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and checking in on the imminent arrival (because even though it doesn't feel like it, it is soooo close.)

I only walked today. I had a little twinge of mastitis the last few days and haven't felt up to much. Must have been the stress of moving my mother, which btw, was much worse than I ever imagined moving anyone could be. I hope she never ever ever moves again.

I have her stupid piano and a chair in my garage now. I am sure it will be months before I can use that space again. My mom is so great about so many things, but her ADD can really get to me.

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Subbing and I did my "speed" workout tonight. 5 miles with two 1-mile repeats in the middle. I think I *may* be getting faster...
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Originally Posted by Naughty Dingo
HBM, I made the Scalini's eggplant dish and 48 hours later was holding DD2!

Maybe your babe will get busy once you give up and settle down for the night.

I hope so!

no WAY!
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running related
1. no half marathon for me. see above posts about being overemployed

2. no run this morning for me because I have mastitis. ick. On the other hand, it is an official day to stay in bed and knit or something. Need to call my doc later today for a prescription because I cannot kick this on my own. In the 48ish hours I think I've had it it has only gotten worse (of course that could be because I was working and what not).

Leah can now sign for more. She did it twice a month or so ago and hasn't done it since. Last night she was going nuts over some lentils and was very excitedly saying "more".

Erin's language came really early. At ~22 months we went camping at a friend's cabin and her dad (retired early childhood language guy) told us she was speaking WAY early....we had no idea. But we just read a lot to her and were happy with anything she said. I noticed that when we pushed her AT ALL, she backed up about 3 steps. So she said "uppy" and we said "yes, that is a puppy." and moved on.

HBM wishing you happy labor vibes soon.
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!buenas dias, mujeras! ?que tal?

good morning, ladies! what's up?

I love this quote from the October Runner's World from Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong's coach and now Dean Karnazes coach: "Nobody does anything great who doesn't also take great risk. Athletics is all about inspiration. What people are able to achieve in doing the unachievable is inspiring."

Get inspired and take that great risk! For one it may be enter the 5K when they have never raced before, for others it an ultra marathon, and lots more fall in between. We all can achieve great things!!!
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On your quote, RM, Ramadan is 3 weeks off, and I am looking forward to approaching the month with positivity and gratitude, and enjoying every run I manage to do after breaking my fast in the evening!

OK...and I want to say, I think dh and I have reached a new plane of disagreement. It's a good one. We can disagree and function. And even LAUGH about it. I've given up on trying to convince him, deciding he does not have to approve of everything I do. And it works for me. I feel less like a dancing animal now.

(He suggested, too, that I disappear for the day today.: I think I will.)
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ijooj, i loved it when i got to a similar place with dh. lately since i turned 39 and with 40 approaching, i've been thinking about how, to me, i've tapped danced around him, unconsciously trying to constantly please him. i took a long hard look at the last 10 years and decided the next 10 would not be like that. in that instant, i was over tap-dancing and worrying and caring for him emotionally. that was it. i'm done. it's so liberating!!! we don't have to agree and it's okay. not only is it okay, it's like totally normal. there are some things that are negotiable and some that aren't. i no longer care whether he agrees or not. let him figure out how to compromise and deal with and live with it. it's a bit uncomfortable at times as he is getting used to this new me, but the payoff is enormous. he does keep mentioning how happy and thriving we all are. it's so nice to walk away totally letting go so he can work through the problem WITHOUT ME!!! Oh and another thing: I don't think we should be each other's therapist. There's too much at stake and it's too personal. oh and since i'm happier, i think there's he's become more attracted to me. go figure.
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: : :
Go Lofty!
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Hi ladies!

DH is running once again. If anyone remembers he had issues with his knees that no Dr. could diagnose, but he said he was going crazy and needed to try it. We went on our 2nd run together this morning and still no complaints about the knees. Running with him sure pushes me to faster though... I thought my PowerBar wouldn't stay down this morning.

When we got back, I even managed to do my 2nd day of weights this week for arms. It sure feels good to get things accomplished. I pray I can keep up this schedule as the school year goes on.

OH! DH and I also decided that we are doing the YMCA Biathlon on September 30th. It's a 5K run and a 12 mile bike. It sounds right up my alley, and I am pretty excited about it. Now I need to break out the bike once a week or so to feel prepared... and a "brick" might help.

