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Originally Posted by MonkeyPrincess View Post
Haven't read all the posts...but this made me want to cry.

"In addition, one Australian study showed that babies exposed to five or more ultrasounds were 30 percent more likely to develop intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)--a condition that ultrasound is often used to detect.36 "

I was diagnosed with IUGR with my first baby. I was told he was small with the first "routine" u/s. Then he was on track, but was already labeled as small so they wanted to monitor. I had probably 6-8 u/s to watch his growth. I was eventually induced after the level 3 u/s said he hadn't gained weight in a month. They told me I'd be lucky if he was 4 pounds.

8 hours later (after an excruciating, torturous labor for both of us!), he weighed in at 5'15. Gee, I wonder why.

Oh God, I really just feel like crying now. I always justified how his birth went because he was at risk and we were lucky he was okay. This really just makes me very upset. And to be honest, I don't know why I didn't realize this sooner - I had two and I had two, but I never put them together to make four. I feel awful. Because of the way his birth went, it affected my second and third births. I can't believe this. I feel sick.
You know one thing I wonder about that statistic is how many of the IUGR babies were already diagnosed as such before they had the 5+ u/s scans. Take your situation for example. Your baby was already small at the first u/s. He could very well have had the same progression without the extra scans. Statistical information can usually be molded to make whatever point you want to make. You would really need to examine the actual study to know the real answer, if there even is one. So please don't be too hard on yourself about it. Yes, there's a chance the extra scans had something to do with it, but there's also a chance that they didn't. And in any event, you were only doing what you thought was best for your babe at that time.

Back to lurking and learning.
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Heres my two cents. U/s is just now being studied on babies in utero. Sure there are good points to it, but with my studies, I have found that they are now finding problems with scans. We dont know what effect it will have on our children, because of lack of research. Yes I have a lot of abnormalities in my family, also my husbands. But how do I know that a scan might not cause something? I would feel really bad if I knew something was questable even borderline unsafe, and my once just fine child now has a problem. Besides u/s only catch 35% of abnormalities, just like how blood testing produces alot wrong results.

Mainly I feel woman need to trust their instincts. If they feel something is wrong, they need to look at their options. 99% of the time our babies will not have any abnormalities. We need to trust that is our selves that we can grow a healthy child. For millions of years we have survived with out "modern tecnology." Edcuation is key as with anything. It is all still about choice.
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I am having an ultrasound next Friday to get a baseline for my cervix, I will be 12 weeks. I had a LEEP and a cold cone biopsy surgery this spring and summer and should really have waited a little longer to get pregnant, but that's in the past, I *AM* pregnant now and it happened before my cervix could fully recover, it's already shorter than it should be and this ultrasound and future ones in this pregnancy will be to monitor the length and integrity of my cervix.

I had some ultrasounds with my dd who is 3 now and she did not have any growth problems, she is left handed but so is my dh and ALL of his sibs, so I don't really attribute that to the u/s in her pregnancy.

I would really like to know if I am having a girl or boy this time around too, since it is most likely my last pregnancy and I am a planner by nature and like to know things.

In my last pregnancy which ended in a late miscarriage at 17 weeks, I had no ultrasounds and no doppler. My midwife used the fetoscope only. And that pregnancy ended badly. I wish I had known that the baby was not developing. I might have known that if I'd had an ultrasound.
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Originally Posted by babycatcher01 View Post
Mainly I feel woman need to trust their instincts.

So true! But the problem is women today are taught to ignore, question and deny their instincts. They are taught to fear their bodies and made to believe doctors need to "save" their babies from their bodies. :

Sorry, I really do agree with you but I am a Childbirth Educator at a local hospital and what I hear from these moms is just unbelievable. And very sad. Not saying mommas on here think that way, just most moms - very, very mainstream moms - that I come in contact with.
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