overly processed foods. It's so nice to find a communitiy that will support all of these things!!

Congratulations to everyone! I'm sure you're all excited about the arrival of your own little blessings, and I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of this journey with you all!!
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Welcome newbie! I'm a first time mom-to-be as well, due a week after you, and also not very crunchy, yet!...where have you been hiding the past 6 months?
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so glad you've joined us -we're a pretty mellow bunch; must be all of those delicious baby hormones
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