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Originally Posted by CherylAnn View Post
Lisa, that's so great about your hip!!! So, glute muscles were the culprit? Hmm.

I did a 40 min. run today and it was HARD! I've been restricting my calories lately and it's starting to show. But, I'm okay with it. As long as I can still run, even if it's not a good run, I'm fine. I really want to drop this weight and I have the right mindset to do it now. So far I'm down more than 5 lbs!!

YAY!!! way to go on those 5 lbs, losing weight is hard!!

The sacro-iliac pain was due to imbalance in hip stability muscles. I'm doing more pilates to concintrate on the lower abs (I knew those were horrible), and the physical therapist is giving me all kinds of "glut max and glut med" exercises to go along with the pilates, running, and yoga that I"m already doing. During running, the left hip would rotate back while the right hip would rotate forward. the hips are supposed to stay on the same plane (if htat makes sense). I'm going to ask the doctor about the bone spurs on the pubic bone, that's got me concerned now too.

off to work on my abs, and my yoga. have a great day ladies!!

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Lisa, that's similar to the explanation Phil was given on his.

Things were evidently so far outta whack for so long he's now having to relearn how to kick a soccer ball. His timing is all off.

I'm down a few pounds too. Odd, but I've been eating like no tomorrow. Maybe biking to work? It never made a difference in the past, but this is a pretty major, sudden change.
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post
I love it! (spoken from the gal who cut her hair like that a year ago and now wants to grow it back out, we'll see...)

CherylAnn- I so empathize with you on the weightloss thing...Are you using sparkpeople again? That's what I have done this time and think I am about done loosing. That's a weird notion for me to be encountering. But also means my mother and I are going shopping next weekend b/c I need all new pants practically.

Will run today(short) and tomorrow(long). Just need to get out there. I think my legs have recovered finally from the 15 miler. My spirit needs it the most though.
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Moonshine-I just started a Music Together class with my kids and they love it! Well, Zoe actively loves it and Nora loves it strapped to my chest in the MT. Nora loves anything where she gets to "kidwatch", I think she may have inherited mil's obsession with peoplewatching .

It is rainy rainy here today. I'm off to the Y in a few to do some running, I haven't decided how much yet. My friend also drops her kids off at the same time and we often walk together, but I really need to run today in order to be in a good place for my next race. Hopefully I won't seem rude in picking the TM over her company ....

I think my pp weightloss has hit a plateau again. I stopped tracking food on sparkpeople because I pretty much eat the same things all the time, but I think I need to actively pay attention again. Since I went through a lot of eating disorder stuff in the past I try not to get too obsessive about anything, and really try not to weigh myself, just to go by how things are fitting. sigh. dh's family all have hyperthyroid issues, and talk constantly at me and behind my back about weightloss. : I'm good at blocking it out, but really, sometimes it does get to me.

RM-do you have pubic bone pain when you run? Sometimes after longer runs lately I've been feeling little twinges, which always makes me worried that I'm pg(not really possible), since that is the only time I've experienced pubic bone issues before.
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TODAY is the 1 year anniversary of KERC LURK 2005!!!


Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Leah
Happy birthday to you

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: leah! long live kerc lurk!

i have been meaning to post that i have run every other day now for 2 weeks! i am feeling good. today is my off today, but i am heading to my son's school for their fundraiser which is track running related - i can't wait to see my little buddy run.

i just found out yesterday that a former co-worker of mine lost his wife very suddenly while they were out for a family bike ride. she collapsed and never recovered. they have 2 young daughters [school age, not infant] and my heart is so heavy for this family.

[grnmtnmama - they live in burlington and he works where both our dh's used to work, not sure if you know this family]
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kerc, I think I was being a dingbat about your link. Now I get it. Very cute hair! It has so much body on top!! Like loftmama, I have been growing mine out. I cut off my nearly waist-length hair almost 4 years ago and it's taking me forever to get it to just a medium length style. But yours is so adorable short!