1jooj ~ So what are your plans for the day?

kerc ~ Take care.

HBM ~ Where are you? Are things moving along? *crosses fingers*

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend!
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I'm here. Nothing's going on. Oh well, I'll happen what it's supposed to. I'm dreading going to church tomorrow b/c we've already been getting the "when are they going to induce you" crap. I don't think many ladies there actually even went to 40 weeks. :
We went to the town farmer's market this morning and got some yummy figs (for $2/lb ) and some other goodies. The girls picked out the biggest peaches I have ever seen-they weighed over a pound EACH. Then we went to the library's used book sale and got lots of kids books and I found Wise Woman Herbal for $.50. SCORE! It's nice and quiet right now with everyone reading their new books.
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labor day, hbm. maybe. baby.
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Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well! Finished my first week of the couch to 5K. Yah! I was going to do the Run for the Cure in October, but I already commited to something else that day so I am looking for another 5K around that time. I am really trying to lose some weight before my sister's wedding in December but I don't want to affect my milk supply and I seem to be starving all the time.

I am really commited to keeping up with you ladies this month and getting some motivation to stay on track.

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!
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Hi Mamas! (Present and Future)

I guess I will jump in and introduce myself since it is a new month! I am Abby, mama to two girls, 6 mos and 3 years. I live in rural Maine, and we run an organic farm. I started running after older dd was born to try to get back in shape. In spring of '04 I did the C25k, then kind of ran out of steam when I got to the end of the training plan. (I also used to post on the running thread during that time) Fast forward to spring of '06, after having little dd, I just needed something to do for myself that was a healthy stress reliever and would maybe help me feel better physically. So I did a modified version of c25k. Can I just say how much easier it was the second time around? Even after having a really rough pg w/little dd, and not really doing anything for almost a year... so now I am running 11-15 miles a week usually. During the weekdays, I run during the day, pushing my two in the double jogger, running very very slowly. I really try to get two runs in on the weekends, because it feels sooooo good to run without the stroller, and I feel fast, even though I'm maybe running 10 minute miles, on a fast day, with the wind behind me . I have (my first ever!) two 5k's planned for this month. This one on the 10th Dan Cardillo Memorial 5k and this one on the 24th Organic Foot Race So, I am pretty excited about both of those races! And the Organic one is only a few miles from my house, which, if you live as rurally as we do, never happens. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know all of you....oops, little dd is paging me , she has excellent computer radar.

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hbm...we'll be home on Monday....think he or she is going to hold out???? I hope not for your sake but maybe that Labor Day baby will happen after all. Hang in there, I know it's rough, and ITA with no church! Unless you want to practice your (clueless look) "Who are THEY?". And Scalini's is SO tasty even if it doesn't produce a baby.

eksmom--what's going on? been worried about you mama.

we are at my mom's and it's been really nice. we hit the farmer's market in Knoxville and got some grass-fed beef and veggies. Fried green tomatoes tonight! I'm preaching THREE services tomorrow and it's going to be exhausting, but nice to see everybody I'm sure.

warning, family vent ...my dad's family is so stinking big and clingy. I usually don't tell them I'm in town because then they assume that all 50 of them can drop over and invade my kids' personal space, and they want to do things all weekend and get offended if we don't. This weekend I decided to be gracious and tell them we were going out to eat on Friday lunch, and invite them to meet us there. So some of them came and it was nice. But they are calling wanting us to do more stuff...it's like nothing is ever enough and they want a piece of me and my kids. I'm not articulating this very well but I just get annoyed that I can't just have a visit with my mom without being invaded...I have to hide from them and the one time I don't hide I get annoyed all weekend with calls. Anyway, I know it could be a lot worse, but this has just been since I was a little kid that they travel in a pack and I always find it overwhelming and it kills me to see dd and ds now doing the same thing. Argh. done now.

welcome missbliss!

no running for me. my knee is STILL swollen and clicky. I'm going back to the chiro on Tuesday. take care mamas!
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hi ladies-

we just got back from taking the kids bowling and i am at a loss for words. let me describe my 5 1/2 yr old son: bright, sensitive [very] and articulate...but he also gets very down on himself if he doesn't do everything JUST right, or perfect, actually.

we took him to a child psychologist who said he may have a mild case of OCD, but his disposition is so sweet, he told us we really have nothing to worry about [except, i am a mother = i worry]

anyway, ds was getting really down on the fact that he couldn't bowl a strike and at one point he turned around after watching the few pins go down and made a move, like a karate chop to his face and said 'i'm cutting myself, i'm cutting myself'

i gathered him up in my arms, and calmly asked if i heard him correctly. and he said 'yeah like cutting myself like with a knife cause i didn't get a strike'

my dh and i have both talked to him quietly and with lots of love telling him why it's scared us to hear him say that and how she should not ever feel like hurting himself, etc etc

anyone know of any good books i can read about perfectionist children and getting them to relax a little bit? i'm literally floored right now.

ok - sorry for the off topic stuff - too stunned to run right now
thanks for listenin'
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Oh, Poppy, for you and your DS. I have to go eat supper right now but I will come back. I'm thinking of you, mama.
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I wish I had advice for you, but I will be thinking of you and your DS. I hope you get the information that you need to help you through this.
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poppy, oh i wish i knew what to say.
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poppy -

I went for a good run this morning - but I think you had better delete me from the half-list at the beginning of the thread. It isn't going to happen.

I found a bike at a yard sale this morning - an old three speed that fits just right - all I need. I live in a prety flat area and I just want something to get around on. It was fun to go for a short ride!

Had an awful moment wih dd1 this afternoon. dd2 had a friend over and her mom stayed to have tea with me. This friendof dd2 and my older dd don't get along that well. In the past the other little girl has damaged things of my dd's while playing with her sister and my dd gets really angry and says hurtful things to her. Sometimes they play okay but I keep an eye on them. There were a few of those moments today but things seemed to be going okay. I had forbidden the two little girls from playing in my daughters' shared bedroom to avoid the damaging stuff issue. There was a bit of whispering and name calling going on and then it seemed like my older dd had one more thing than she could take and she lost control. It was terrible. She is two years older than this other little girl and she started screaming at her, said she would throw her bike at her - and then she did. She didn't hit the girl when she pushed her bike, but she scared her and my dd was practically berserk, screaming, arms flailing, saying terrible things. I had to take her into the house to calm her down. When we came back outside my friend said that they were leaving, that her dd didn't want to come here again and that she didn't want her child coming here again. She was nice about it, but I was in tears by the end of the conversation (along with dd.) She said that if our daughters were going to play together, it would have to be at their house from now on. I don't feel comfortable with that for a whole host of reasons - unless I can be there too, which won't happen because I can't leave my other children at home so I can supervise one there, KWIM? dd has written a letter to the little girl apologizing for what she did, saying she knows it was hurtful and wrong, telling her what made her so upset and asking how they can get along from now on. She also wrote a note of apology to the mother. I will drop them off tomorrow, probably. I feel like crap right now. It really stinks to have a friend say they are no longer comforatble having their child at your house for something your chidl did. I don't blame her, and yet I am still upset. How do I tactfully say - without excusing one bit my daughter's violent reaction - that I see her daughter doing subtle things that lead to conflict and trouble (this has been going on all year) but playing little, sweet and innocent to parents and teachers?

Sorry to go on so long. I wish the whole thing hadn't happened. I was looking at Barbara Coloroso's book on bullying (just read it recently and picked it up afetr all this happened) and I can't see what I am doing wrong with this dd. How do I help her learn to control her temper? Didn't someone here just become a child psychologist? Please help!:
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to Poppy & Shanti, I wish there was some way I could help or something I could say to make you both feel better.

No running here to report - slacker, slacker, slacker. Hopefully I'll get out the door tonight. I haven't been sleeping well, and feel like a slug today. I'll try to get out and at least run 3. My running has seriously declined in the last two weeks and I really want next week to the week that I run right out of the slump, before it gets any worse.

I think I'm done with distance until the New Year, and will just do 10's for my LR's and nothing further. Maybe that way I can rest a bit, and decide if I want to train for a marathon again next year. I don't want to be burnt out, either body or mind, kwim?
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