Lisa, that makes so much sense. My PT mostly focused on my shoulder and I don't really have any visits left. He gave me hip exercises, but they didn't seem to do anything. My chiro says it's rotating in, which, when he describes it, sounds to me like it's rotating back...like when you turn your hips out in ballet. Except it's staying there. It's a chicken or the egg senario, because most of the pain was in front. Now, most of it is in back (although the front is still acute) and on my last long run, my glute had a painful cramp. It was the weirdest thing. I'm just going to keep running through it. I'm doing yoga. I should look into pilates.

2bb's, yes, I'm using sparkpeople. It's such a great site! I'm down more than 10 lbs. from where I re-started a month ago. I hadn't realized that until last night. I'm restricting my calories more than they suggest right now, but I'm just going to go with it. It's working for now. That's so exciting that you are where you want to be now!!! There is almost nothing as fun as shopping for new, smaller clothes, in my book! I was down to my first goal weight 3 years ago, so as soon as I get there again, I'll have a whole new wardrobe! 3 years out of style, but oh well.

missbliss, it sounds like you really have a healthy attitude about eating and weightloss!!

Happy Birthday to Leah!!!

Poppywise, that's so sad. Do you know what made her collapse?
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: to Leah

poppy, that is awful! how are they doing? i'm interested in what made her collapse, too.
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: Leah!!!

No run this morning I was all dressed and set to go and then ds had a huge meltdown when it was time to go to school - he has been having major blowups over homework all week. He refused to get on the bus so we drove hom in and had a long conference with his teacher. She is amazing. He is so hard on himself - and having some growing-up-pains. Poor guy. I hope things will get a bit better - bright, passionate children are delightful - and very challenging to raise. I am earning every one of these grey hairs on my head! I met a woman earlier this week who has long silvery white hair and it was gorgeous. I think she will be my inspiration - my hair grows too fast to cut it short, I don't have enough patience with it. kerc - your looks amazing!

Tis morning I am working away on a sweet quilt made of receiving blankets........ and this afternoon I having to do some reading for my course. I also have to bake a bunch of bread today and ride my bike into town to drop it off. I hope it will all fit in my bike bag, as it is raining.
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Happy Birthday Miss Leah!!!!!!! Jonathan says asejreionsadpf (deh? bleh? mama?) to you too.

Went for a 9.5 mile run this morning! I am loving being into the actual "long" runs again. It feels so nice to be able to take a few hours to enjoy it. The last few miles were a little rough though, mostly because I had to pee, but oh well.

busy day today but had to check in with the dingoes.
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Originally Posted by loftmama View Post
poppy, that is awful! how are they doing? i'm interested in what made her collapse, too.
i know, it's so sad. she was a very active, outdoor woman, so i am also waiting to hear the results of the autopsy. i'll let you know when i know. a mutual friend that is closer to the husband called him yesterday and said he couldn't even talk, really, he is so devastated. she was a sahm, and he works a lot, so i know there will be huge adjustments for all.
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Wow, quiet today. nakking, so this will be short. I did 4.2 miles on the TM today. Felt pretty good, but I find the TM exceedingly boring. Had to keep really working on convincing myself to keep going, and dds did great in the Y babysitting, which was a pleasant surprise! I'm planning a long run for Sun, and my iPod just arrived so I'm trying to figure out how everything works. Hope everyone is well! Abby
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DH bought one of those bar extender things for the back wheel on my bike, which enables it to work with the trainer we have. Woohoo! I did 20 minutes in a moderate gear. Didn't work up a big sweat, but my legs are shakey now! My hip didn't hurt while riding, but it is hurting a bit now. I didn't want to do much more than that since I'm still sick with my mystery illness and on antibiotics.

Yay on that quilting, Shanti. We can't wait to see how it turns out.

Thinking of you, Patti.

Hey Eks! I think we need a new thread already!
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Monikita, you give me a thread title and I'll make a new thread! (I stink at thinking of something catchy.)
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WITCH way are you running, mama?

Jack O' Lantern Joggers

Running through the pumpkin patch

Those are off the top of my head.
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Originally Posted by MonikitaUT View Post
WITCH way are you running, mama?
If I get a vote, I like this one....
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All righty, head on over to the new thread, complete with awesome title.
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